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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Samuel Wright on

      Hello, first thanks for such an awesome kickstarter! I was wondering will the Enforcer in the picture with the engineer be availiable at all? even from the back it looks ike a very cool pose? Also some female enforcers would be cool too and maybe a not commander shepard type enforcer? sorry just rambling now. Thanks again.

    2. Steven Pretlove on

      Nearly @ 250 wondering what the next goal will be

    3. Matt Houghton on

      can we have an all space amazonian woman force please... or just some more ladies !!! or elves,, there the same thing...

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Dore on

      I fully support Kalamaeda's comment. Could we possibly get a not Dargo and not Eryn as well. But beyond that would like to see more moulds for just basic troops possibly of the opposite gender

    5. Terrainaholic on

      I LOVE the infected dogs is there a chance for maybe infected birds? It would be cool to get the vampire bat swarm feel added to the game and cause the defenders to have to chose to target the fast but fragile swarm vs the big nasties:)

    6. kalamadea on

      At first I was only really interested in the Enforcers, but the Rebels are looking cooler and cooler all the time! I'm loving the mixed races feel to the faction, very Farscape vibe going on with it. Any chance of a Not-Wynona wielding Not-John Crichton KS exclusive?

    7. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on


      Was that a sneaky way to introduce a new enforcer model under the radar? standing with pistol without a bladed weapon, not seen this one before.

    8. ✩Don E✩

      Life is very peachie in the world of minis. :)

      With all these super awesome Scenery Prues will we need and additional play mat?
      Let's make a Stretch Goal for $ 234,001 for a Cast Iron Game Mat/Board.... Yay!!!!! Mat Upgrade plz!!!!

      .....I haven't had my medication yet......

    9. David Smith on

      You don't add anything, just change your pledge level.

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Day on

      Hi, how much do I add to my pledge to go from an early bird strike team to an assault team?

    11. Scott on

      And with this update, you have convinced me to upgrade from Strike Team to Assault Team!
      I've also never had my question answered in the update before, I feel special.
      This game reminds me so very much of Mordheim, which I loved, so this shall be awesome as well when I get to play it.

    12. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Gareth - why pick when you can have all four!

    13. Thomas Rose on

      You can never have too much scenery.

    14. Orcsbain on

      terrain is always good mor the merrier please.

      Gareth , dont pick take them all :)


    15. Tom Haswell

      More terrain! WOOT!!!!

    16. Gareth Davies on

      The new specialists all look great! HOwever it doesn't make picking a faction any easier!

    17. Ironclad (Mick) on

      Looking forward to seeing more stuff labled as add-on (eg the terrain) as I think more people will be putting more money forward when they do. Also would like a few more stretch goals in advance, maybe 2 or 3 forward of our current level. It would really help as a motivator imho, as it worked for us on WWX and Myth. :)

    18. Rand Chua TL on

      Hope to see more close up pictures soon.

    19. Missing avatar


      I upgraded my pledge from early bird recon to striker, for more terrain. ;)

    20. Francis Guilbeault

      definitely more terrai spures as stretch goal would be awsome!

    21. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      More terrain is fantastic, both for the Deadzone game and general use of the scenery in other game settings! Really like the specialists as well, the Teraton and Marauder Sniper in particular look awesome.

      Also keep hearing people saw sculpts of these (at Salute I believe), anybody out there happen to have a pic of those?

    22. euansmith

      I've thrown an extra $60 at the campaign to help keep things moving. Once the rules come out, I can start making some decisions as to what extra figures I'm going to want to spend that cash on and how much more I'm going to have to pledge. Of course, once the terrain hits the Add-ons, I will be giving my wallet a darn good shake.

    23. euansmith

      Mantic don't make a sauce, but if they did, it'd be Awesome Sauce!

    24. John

      More terrain = WIN

    25. Brian Blessed! on

      The Teraton is looking great. I'm also glad to be getting more terrain. The sooner that there's a terrain add on the happier I'll be.

    26. Darklord on

      Awesomeness, very cool! :-)

    27. Erasmus MusicCentre on

      Great to be getting more sprues. More pictures of what can be made and how they fit together at the moment would be helpful though.

    28. Ironclad (Mick) on

      Nice addition!! really liking the Teraton model and the additional terrain sprue will be very handy for my Dreadball Arena that I am planning!! :D

    29. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Troy - we will be putting them up as add-ons, don't you worry about that!

      @ S Buntenbach - we might be able to do A, but we can't do B. As it says in the update, we're still in discussions with the toolmaker as to what goes on the sprue :)

    30. SacredRoach

      +1 for add-on scenery sprues...

    31. Missing avatar

      Alex Ker on

      Excellent, more scenery. I hope the sprues won't be too pricey as add ons, looking to pick up at least 20 more.
      I would love to see some updates talk about the terrain, how it works and what sorts of things can be made from what pieces.

    32. Adam Fair on

      Could it please be from the 2nd variety of sprue (the first stretch goal)? That way we'd get 3 of one type, and 2 of the other at Strike Team. Unless the accessories sprue was already replacing one of the 5?

    33. S Buntenbach

      can you give us a: a list whitch sprue we get at witch level and b : a picture of the sprues?

    34. Troy Ryan on

      Sweet,but at some point it would be great if you put the scenery sprues up as an add-on,looking to spend quite a bit extra on them when you do.