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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Dore on

      I don't know if anyone else has said this but I would like to see some more moulds for bog standard troopers, maybe some that have the opposite gender in them.

    2. Quirkworthy

      Very quick note. "Brawler" is a game term for an ability that gives you a bonus in melee. It doesn't make them dumb. Not at all.

    3. euansmith

      Cool, I've got the Teraton Dreadball Team coming; that's a huge boost to my Rebel forces.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nytelj on

      @ Joseph, front page says 5-25 mini's per force. Not sure if that depends on game size or team development though (like Necromunda, all start with a set amount of points, then game results effect how your team grows and expands).

    5. Scott on

      Quick question about the Assault Team Level.
      It says that you get two of everything from the Strike Team level, including Stretch Goal rewards.
      It may be obvious, but does that mean you get twice the amount of Stretch Goal miniatures? i.e. 2 Survivor models, 4 of each of the Sentry Guns, Mawbeasts, Plague Dogs and Survey Drones?
      If so, that's awesome!

    6. Massimo Rolli on

      @ Noah. I don't miss your point. Simply, as these are the first teratons we see in the game, I suppose they should be rapresentative of "teratons" and not misfits or weirdos among their race.
      Expecially because there might be one in any team. So they would not be so uncommon.
      If the teraton brawler was a "particular" teraton it would be a solo character.
      If Mantic calls something a brawler I suppose they see it as a brawler.
      And I find it worrysome since IMO it doesn't fit the description they gave of the race.
      I prefer to be worried and tell it now than to be sorry later.
      Let's hope for the best.

    7. Henry Yeo on

      If I wish to pledge for 2 starters but not those from the Recon pledge so I just select 2 Scout pledges and add up the total under Manage my Pledge?

    8. Joseph Prozinski

      While I like some of these add-on figs, I'd really like to get some insight into how the warbands/gangs are organized and how big they can get before I pledge for more. There is plenty of time for that, I just hope they give us some of the info.

    9. Björn Magnusson on

      I love the survivor, he reminds me of the spacemarine from Doom. I'm also tempted to up my pledge to get some Rebs and Maruders.

    10. Missing avatar

      Noah Jones on

      @massimo: i understand where you're coming from, but you miss my point; isn't it possible that this particular teraton, or any number of other teratons, for that matter, made a conscious choice to be a brawler, for whatever reason? in the description you provided, you mention they serve as "auxiliary fighters" as well as "master tacticians", so couldn't this teraton be fulfilling that role? additionally, we don't yet know what "brawler" means canonically; there's no reason the term is confined to what we might imagine it's defined as, nor is there any reason you couldn't throw that concept out the window and create your own which better conforms to your teraton ideal

    11. Lee on

      I understand your concerns Massimo, but I am willing to get that they will get further treatment. Right now we are only seeing one type of Teraton Specialist, the Brawler. The term specialist should give hope that they have other roles outside of this particular type. Besides, the tech they use could be developed by them, I can't remember for sure, but I think there is some type of heat or flame weapon implemented in those fist blades. Very much looking forward to using a Teraton Brawler Team in Warpath to teleport in and wreck face on the opposition! Already pledged extra in anticipation of Brawler add-ons after they become unlocked.

    12. Massimo Rolli on

      I apologize if I sound too vocal. But the BG piece on the teratons was the part I loved most of the DB campaign.
      I still think teratons are the best original IP concept conceived by Mantic.
      I would love to see them developed from that.
      At the same time I'm scared they might be banalized ("brawler" sounds like going this way).

    13. Massimo Rolli on

      @ Noah. Anyway despite your size you worked in the nuclear field, not as a bouncer or a brawler. You weren't put in the security just because of your size.
      I'm not saying that a teraton shouldn't be dangerous in close combat.
      I'm saying that if the Reb tactician pics the smartest guy on the team, calls him a brawler and tells him his role is punching people in the first line...well that simply doesn't work. I don't buy it.
      It's a fiction cliche applied on a non cliche race.
      Because that is what I love of the teratons: they are not a cliche. They are a very good idea.
      Making them into brawlers, on the other side, I feel is a veri bad idea.

    14. Vince D on

      Thank you for answering our questions @Mantic! It's this level of interaction that makes me happy to be a backer of such a cool project!

    15. Missing avatar

      Noah Jones on

      @massimo: there's no reason a tactical genius can't enjoy a hands on approach to fighting. as a 6', 330 lb guy who used to work in the nuclear field, i can tell you from personal experience that looking intimidating can belie your true intelligence, which in and of itself confers a tactical advantage. actually being able to back up that perceived intimidation adds another layer of tactical options and responses as well...

    16. Massimo Rolli on

      Unsurprisingly the concept I awaited the most is also the most disappointing.
      In DB campaing Teratons were described like this:
      "Master tacticians, auxiliary fighters and shrewd merchants, Teratons are deep-thinkers and incredibly intelligent, despite their huge size and ponderous movements."
      I don't think a "brawler" does them justice. A teraton is probably the smartest being in play in a Deadzone game. They are supposed to be more intelligent then humans.
      Their description would make me think of a tactician or a hi-tech specialist (using superior teraton tecnology) or a teleporting infiltrate or a gadgeteer.
      In fact they could even fit better in a all teraton strike team from the teraton empire.
      If the teratons were rapresented like close combat specialists or brutes it would be a huge step back from DB. And a huge disappoinment.

    17. Christopher Sheets on

      Forgive me if this has been addressed already, but I got in on an Early-Bird Recon pledge, and I was wondering if a faction swap would be allowed. Recon says it's the Enforcer and Plague factions only, and I really have little interest in/use for the Enforcers. But the Rebels now, I could but those figures to multiple use. Thanks!

    18. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Andrew - we will be doing terrain add-ons, this is just the first batch!

      @ David - lol, neat ideas, on both accounts ;)

      @ Michael - yep, we'll be doing this!

    19. Andrew P on

      No terrain addons?

    20. Darklord on

      Very cool! :-)

    21. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      @ Mantic and in terms of corporation models, I have visions of a muscle bound, bald headed guy, maybe a scar on his face, in a flak vest, so big arms on show, maybe a cigar in mouth and a really big pistol- perhaps even a metal arm- a proper grizzled veteran- I would call him Dave, or Gunnery Sgt Porter but I feel Sgt Dante might sound cooler...

    22. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      What would be the chances of a 'stunt bot'! Not all Marauder sub species are nervous and weak.... embrace the little guy!

    23. Michael Grey on

      Is there a chance the add ons could include regular troops? I'd like to add some of the normal Enforcer minis rather than a whole new captain.

    24. Godfather Punk

      I just checked this 'Warpath' thing on Mantis' site and yes, bikes seem more a Marauder thing. :^)

    25. Martin Dickson

      @Godfather Punk: Great ideas. Only swap-around I'd suggest: hoverboards seems a bit... elegant maybe for Marauders. Perhaps Rebs on hoverboards (shades of Chopper and the Supersurf competitions of Judge Dredd), and the Marauders on fume belching rocket bikes).

    26. Godfather Punk

      I don't know where the game is going but with the 3-D terrain here are some thoughts for new mini's:
      - Marauders on hoverboards
      - Rebs on speederbikes
      - Enforcers with jet packs
      - Winged Plague warriors

    27. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Fernando - So currently only model not includes ia the engineer right?

      All of the add-ons above are included (the 2nd Gen art might be slightly confusing against the first 2nd Gen we gave away, we're going to have to come up with a slightly more elegant design) in your pledge already, we just appreciate that they are so cool people may want to have more of them - the 1st Generation in particularly!

      @ Vince - I'm in at Strike Team... so I'm already getting each of these as I understand... how do more work in with the faction?

      You are getting them already, that's correct. The faction support and the specialists are easily doubled up in the game, you'll have the option to flesh out your squad and create some really interesting combinations. With the commanders, when playing Deadzone you will likely have one, but they make great additions to your collections, can be used as sergeants or you may even wish to have extra to use with other games like Warpath, our sci-fi mass combat game.

      @ MaDDoc69 - we quite rightly agree... we promise, it's coming!

      @ Nick - WOW - thanks!!

      @ Paul - There will be a rules and an aesthetics difference between them. What that is I can't tell you yet, because Jake hasn't fully decided XD Again with the Engineer, the exact details on that aren't confirmed at this moment in time. Hopefully we'll have more details in the Alpha rules set released next week.

    28. Paul F

      So the Grogan in the basic set comes with an Onslaught Cannon. What is the difference between that and the Desolator?

      Is there a benefit to fielding multiple engineers? How many sentry guns can an engineer support? Thanks for your time.

    29. Missing avatar

      Nick Williams on

      Upped my pledge to add 10 Rippers. Cheers guys! Been wanting to run a ripper army for a long time but the alternative manufacturers just aren't economically possible and are cast in a horrible, horrible material.

    30. MaDDoc69

      Regarding add-ons, I think offering additional scenery and accessory sprues as add-ons would be a great idea. I know, for me, this is part of the appeal of this game. Otherwise, you guys are doing a great job with this campaign!

    31. Missing avatar

      pcalvi on

      Bring on the Z'Zor!

    32. Orcsbain on

      "Enforcer Captain? *snip* but this one hardly deserves a "meh" with that pose and grumpy looking face..."

      Of course hes grumpy, hes light years from home, getting shot at by ungratefull rebs, mauled by traitorous orx and is risking infection by the plague mutants and by the 7 lords this armour makes you sweat, chafing is such a problem when your 5 hours from evac!


    33. Vince D on

      So, I'm interested in the add-ons, but I'm not sure how the faction teams are built, and what need/benefit having extra captains/commanders/etc. are? I'm in at Strike Team... so I'm already getting each of these as I understand... how do more work in with the faction?

    34. euansmith

      And the crowd goes wild! Ooops, sorry, wrong Mantic Kickstarter, that's so last year.

      Hmm £15 for the Gee Dub Ork Mega-Armour, £6.46 for the Mantic Marauder Ripper Suit with extra arms?

      Fan (pleasing) - blinking (and you'll miss the next Stretch Goal) - tastic

    35. Andrew Hayford

      Err wait, I misread what you were saying. My bad.

    36. Andrew Hayford

      @Fernando Santos "Well, we have an alternate 2nd Gen (Very scary I might add)" since it says alternate gen 2, I would say, no its not the same.

    37. Stefan on

      @fernando, i believebthe engineer was the first strech goal

    38. Erasmus MusicCentre on

      I saw the teraton and the sniper at Salute and can confirm they're awesome models :)

    39. Ben Rubery on

      I'd certainly have a no face head. Being able to see an Enforcers face just seems wrong.

    40. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      Interesting streachgoal, does this outline how the different factions will generally behave or they do not have a fixed playstyle and one can adapt them to their own?

    41. JMMelo on

      Am I the only one that is terribly disappointed with the looks on the Enforcer Captain? The other art is amazing, the currently available captain is ACE, but this one hardly deserves a "meh" with that pose and grumpy looking face...

    42. Ben Rubery on

      Yeah, I'd definitely put the scenery add ons up fairly soon, whenever you have rendered pics of sprues to entice people.

      On the models front, liking the alternate 2nd gen sculpt art. Once I've seen draft rules and know how much more plague stuf is needed to make it the same points as the other factions (as I imagine the 3rd gen are sucky goons compared to Enforcers for example) then I'll add some extras. More plague dogs are very tempting.

      Can the first gen be assembled in more than one way?

    43. David Smith on

      These add-on's, which are not already included?

    44. Missing avatar

      Fernando Santos on

      So the infected model is the same as the add-on but the enforcers is a different one. Btw the sniper looks awesome.

      So currently only model not includes ia the engineer right?

      And again... more terrain pleeeeeease :)

    45. Lee on

      Thank you for the Teraton!

    46. Robert on

      The Teraton is going to be awesome!

    47. DaveC on

      OK just wanted to be sure

    48. Stephen K Lewis on

      @Dave, maybe you saw the 2nd gen that is at $8?

    49. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ DaveC - the 1st Gen incorrectly priced initially. It was updated on the home page almost immediately. Sorry for the error!

    50. JusticeBolt on

      @Michael: I agree.