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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Richard Mellow on

      Will there be a forge father faction? or at least rules for the existing forge father mini's in this game?

    2. Patrick Todoroff on

      Re: Recon levels. Thanks all - just makin' sure.

      The Survivor fig and backstory is an excellent idea. Nice random variable in games. I'm hankering for more scenery though. Once hot plasma starts flying, you can never have too much cover.

    3. Darklord on

      Very nice! :-)

    4. Mystic Weasel on

      Oh yes!
      With a back story much like Isaac Clark, and a helmet very much like a quarian? (Tali ME) we have two homages in one, both of which fit in with the deadzone theme. Yet at the same time is something new. I think he is going to be proxied into my Rebs force rather than used as intended.
      Keep up the good work Mantic.

    5. thinkerman on


      I’m hoping through this kick-starter we can fund/see a flurry of special characters – very much like DreadBall….

      -Mercenaries and hired guns from all across the galaxy (fighting for credits or perhaps other reason)

      -Different species and new aliens (either looking to loot, explore or find a cure themselves…how about unlocking the origins of the plague too)

      -Traders nipping in and out of deadzones with equipment and medical supplies (all sold for a HIGH price) along with arms dealers and there personal defence droids for protection (something similar to the Dreadball Robot team perhaps)

      -Other military factions seeking the virus and possibly turning it into a chemical weapon for themselves, maybe another company secretly at war with the Corporation?

      Very excited all in all and looking forward to seeing more unique and limited models for this Kickstarter – touch wood an appearance by the other races from Warpath (Imagining those new Forge Father sculpts now J )

      Couple of questions though if possible Mantic..

      -Will small vehicles ever work there way into this or larger models? – I.E. Iron Father Iron Ancestor etc, some type of jetbike etc or is the game mechanics not geared towards that?

      -Will both sexes play a part for consideration for miniatures and character designs (Would love to see a female hit squad or riot team deployed, maybe even special character or leader figure, a female bad girl enforcer captain, female reb commander etc with an awesome sculpt) ?
      Thanks again though and lets keep this going to even new heights!

    6. Nicolò Salsi on

      Hi, the survivor will be in plastic or white metal?

    7. mister c on

      Maybe teh survivor's stats improve as time goes on as he becomes more desperate to find his cure, until it becomes too late....

    8. Missing avatar

      Nytelj on

      Can we Add the Original Enforcer CAPT from the Warpath range when the Addons get implemented?

    9. Roeland on

      Nice! I love the concept of the ticking timebomb who is very good and will help you to get what HE wants. But at the same time he can turn against you at any moment, when the virus takes hold.

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Day on

      This guy rocks. Love the concept and the drawings.

    11. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      Wow - what a great response to the Survivor! We love this concept, Roberto knocked it out of the park at the first time of asking.

      @ Rand - that's the plan! The Survivor will fight alongside anyone to get what he wants, though he is borderline Plague... what happens if it takes hold? Well, we don't know yet, but we're sure Jake will have some neat ideas ;)

      @ Thomas - Forge Guard would be interesting, wouldn't they? ;)

      @ Neil - Teratons eh? You won't be disappointed ;) We're not really in a position to alter the captain, though we do have an alternative model in our warpath range and you can always design your own at the Captain level :)

    12. Gareth Davies on

      And let the exclusives begin! This guy certainly has a cool concept about him.

    13. Pele Kophoros on

      @Doug it's 2 of each applicable model into the relevant starter packs which are included at each level. So, at Strike Team, you have four different starter packs so you get 8 models total (2 of each sculpt). At Recon you have 2 starter packs so you get 4 models total (2 of the sculpts applicable to each starter pack). At Scout you're only getting one starter pack, so you just the one sculpt and the 2 models of it.

    14. Doug on

      The statement about how many you get is confusing when read alongside the previous update's.

      Do we get 2 of each type per level or what?

    15. Pawel on

      Taking title into account I expected lady, with pickax and bow... But that's probably different, more digital story ;)

    16. MISTER neil FLOOD on

      Want the Terrarons as the next stretch.
      Also an alternative head for the enforcer captain, (dont like the open helm).

    17. Missing avatar

      Shaun Scott on

      I'm definitely hoping to see Forge Fathers as an unlock - and perhaps more cool new Enforcer sculpts.

    18. Sam on

      That is an awesome concept and love the design.
      ...what if he doesn't get his cure?
      A mission or special ability where he transforms into a First Gen would be awesome.
      Or if he succeeds and evolves to harness his new powers...

    19. Thomas Rose on

      Incredible look for the 4 factions. The Survivor looks great.

      What will be unlocked at $225k? Will the Forge Guard make an appearance in the next 36 days?

    20. estrus on

      Early Bird Recon = Recon

    21. Stephen K Lewis on

      I'm dying to see what other stuff we will have for stretch goals on this. I'm thinking more models for each faction as well as new factions... ooooh, new factions would ROCK!!!

    22. Rand Chua TL on

      The new Survivor mini is a Mercenary Character that can be use for all Faction?

    23. simon moules on

      very cool concept! Love it!

    24. Paul on

      @Patrick early bird pledges always qualify for the extras of the package they're discounted from, so early bird recon will get recon rewards.

    25. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    26. Patrick Todoroff on

      Recon $100 and up? What about us Early Bird Recon?

    27. Pixel_Kitty on

      i like this fellow, i'd totally be onboard with this being a sorta "main character" of deadzone fiction. the only thing i see that i don't like is that his condition is degenerative. Perhaps it's been arrested and there's no real time limit working on him. still needs artifact for cures, but can be a bit more leisurely in the narrative.

    28. Gavin Mutter on

      Ooh, very nice. Like his style. Kind of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-style post apocalypse meets Dune.

    29. Orcsbain on

      Oh it will be especialy if they get Remy to sculpt him, the guys a 3D printer :)

      also glad to see this is being watched by sombody from mantic HQ so Im not the only one in the Uk still up and watching this :p


    30. Just Dave on

      Glad this is an exclusive, this concept gives me a lone warrior western feel, grubby with an attitude, I hope it sculpts out the same

    31. Missing avatar

      Alex Ker on

      That is one awesome piece of concept art.

    32. Nick Johnson on

      The Survivor looks pretty cool. I like the pose with the gun up and his backpack full of stuff. Just everything and the kitchen sink.

    33. Andrew Hayford

      Pretty awesome.

    34. David K on

      Looks Great!!!
      Thanks Guys.

    35. Stephen K Lewis on

      BOOYAH!!! and just like that we have another great piece added. And as you said Joe, an exclusive.

    36. David Lemoine on

      Awesome! I love this concept. I can't wait to have this model. Nice job, guys!

    37. gavin on

      Love it and love the speed of the update... pew pew, like the face plate

    38. Joe on

      Yay exclusives!