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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.

Outbreak Detected

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

After three waves of shipping, tens of thousands of comments, messages and more man-hours than we can possibly count, the Deadzone Kickstarter is finally closed.

What this means is that we no longer have any more packages to ship, and will no longer be monitoring the comments or messages on Deadzone. If you do have a query please email and he will assist you with it.

Deadzone has been an amazing phenomenon and a huge, massive learning process. It’s taken us to the next level in terms of our company growth with all of the growing pains that become associated to that. But we’re through the other side, wiser, greyer for all the hard work. And you know what, we’re thinking of doing it all again…

The Infestation is upon us...

The Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter goes live at 1:30pm GMT on Friday 20th March.

A threat lurks deep within the darkest corners of Exham IV.

Violent and aggressive in nature, uncontrollable if left to expand.

The Council of Seven has dispatched the Enforcer Pathfinders to assess and neutralize the threat in its early stages.

They are too late.

Infestation is upon us…..

You can find out more about the new Kickstarter here.

Note that we will be giving you a free digital download of the updated rules when they are available, to say thank you for all of your support. We want to include you in refreshing the book, and we'd love for you to tell us what you like about the current rules and where you think we could improve them.

On the Kickstarter itself we will have a low cost pledge level available where you can get just the new book, a main pledge level where you'll be able to get the book and new hard plastics - a great bundle for existing players to add to their collection or for new backers to get involved with Deadzone - and, later in the campaign, a dedicated scenery-only pledge level.

 Hard Plastic Enforcer Pathfinders.

Hard Plastic Veer-myn Night-Crawler

Check out the Kickstarter tomorrow at 1:30pm GMT for all the details!


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    1. Sean Pollman on

      Mantic should stop doing Kickstarters and focus on what they have, I and a lot of my friends are tired of this new Kickstarter focused mentality Mantic has been heading. Poor customer support, poor quality assurance, and from everything ive been reading Kings of War 2 is going to be a disappointment because they are too busy worrying about other kickstarters rather than the ones that have already been paid for. I will not be backing any more mantic projects.

    2. Yaleling on

      I'm grateful this is finally over.
      This kickstarter has been such a debacle I'll never back another Mantic one, with misinformation, missing kits, broken/miscast parts and simply awful service. It has been enough to colour my view of the company for retail purchases too.

    3. Bad_Syntax

      Yeah, me too Daniel, my first two waves was missing a LOT. I eventually got a package with *most* of what I was missing, now gotta contact him for the rest :(

    4. Daniel Cassidy

      looks like i'm gonna have to contact dave no asterians no hard plastic zombies in fact nothing since wave 1 i was trying to be patience maybe i was being too patient

    5. Aaron Tunney on

      Yay! Looking forward to this!

      What's the best way to give you guys feedback on the current rules?