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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
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Outbreak on Exham IV

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)


There are just 9 days left of the second Deadzone Kickstarter.

The aim of this new Kickstarter is simple: to make a great game even better. And we’re doing that through a new rulebook, innovative scenery and exciting new miniatures in the hard plastic you received the Zombies, Enforcers, Peacekeepers and Forge Guard in.

Scenery-only Pledge Level

We just wanted to let you know that earlier in the week, a scenery-only pledge level went live.

The vast majority of you already have Battlezones terrain, and this new Industrial theme is fully compatible with the existing range, meaning that you can expand your collection and add the new tiles to your battlefield.

Example using resin test-casts, by Nick Williams

There are two ways to get the new Industrial scenery, if you would like to add it:

- Pledge at the $1 level and get the $35 Industrial District, which includes awesome accessories like the pipe network and the conveyor belt.

- Pledge at the $100 Scenery-only pledge level.

Outbreak on Exham IV

As we said as the start of this update, this new Kickstarter is all about making a great game even better. As we’ve created the new scenery and the new Infestation expansion, we’re also taking the opportunity to revisit the rulebook.

The focus on the updated set of rules will be on writing the game so that it’s easier to learn, whilst balancing the forces and the missions, and re-writing the campaign section – all in the interest of making the game more fun and helping people get involved. We hope that you’ll let us know what you like and don’t like about the game.

This will still be Deadzone – it will allow you to play rapidfire one-off games with between 5-15 miniatures in a claustrophobic battlefield in 30 minutes-1 hour, or play through a deep campaign where your strike team grows in experience and evolves with new abilities and special weapons. Your existing collection will be fully compatible with the updated rules too.

The new book will include:

- A background section

- Core Rules section, including a new Force Organisation chart

- Advanced Rules section

- A re-written campaign section

- Army Lists for all factions

All backers of our original Deadzone campaign will get the updated rules as a free PDF.

However, we have a low-cost pledge level on the Kickstarter especially if you just want the new rulebook:

This also includes the Exham IV Infestation Mission Pack: 

The mining planet of Exham IV has been hit by the twin catastrophes of plummeting temperatures, and the outbreak of a lethal bleeding sickness. Increasingly panicked transmissions from Exham have triggered the Council of Seven’s latent subroutines, automatically dispatching an Enforcer response team to investigate. Just as the Enforcers confirm the largest infestation of Veer-myn the Council has ever seen, their dropship is shot from skies by an unknown enemy. Stranded on Exham, the Enforcers must stop the Veer-myn before they escape out into space, and unleash their bleeding sickness across the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere.

The Infestation Mission Pack will include the Exham IV campaign and rules for playing on the red planet.

We hope that you’ll help us make the new additions a reality, and support Deadzone on Kickstarter a second time. Many thanks for your time.

Deadzone: Infestation has just 9 days left on Kickstarter, finishing 11:59pm GMT Monday 6th April. Check out the video for more information:

And finally...

Most of you will have Enforcers from the first campaign - did we mention we've just funded plastic Enforcer Jetbikes and you get two in our sweet-spot pledge level? Take a look!

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    1. Alex on

      Another kickstarter project and I have not yet received my peacekeepers miniatures from the FIRST kickstarter. Where is my miniatures or my TRACK NUMBER!

    2. Chris Taylor on

      Michael, you can change your notification settings by project if you dont want to get any more updates from a specific publisher.

    3. M Lawler on

      Please stop spamming me with all your other KS' Mantic. You're like that Psycho ex-girlfriend. I gave you enough tries to stop being crappy. I'm not a fan of Deadzone or how the original backers were treated or how the game has been developed as a whole and I certainly don't care about this one which is focused on horribly cartoony rat people.

    4. Sir Kalon Jacarl on

      it has been mentioned specially as blaines on a bike too

    5. euansmith

      Do we get Enforcer Bike Racing rules too?