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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Brian Blessed! on

      @ Andrew

      +1 to you sir.

    2. Andrew Hayford

      It desolates.....duh....

    3. Missing avatar

      super_crunch_bravo on

      So what does a Desolator Heavy Weapon do?

      Other than Desoly?

    4. Teamski


    5. Kaiohx on

      There won't be any infected Orx, As they are the only race that is immune.

    6. Missing avatar

      William cassey on

      If I remember my fluff correctly the rebs consist of everyone the corporation, displaced,screwed over, ethnically cleansed, robbed, double crossed,enslaved etc

    7. Andrew Hayford

      If you look at the silhouettes, the rebs seem to embrace multiple races.

    8. Matt Price on

      Very cool stuff! Please don't sit the plague dude on a piece of terrain, as he's pictured above. Nifty concept, but no end of headache on the gaming table. Also, I'd echo Scarletsquig to go a bit easy on the tiny legs huge torso thing. Been there, done that, and it's getting a bit overdone. Really great to see this project explode like this, and I'm glad to be aboard!

    9. euansmith

      One of the things that attracted me to the Warpath Universe over 40k one was the way that the various factions were not mutually exclusive. Will you be including Rebellion Orx? In fact, rather than creating a new race (the Grogans) why not use Orx in their place, they seem to fulfill the same role of big scary dudes. Also hopefully we will get infected Orx.

    10. Jayden Barr on

      Thanks for the update.

    11. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @Nicholas Hendley - Thanks for the kind comments!
      @Martin Sugianto - the models are the same scale, but being mutated/genetically modified/Orcs :-P they are slightly bigger than most DreadBall models. Unposed, an Enforcer is around 35mm to the eye. Check out the video for a piece of art showing size comparisons.

    12. scarletsquig on

      Like the look of the Grogan, but please don't go too nuts with the "small legs, giant arms" element of the design when sculpting, it's something that has been pretty overdone on the KoW sculpts recently.

      It's a true-scale minis line, not a heroic scale one, and so far even your big gribbles for the plague have excellent proportions on them that look monstrous, but you can still see that they were once humans. :)

    13. Nicholas Hendley

      Curse you, Mantic!

      Your Kings of War Kickstarter was what got me started on Kickstarter and since then, I have backed many projects with wonderful rewards, but man does my bank account take a hurting for it! And just as I have almost no more projects backed, you release this!

      And here I am, hoping you'll release add-on scenery sprues and hardcover upgrades and more things to take even more of my cash!

      Seriously, though, I love what ya'll do and I'm glad to be able to support you in this endeavor. I am looking forward to where this Kickstarter goes, and as you have already smashed your goal with over 30 days left to go, I can only imagine.

    14. Martin Sugianto

      @Mantic: would you show us how big the minis is compare to warpath's or dreadball's minis?

    15. Missing avatar

      pcalvi on

      Bring on the Z'Zor!

    16. Jay Holland on

      Thanks for the clarification guys :)

    17. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Awesome news, thanks for the extra clarification. Really like the mixed race approach of the Rebs by the way, can't wait to see where they'll end up going (and if we'll see some Dreadball race-crossovers)!

    18. Adrian Richards (lord arcane) on

      Awsome. Keep it coming guys

    19. Andrew Hayford


    20. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      Hi guys - just to clarify - all four of these are new models - the 2nd gen Plague and Engineer are not currently in the starter sets, and the Orc and Grogan Heavy have new weapon options - you'll be getting two of each of them in the faction starters now :-).

    21. Andrew Hayford

      Clearly, someone made a mistake, give them a sec to fix it.

    22. Jayden Barr on

      Uh, you already advertised in the set descriptions that these were included anyway. ie, i wanted to pledge 40 for the marauder starter. from the description of the marauder set, it says it comes with a captain, 4x marauders and a marauder in a ripper suit. Do we now get 2x ripper suits? Confused as to how this is a stretch goal.

    23. S Buntenbach

      mantic- this is what i mean

    24. Andrew Hayford

      If they made a mistake, I would be totally fine if they just through an extra grunt in those boxes instead.

    25. Ironclad (Mick) on


      Could you please make a few more sculpts of the Marauder in Ripper Armour? As I think they look MEGA!!! and I can't find anything like these anywhere nor at a reasonable price. :'(

    26. The Inner Geek on

      @ Andrew Hayford... same here? Are we getting second one of each?

    27. Paul Gibson

      So does that mean at $150 we now get 2 Marauders in ripper suits?

    28. Massimo Rolli on

      Great! The second generation looks very cool.
      Let's go guys!

    29. Brian Blessed! on

      I hope you have a 150k update ready.

    30. Phil & Amy Atherton on

      You'll need some more SG's at this rate :)

    31. Andrew Hayford

      I thought the Ripper Armor and Heavy weapon were already in those starters?

    32. Missing avatar

      Charlie St Clair

      love it! bring on the extra terrain please!

    33. Missing avatar

      Pejay on

      But will the Enforcer Engineer come with an automated sentry gun you can place onto the battlefield?