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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.

Keeping the peace

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

On Friday 16th January we will have completed shipping the Deadzone Kickstarter.

That means that all third wave shipments will be out, leaving a few late payments, a few out of stocks, and some reported lost shipments. We’re working hard on getting all of these, plus any missing items requests, out as quickly as possible! 

Once this has been completed we’ll be closing the Deadzone Kickstarter. We will no longer monitor the comments and messages and will instead supply a support email address for you to contact.

We will also cancel any surveys or items that have not yet been paid for (in the event that it’s not obvious which add-ons haven’t been paid for, we will pick and choose which items to cancel), and pledges that have not had a survey submitted will be treated as a contribution to the project and tooling.

The end is near!

And finally…

Have you got your Enforcers and Peacekeepers? Let's see them painted up, folks! Post up pics to our Facebook page or email them to

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    1. Thomas Rose on

      I just received the missing Forge Guard models last night.

    2. Missing avatar

      scott beil on

      Received all of my goodies plus a couple of extras for free! Everything looks great, can't wait for Warpath!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Brandon Johns on

      I still have no FF starter or FF Forge Guard. No email, nothing but frustration.

    4. Tommaso Mazzoli

      Hi, i've got the wave 3 peacekeepers but the forge guard didn't come.

    5. Captain Absinth on

      I have gotten everything (two weeks ago actually).. and looking back it's an amazing ammount of stuff. Ok, some of the miniatures were a little clumsy looking (enforcer captain anyone?), but in general awesome stuff.
      Vaya Con Dios Deadzone!
      (Next: Dungeon Saga)

    6. Erasmus MusicCentre on

      Still no wave 3. Are we getting that support email?

    7. Thomas Rose on

      My Forge Guard still hasn't come.

      Mantic customer service said that they were mailed out end of December. Hopefully it is soon....

    8. Jeff Henson on

      I got mine yesterday! Waahoo! Thanks to everyone at mantic who had a hand in this for the great game, wonderful terrain, and superb miniatures. Your Rock!!! Can't wait for the next kickstarter!

    9. Jeff Henson on

      @Andrew Thanks I will check when I get home. I will not start worrying for a few more days.

    10. Andrew Nolte on

      @Jeff I got mine about 15 minutes ago. It came in two boxes and was delivered by USPS. And no I didn't get a tracking number.

    11. Jeff Henson on

      Has anyone in the usa received their third wave shipment? Did it come via UPS? Did you get a tracking number?

      Also is there anyway to review what you filled out on your third wave survey?

    12. Missing avatar

      Ville Hyttinen on

      Hello. I'm also missing Forge Guards from the Forge Fathers faction starter set.

    13. Chris Hussey on

      They'll get round to you in time Florent - it logs it for them to process :)

    14. Florent Lioret on

      How do you contact Mantic for the missing forge guards?

      I tried the KS contact and the missing item form on the mantic web site but I had no answer.

    15. Missing avatar


      Yeah, I'm missing the forge fathers and missing the bases. I guess I will have to e-mail them again. Every k/s is missing something. Still missing stuff from Mars attack. I know they will get it right but it's a pain having to going through this.

    16. Missing avatar

      Cypher on

      Hi, Cypher here..

      Great quality minis, I love the peacekeepers!

      But there is a starter set of MARAUDERS missing (it should have been send with the second shipment and was marked on a paper that it would come with the enforcers..). Instead of the marauders I got a Kings of War mini rule book.

      Can anybody tell me please where I can find the Email Adress in order to tell Mantic about my problems?

      Also, there are no bases for the peacekeepers.

    17. Missing avatar

      Lee on

      I got my final package in the mail yesterday. I would like to thank Mantic for running an excellent kickstarter campaign and for going well beyond my own expectations.
      I would like to congratulate Ronnie and his team for doing a stellar job and creating an awesome game! With this campaign which was my first experience with you guys you won an extra customer and supporter.

      Thank you Mantic.

    18. Tristan Coulson on

      How many sprues of Forge Guard should two starter sets have. The second shipment said they would be in third shipment.

    19. Bill Gates on

      Just to clarify: everything I received in the first wave, i.e. the base game, is fine. The mistakes are in the additional items I ordered in the pledge manager, plus the missing Forge Fathers as my bonus fifth factoin.

    20. Bill Gates on


      Pretty much my entire order is incorrect. My original pledge was for Strike Team, with the Forge Fathers as my bonus faction starter. Then, in the pledge manager, I added: the Asterians Faction starter, 1 set of plague zombies, 2 sets of corporation/rebs/plagues striders, and one set of hard plastic Enforcers in Peacekeeper armor.

      I have only received the Enforcers in Peacekeeper armor and the plague zombies. I have NOT received the Forge Fathers or Asterian faction starters, nor have I received the striders.

      I have received two sets of Marauder stuntbots, and one Marauder faction booster, one Plague faction booster and one Reb faction booster. I didn’t order any of these items.

      I would like my original order. Is there a way to resolve this?

    21. Thomas Rose on

      @Rob Gan Thanks for sharing. I will post again if I get the Forge Guard in. (I am in Southern Maine)

      I was concerned that I needed to submit a missing items report. The fact that some have gotten them seems to imply that another shipment is coming. Hopefully.

    22. Charles on

      I've gone through all of my stuff several times from each wave and have accounted for everything that I expected to receive. I've marked this KS as such and am happy with what I got. I've built a lot of stuff from the core box, but sadly have not played yet. I need to get down to the business of building terrain out of all those lovely tiles.

    23. Timothy Kennedy on

      @Bjorn the bases should have arrived with wave 2

    24. Björn Magnusson on

      I'm think I have recieved all of my stuff but the Peacekeepers didn't come with any bases.

    25. Chris Taylor on

      I'm also missing one Forge Guard set (should have had two and only got one), filled out a form on the Mantic website a while back and haven't heard anything so far.

    26. Missing avatar

      Boyden Elder` on

      still no wave 3 here either

    27. Missing avatar

      Brandon Johns on

      I got my peacekeepers and enforcers, but I didn't get my Forge Guard or Forge Father faction starter.

    28. Missing avatar

      James Bemmer on

      Hello guys. I was a bit concerned when I just read that you'd soon be finished shipping wave 3, as I havn't received my wave 2 shipment yet! I know it's very late to let you know but I guess I thought that they hadn't all been done yet. I didn't order anything from wave 3 sand am pretty bad at keeping up with my e-mail, (which is why I missed the deadline to wave 3 stuff).

    29. badula on

      can you check if my order is one of those still to be sent? payment should've gone well since the first try but i see no shipping yet!^^

      Survey Received: 9/24/2014 0:24:25

      Item Price Quantity
      Enforcer Peacekeepers $10 1
      Enforcer Troopers $10 1
      Enforcer Faction Booster $20
      Plague Zombies x 20 $15 1
      Asterian Faction Starter $35
      Asterian Faction Booster $20
      Forge Father Faction Starter $35
      Forge Father Faction Booster $20
      Forge Father Forge Guard $10
      Female Enforcer Pathfinder on Bike $20
      Strider $10
      Marauder Stuntbot $20
      Urban Pattern Iron Ancestor $20
      The Helfather $8
      The Survivor $8
      Blaine $8
      Oberon $8
      Freya $8
      Core Worlds Battlezone $25
      Landing Pad Battlezone $25
      Fortifications Battlezone $25
      Ruined Battlezone $25
      Scenery Expansion Battlezone $25
      Accessory Sprue x 3 $8 4
      Connector Sprue x 5 $10
      Deluxe Gaming Mat $20
      Paper Gaming Mat $8
      Collector’s Edition Hardback Compendium $40
      Deadzone Rulebook $15
      Nexus Psi $15
      Deadzone: Incursion $15
      Deadzone: Contagion $8
      AI Card Deck $8 1

    30. Christopher Hoffman on

      I have yet to receive Forge Guard either (Chicago, USA) I assumed that was because they had not received them since they were still not properly made.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      And what does this mean for people still waiting for stuff from WAVE 1? Yes, I have sent numerous requests before someone pipes in here.

    32. M Lawler on

      I'm thrilled at the quality of the hard plastics. I'm done with restic. Same for the softer rubbery stuff. I have Reaper Bones models coming soonish and I'm already tired of that material from Bones 1 figures.
      Hard Plastics, Resin, and Metal (in that order) are ideal.

      I have both the Enforcers and the Forge Father hard plastics and again.. they are just as good if not better than the zombies. When I get around to assembly I'll look more closely but on the sprue they look fantastic!

      In the meantime I still have a load of DZ restics that I don't even want to look at.

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      So was I supposed to be getting bases for my peacekeepers?

    34. Aaron Haney on

      Like many of the folks here, I did get any of the Forge Father minis sent. Also, did anyone else not get the 2nd Forge Father Brokkr engineer?

    35. Kenny Ng on

      I believe I still haven't got ANY ForgeFathers miniatures yet...

    36. euansmith

      I don't know if I'm missing anything, apart from the large bases for the Peacekeepers; but, frankly, I'm so chuffed with what I've got I'm just going to get to gluing plastic models together; unlike the Restic ones that are in Purgatory as I got fed up with gluing my fingers together with super glue. Hurrah for Mantic hanging in there until they got the customer bases and then embracing plastic!

    37. Rob Farley on

      Arrived today, missing half my forge guard and the 40mm bases. Not surprised. Invoice also had a note on it saying to contact Mantic through the Kickstarter message system if there was a problem, which I find somewhat ironic given the timing of today's announcement.

    38. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Nice, little box arrived for me today with all the remaining bits and bobs (including a model I was apparently missing from the second shipment though I never caught on to that myself). Stuff is looking very nice, should be a lot of fun when I get around to it in a few weeks (or months). The Forge Guard in particular look great.

      Hope everybody else's stuff shows up soon as well!

    39. Missing avatar

      Niklas Hellström on

      Sweden here, still haven't got the 3rd shipping.
      Was hoping it would have reached me by now since all I had was some Enforcers, Peacekeepers and a Pathfinder. Oh well, hoping for this week or the next then.

    40. Missing avatar

      iDog on

      I'm in the same boat as other folks who didn't get bases. The small bases were there, but missing the bigger bases for the 3x peacekeeper sprues.
      I will say that the new peacekeeper and enforcer sprues look great & I can't wait to get them put together.

    41. Florent Lioret on

      I also didn't get any Forge Guards :s (France)

    42. Rob Gan on

      @Thomas Rose - I didn't get any Forge Guard minis either.

    43. Rob Gan on

      @Jeff - Thanks Jeff I will check my Wave 2 stuff.

      I have to admit the way the Kickstarter was delivered was very confusing and trying to keep up with ensuring you got everything was difficult. I do however appreciate what Mantic tried to do by getting the minis out to people as fast as possible and not delaying things for everyone.

    44. John Sullivan on

      @ Rob Gan - The Defender shields should have come with your wave two stuff. If it didn't then you will need to submit a missing items request.

    45. Thomas Rose on

      I got all my Wave 3 stuff, but I still don't have the Forge Guard models from Wave 2. I was expecting to see them with the last shipment.

      Has anyone gotten Forge Guard models?

    46. Jeff

      @rob they were sent in wave 2 in a small bag.

    47. Jeff

      So how can Ronnie come out and say that they will improve there customer service then allow them to post saying we won't be monitoring the KS any more. I understand at a point you can't monitor the comments all the time but saying basically don't use the "contact me" button. Come on. That's not improving customer service. I for one sent Sara an email about stuff the missed sending in the box of miss picks and have yet to hear anything. Also have yet to get my base box for Dreadball nor the wave 3 of this. Maybe time to email Ronnie.

    48. Kosongz on

      This sucks since I haven't even received my Wave 2 yet. I have emailed you, but no replies to the last 2 emails. :(

    49. Rob Gan on

      One other thing, the Enforcer Faction Booster contains:
      1) Enforcer with Burst Laser and Incinerator.
      2) Enforcer Medic
      3) Enforcer Sergeant
      4) x2 Enforcer Defenders & Shields

      Looking at the Enforcer Sprues I received in my Wave 3 box I can't see any Enforcer Defenders & Shields. Are these deliberately left off?

    50. Inkari Coelho Bonilha on

      Unfortunately I haven't received mine... Wave 2 was returned by customs to Mantic on October 17th, 2014 and... after emails to Mr. Clive Parsons and Mr. Tim King, no reply was received... No replies to KS messages or to posts on Mantic's webpage either... So I just keep posting comments on videos and updates to see if the rest of my 986 dollars pledge show up...