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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Matt Price on

      Good to see these look solid. Some of the plastic modular scenery out there is very low quality (inexpensive, which is nice, but super flimsy) so it's good to see this stuff might be nice and thick.

    2. Stefan on

      Is it just me, or are some people not gratefull for the free stuf they get. Sit tight and hang back. I invested in the starter sets and wich is worth the money. Anything extra is a bonus.

    3. PanzerTC on

      Damn work and stupid computer connection - late to the game again.

      Will the buildings shown be a strecth goal/option to buy later?

      The game looks/feels a bit wonky right now. I am still intrested though.

    4. Andrew Hayford

      Maybe because they fronted some of the money already to get started? And 50k does not represent the full startup costs of the initial kit?

    5. Missing avatar

      Spartan Baby Inspector on

      I know we will hit this stretch in the next few minutes, but given the size of the stretch amount, this goal is extremely underwhelming. Doubling the original goal only gives us one modified sprue of terrain? How about adding the same number of new sprues to each set?

    6. Missing avatar

      pcalvi on

      The variety is nice. I'd like to see double wide tiles, half height tiles, damaged tiles, walkway tiles, bulkhead tiles, console tiles, etc. The structure is great but start making internal walls and stuff as well.

    7. Pawel on

      I'm quite dissapointed with first streatch goal. If it would be ADDITIONAL sprue than ok, but sprue SWAP is kind of... weak :/ I hope that next streatch goals will be better.

      BUT I can see what you did there (at least I think so).

    8. AGN1964 on

      Great! Looks like a lot of backers want scenery.

      The home page says 6 tiles per sprue. What's a tile? One side of cubic structure? So one sprue is one "crate"?

    9. Sean Pollman on

      I have to say, this is not very exciting, it looks nice. But an alternate to something we are already getting does not encourage over-funding.

    10. Adam Fair on

      If this in the interests of variety, why not "upgrade" a whopping 2 out of the 5 sprues, rather than just 1? A good idea to focus on the scenery at this point through, since this is the major USP!

      Also, I'm fully aware that 50K was not the expected goal to reach after 37 days, but doubling it in order to provide a single alternate sprue seems a bit...disproportionate. That amount apparently buys you 1) all of the tooling, production, rules, development of a full boardgame, or 2) the tooling for a single tile sprue.

    11. euansmith

      I was sold on this Kickstarter by the promise of scenery (who am I kidding, I was sold on this campaign as soon as it was announced by MANTIC!!!) and I'm liking the look of what you are making. Extra variation will be extra cool (though the voice over describing the future cities being formed from Titanium and Perspex doesn't sound too advanced. Where's the symcrete and nanocast?).

      I also like the idea that you are going for a game that will not degenerate in to an exercise in measuring and faffing about with figure placement (my favourite Wargame ever is the one fought out in "Callan" the movie with Edward Woodward). I've given up on 40k because it has been moving more and more that way (blinking "true line of sight").

      Go! Go! Mantic!

    12. Ironclad (Mick) on

      Please add Dreadball arena scenery as an add on! Would be great to have a fight on the pitch! :D

    13. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Impressive indeed, though not a hard choice for me personally. Really love the Dreadball stuff and been meaning to get into Warpath more, just don't have the stomache for yet another army-sized game. This is perfect, that and the models and actual game look like a ton of fun!

    14. Just Dave on

      Quick question on base game scenery, how much will it be able to build on the mat, I am guessing the image of the mat had more than one set of scenery to build it up with the crosswalk and all. Thanks

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    16. scarletsquig on

      I like designs D and I because they have more of a 3D look to them and are nicely detailed, that's the important thing with plastic terrain, it lets you create something with more depth, detail and overall better looks than the MDF terrain which is the industry standard these days.

      I wouldn't mind seeing some 45 degree corners so that the corners of the buildings can be bevelled... it'd give the terrain a less boxy look overall.

    17. Darklord on

      Well you know this is cool, but at 100K?! And we don't get anything extra either it's just a change the design of one of the sprues? Considering Kings of War got 5 free mini's every 10 or 20K, this is rather disappointing. :-(

    18. Modrin

      33 minutes to fund 50k not bad at all. But people really like miniature games. As for me I missed out on the dreadball KS, so I couldn't miss this one.

    19. gavin on

      50k jump.. I get it but this early is a little rough. Still stoaked.

    20. S Buntenbach

      @Mantic- i hope so :)

    21. Massimo Rolli on

      It would be nice to be able to buy extra scenery tiles as an add-on.
      I quite expexted the first stretch goal to be at 75,000.... anyway... Let's go!
      It's gonna be a great ride! :)

    22. Missing avatar

      qmpsjj on

      yes terrain is what i want the most too. very happy its already getting better. think you could hint at what else is coming? board tiles (impoved mat), roads, barriers....?

    23. Philippe on

      50k increment is a bit disappointing. Make it 25k Mantic. I know you can.

    24. Simon6825 on

      Cannot wait to see whats going to happen on this KS ride :)

    25. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      You have some really good concept artist, I remember that signature but can't place my finger on it.

    26. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ S Buntenbach - there is plenty of free stuff coming into these reward levels!

    27. Craig McCallum on

      "Ok guys, the kickstarter's up, I'm just gonna go and grab some lunch, see you in a bit"
      ... half an hour later ...
      "You already need stretch goals? What?"

    28. S Buntenbach

      and please not only change - put more stuff to your fans

    29. Brian Blessed! on

      The scenery is what I'm really interested in. I have more sci fi minis than you can shake a stick at. I don't have terrain. I hope scenery sprues are an add on. Keep up the good work. This system is looking great fun.

    30. Orcsbain on

      Nice but were going to blast that in a short while so what next to aim for?


    31. Jamie on

      so currently all 5 sprues are the same?