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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. JAE YOUNG PARK on

      oh mantic. I have some comment for my address change.please sent my stuffs to address below

      2nd floor 3rd room, 126-dong, Daelim-APT, haengdang-dong, seongdong-gu,Seoul

      thank you

    2. Sir Kalon Jacarl on

      no new updates? or telling when we get our wave 3 stuff?

    3. Sir Kalon Jacarl on

      got my email confirmation and paid my invoice woohoo

    4. Nicholas Vitek

      Received confirmation email but no invoice.

      Also received my wave 2 stuff a while back.

    5. Sir Kalon Jacarl on

      haven't got my confirmation but have got my paypal invoice thing from them

    6. Missing avatar

      Gilbear on

      Quick question: has anybody else received confirmation of their Wave 3 Purchases yet?

      Also, how do you get hold of Mantic? I've tried ringing, emailing, and even messaging through KS, and I have been ignored.

      Really annoyed about this as I need to change my contact details and I have no way of getting through to anyone! I also still haven't received my Wave 3 confirmation either, despite an email being due to go out to everyone on Monday just past... =0(

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Denham on

      Other factions:

      Unlike other contributors I don’t believe a Corporation Force made up of standard soldiers should be a new and separate faction. If anything Enforcers will have access to anything available from the Corporation. Therefore any troops, vehicles and/or tech from a standard Corporation force should be added to the Enforcers faction.

      Fleshed out ideas for additional alien/human factions below:

      Criminal/Cyborg – This would be a criminal syndicate with links in the Council of Seven. The Syndicate would be a criminal company that operates in secret within the Corporation and has a monopoly on vice, narcotics, slavery, cyber crime, fraud, manipulation of justice and the setup of illegal dreadball extreme games. In a straight fight/war the Syndicate cannot go toe-to-toe with the Corporation but it is the Corporation’s equal in a virtual sense. The Syndicate thrives in the virtual dimension with a criminal mastermind living in the network that controls everything. However the Syndicate is strong enough to fight those small decisive battles that occur in Deadzone for territory, tech, secrets, plunder and lucrative contracts. To fight these battles they have cyber-enhanced fighter – stolen people who get transformed into lethal fighting machines. These cyber-enhanced warriors will be tall, fit and have long coats that conceal their appearance. They would also be very strong and able to carry large and powerful weaponry. There are rumours of whole dreadball teams, in particular that famous Judwan team, going missing and then reappearing as cold cyber-enhanced warriors. There are even rumours that the virtual mastermind consciousness that controls these cyber-enhanced warriors can enter in and out of a warrior’s body at anytime. The Syndicate would also have hired guns – human and alien scum, some of which are too nasty/scummy for even the Rebels.

      Droids/Tinkerers – Droid, loads and loads of droids that are built/designed to fulfil every battlefield role. These droids will be of all different shapes and sizes; a mix of looks inspired from R2D2, C3PO, i-Robot and indeed every other Sci-Fi story/show. The strength in the droids won’t be their skills in battle but flexibility and endurance. The elite element to this force will come from their creators – creatures that are master strategists, operators and engineers. The best in the galaxy. These creatures that appear fragile and vulnerable on the battlefield will make up for their weakness by using droids to protect them from harm and to win battles. These ‘Tinkerers’ with squid-type legs and soft bodies are small in number. They are OK at firing weapons and prefer long range weapons but also have various tricks in the form of gadgetry including holograms, hover packs, force fields, tesla technology, stasis and crono bombs/fields, EMP devices and invisibility cloaks.

      Religion/Special Powers – the military arm of a growing alien religion that is now offering disenfranchised humans and aliens a third way. Anti- Corporation and too fanatical for the Rebellion, this faction fights battles in the name of an-all mighty solar god that believes in the destruction of those considered ‘unbelievers’ (everyone else in the galaxy). Amongst their number are the all-powerful warrior monks who use technology of some kind to enhance dormant powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, force lightning, super agility and lightening fast combat skills. Then there are the fanatics, those that want to die in battle in a glorious death. Bare chested and wearing little armour, they wear helmets displaying expressions of the angry solar god. Short-ranged, crazed close combat specialists – these nutters fight to the death. And lastly those humans and aliens who have recently joined the religion and now seek to prove their worth in battle. These troops have little armour and are poorly equipped but help make up the numbers and fulfil broader battlefield roles. If they succeed in battle then it is not down to fortune or skill but favour from their god.

      Pleasure Seekers/Sport – these aliens enter the deadzones for the sport, blood lust and pleasure of battle. Addicted to drugs (they all come to battle with masks full of laughing gas) and the stimulation of battle, these serpentine warriors with 3-4 arms and tattered wings, are exceptional fighters. They are fast, agile, all glide, and can match the best in combat. They very rarely use long-range weapons or hired guns. Every warrior has fought in countless battles and display wounds, missing limbs but also bionic arms, eyes etc. They will use stun guns, nets, traps, bolas, high-tech crossbows, smoke grenades. Every warrior will have the glide, agile and fast ability and so will be able to out flank and out manoeuvre opposition with ease. This faction would be an elite force like the Forge Fathers and Asterians and therefore have small a number of soldiers at their disposal.

    8. Sir Kalon Jacarl on

      I didn't receive the email either
      Ideas for new Deadzone, Deadzone Meltdown, Rogue Ai causes the planet to be quarantined to stop it spreading any further, Robots out of control, acting due to a nerfarious purpose, are they trying to escape? create a new hub to access the universal relay build more sophisticated robotic units or simply to exterminate all living things on the planet

    9. Chris Earl on

      I put in a third survey but didn't receive an email Mantic, weren't they supposed to go out on the 6th?

    10. Tony Hooper on

      I still think a deadzone card release for rules for the Ada Lorena team from Dreadball is the easiest new race you guys could do (as an army in its own right). That dreadball team just looks like it could slot in as an elite force with no trouble at all. Now maybe a 3-4 mini's would be too small a variety for a new army, so maybe the prone player could be used as a non humanoid warrior. And maybe tool a commander and some sort of specialist. And you are good to go.

      The Crystallian I'd also like to see, but I think you'd need to create deadzone specific versions though. Maybe they could also be part of the Ada Lorena (given their background), equipped with weapons the Forge Fathers still thirst for.

      A lot of the aliens in Dreadball I'd love to see as Rebs too. Variety would be great. And here's an idea. The starter set for Dreadball Extreme has some good looking grunts in it. Why not create Merc cards for them, and tool up weapons that can be clipped on or slotted over the hand of some of the miniatures (making these miniatures usable in Deadzone). Not necessarily a force in their own right, maybe an AI opponent or something.

      Love the designs you are doing for connectors. The computer is brilliant. Pipes are interesting. Signage would be a great idea too (shops, directions, public notices, advertising). Ways to fill up those holes and add character.

      I'd really like to see some tiles that are multi-square. (As in 2 to 4 times the size of tiles now). So instead of using 2 or more existing tiles to do a floor of a building, we just use the bigger tiles. Or if we want to do a massive wall, we just break out the bigger tiles.

      I want to parrot what Matt Price and The Other One said too...

    11. Matt Price on

      I'd be very interested in walkways and other means to connect buildings together.

      I'm also interested in novel ways to make the connectors more interesting. That computer terminal is nice! As others have noted, some cross fertilization with Mars Attacks ideas would be nice too.

      But please do keep your sprues separate where possible. I'm a bit less interested in those pipes. I don't think I'd use those. It would be nice to be able to pick and choose if this is feasible.

      I also agree with the "can I get that one sprue" idea. I'd love more tower walls (the X walls), but am not interested in the other sprues from that battlezone, for example.

      and while I feel like I'm just parroting The Other One... I too would really like cards for those figs that don't yet have a proper card. You shouldn't be putting out units that don't have proper cards (But thanks for putting out "beta" cards; even though you got in my "missing pieces" form a few requests for cards that don't really exist... Because I didn't know, and that doesn't make much sense to offer a fig for sale without a card!)

    12. The Other One on

      More interesting connectors would be great. That screen and keyboard in the third picture down is a great idea. You could add viewscreens, little 'radar' panels with a circular screen and buttons, which could have two connectors to hold together walls from the inside.

      This would be great for the nutters like me who are working on detailing the interior of some of our buildings :)

      The 'hanging basket' and 'shop sign' connectors in Mars Attacks are marvellous and goes to show that connectors don't have to just be the standard clips. :)

      If you do make something like this, please keep it on a single sprue that can be purtchased seperate fro battlex=zone sprues.

      Also, can you please make individual Battlezone sprues available? Charge a premium price for them if you like, but it would be very helpful for those of us planning specific builds . I've already come across the situation where I just need two more of 'that' particular tile and would have to buy an entire Battlezone to get them.

      I would rather see any new races, vehicles etc Spring next year at the earliest. Anything else would feel too much, too soon, for Deadzone. I don't play Dreadball, but my head has been in a spin with all the different stuff released so closely together. Perhaps let Deadzone 'settle' just a little bit before expanding it.

      And can we please have proper cards for Sorak Swordspawn etc. It is a bit duff having nice, full colour die cut glossy cards for everything else and paper cards for these minis. If you can't or won't produce 'proper' rules cards for new minatures, then wit respect; I feel that you shouldn't really release them.

    13. gavin on

      For my two cents.. focus on bringing out hard plastic. Id be happy to get less but better quality. Instead of giving away as much as mantic usually does. Focus on further stretch goals with an emphasis on having hard plastic sprues for at least one basic unit per army. This allows so much cuatomisation so it feels like you get more than you do with lots of restic. There is no doubt your restic production has improved but its not even close to plastic for quality and adaptability with other kits. The zombie sprues proves it can be done affordably (although a little more variety would be nice) mantics golden opportunity to give people well priced hard plastic is now... this will also help with warpath which has the opportunity to poach gw deserters looking for a sci fi game at a similar scale. After the initial rush of minis recieved the main ones i use of mantics now are the hard plastic ones... quality over quantity. In the long run your fans will love you for it. As it is now im happy to pay ks prices for your minis. But i wontpay full price for restic... hard plastic i would.

    14. Missing avatar

      MAGnum on

      @magisystem thanks for there a deadline?

    15. Chainbreaker on

      Interesting concepts for the industrial battlezone !

      -What I'd also like to see: Bundles of smaller pipes that run along walls (connected like the ladders).
      -Those big pipes need a reasonable start and end so maybe some machines that dock to the pipes and maybe some way for them to "disappear" into a wall (and continue on the other side).
      -Not so sure about the last picture ... Are those pipes? Where do they start/end ? Are they supposed to support the walk above ?

    16. magisystem on

      The link to the missing bits form is

      The title says "Mantic games order query form", but if you read the text you'll see that is really is for missing or defect parts from your order or kickstarter pledge.

    17. Black Kestrel

      Please hold off till after Christmas. My wallet begs you.

    18. Mike Norris on

      The kickstarter is at the end of the year? looks like no one is getting Christmas gifts from me this time around.....

    19. Fedratsailor on

      you guys get more terrain going im in for another fun ride.

    20. Kosongz on

      Haven't even gotten my wave 2 yet. How can I be sure what I want?

    21. Michael Merrill on

      For a DZ kickstarter at the end of the year, I vote for more races. Veer-myn especially. Nameless would also be cool as many have said. I'm also going to repost my suggestion for a robot force:

      A full on Robots faction. Swarms of small bots up to Large robotic stompers. You could make up a story about how they started to combat the plague with robots since they couldn't be infected, but somehow rather than mutating machines the plague actually enhances the AI of the robots causing them to rebel and/or ally with the plagued forces, or just be anti-life and use the plagued forces to fight the living forces.

      Plus maybe one more race to keep it even.

      I would like to also suggest if you are going to do more races in this kickstarter, make them the initial priority. All the current factions have quite a decent amount of stuff already. It'd feel a bit lopsided if you add a bunch more to them but the new factions are just basic. Build the new factions up to the current factions first, then stretch goal add ons for every faction.

    22. Missing avatar

      M Rummler on

      If it hasn't been suggested, an industrial machinery sprue would be interesting.
      I like the industrial scenery so far more like that would be great.
      Vehicles maybe?
      Civilians would be great...

      More races in the rebs, different positioned units of the same races (or better yet, sprues that provide some choices... more neutrally posed torso's and a variety of limbs...).

      Forge Fathers:
      More FF in drop armor... though the rules should be updated... sorry but drop armor should be @ least as good as forge guard armor (dropping from space... ) plus jump pack capabilities.
      Same goes for forge guard, actually, as they stack up against peacekeepers everything is decent except the armor rating should be 3 not 2 (I realize they are tough...), if it were just me I'd also change their weapons to firestorm instead of weight of fire... because the forge fathers make everything advanced for the enforcers ... but not as good as their own... this isn't shown well enough in the rules... oh, and make them a bit more expensive for the changes... most likely.

      Some method for plague to beat vehicles/heavily armored units without standard weapons (maybe fast suicide bombers.... explosives would be relatively easy to come by... could even have a biological component to enhance the explosions...[and allow for them to explode if you injure one])
      Oh, could have them biologically explosive, then if there are stage 3's around with enough brains to know, they could put additional explosives on them to increase the effect.

      My 2cents... (or 200... sorry for the long list)

    23. Missing avatar

      The Darium on

      I echo thoughts of Veer-Myn and a kinda Guard Corps faction (Private military for individual, small time corperations, not the council), though if I recall right, you already planned to do a Veer-myn faction in the next Kickstarter, which is why it was off the table for this one. As for others, Z'zor would fit, and maybe the Nameless, or Crystallan, Portal Spinners, Tsudochan or Ada-Lorena (Races we have Relatively little Info on, and might raid Corperation planets)

      The Pipes look cool, but you might think about adding exploded bits to use as end caps. That would be nice. Also, another for commercial/residental style scenery, and wrecked vehicles.

    24. Blindside on

      They've been mentioned somewhere before, but civilian miniatures would be awesome, and I agree with wrecked vehicles being useful too. Industrial stuff looks good!

    25. Missing avatar

      Alex Herbert

      Awesome news! Any chance there will be a silo or round water tanks? That'd be awesome with some industrial hardware.

    26. Missing avatar

      MAGnum on

      @Mantic can you post a link to the missing bits survey? Or do we just send a private message to you? I've got a few issues/questions, particularly some accessory spurs that were left off shipment 1 for shipment 2 but shipment 2 says they weren't missing from the last shipment...I still have both invoices. Just let me know. Keep up the great work. Oh and I got enforcers missing legs lol.

    27. Rushputin on

      If I want to second-guess my Third Survey and add more stuff to it, should I completely fill out the whole thing from scratch, or should I just add the extra stuff?

    28. Sannop2 on

      Thanks for the update on the missing parts

    29. Joe

      Were we supposed to get bases with the zombie sprues? And if so... can you update a missing bits form once you have submitted one?

    30. Kelly Shane Kuciemba on

      The Enforcers look great! I really want to get those guys on the table. Everything else is good as well, I'm excited about getting my Asterians together. I got a duplicate shipment of WAVE 2. I have tried communicating this. I'm sure it is probably not something anyone else is worried about. Just a duplicate shipment. I have more Zombie sprues than I could ever use, as I got 85 in the first shipment.

    31. Missing avatar

      Kevin Riddle on

      can't wait, but
      I want more ruins
      battlements shot up and all

      need more Rebs to boost them

      I still hope we get cards for all the specials from the new figs (experimental guns, etc)

    32. Missing avatar

      scott beil on

      Must say the Industrial Scenery ideas, an absolute home-run. This makes me want to do the second Kickstarter even more, can't wait. Something that most producers of miniature games miss is wrecked vehicles, to be used as objectives or just scenery. There would be lots of vehicle wrecks in battle zone situations.

    33. Missing avatar

      Brian Dyer on

      Put the KS off til 2015 though. Loads of people with no money and also still missing bits from this one. It'd be better after Christmas for most people, they won't be strapped for cash. As for what to add in, I'd like to see Veer-Myn and also those Crystalline guys from Dreadball as factions. Second spaceship tiles but also some commercial ones, shop fronts and the like to make more civilian scenery

    34. Tony Pecorelli on

      I like the idea of making the connectors actually interesting pieces that enhance the aesthetic of the environment. (The pipes) More of this please! :D

    35. euansmith

      Industrial is looking rather cool; especially the pipes. Some mechanisms would be great for Industrial; likes like generators and machine tools.

    36. Highlord Tamburlaine, Luxurious Reptile

      A Deadzone style frenzy pledge would be a DANGEROUS thing.

      Because that's where all my hobby money would go that month.

    37. Tasker on

      *Slopes not lopes. lol

    38. Tasker on

      I quite like these...

      Personally some of the tiles I'd like to see are...

      1, Wide ( As in the 45 degree versions ) of the cross frame ( both open and closed versions ), the squared flooring and the vent.

      In other words. Ones that can be used as lopes as well as walls. Because the 2 that we have with the expansion sprue can only be used as walls and that sucks donkey balls.

      2, Quarter sections to use as end caps for the half sections.

      3, More spacers like the Landing pad struts so we don't have to have walls everywhere.

    39. Sir Kalon Jacarl on

      new miniatures and fixes for rebs please

    40. Nicholas Hendley

      Seeing the new scenery only confirmed what I told myself earlier today...

      "Should I back Kage on Kickstarter? That's about 150 dollars.... No. Save it for Mantic and their Kickstarter."

      Looking forward to it, Mantic. I'm putting a request in for a Frenzy pledge, a la Dreadball Xtreme now. Don't have to constantly stress about how much I'm spending or getting. Just sit back and watch the value grow. :) But I doubt it'd be feasible for Deadzone; just too many options!

    41. Missing avatar

      Adam Bisher on

      Not sold on the industrial. Too plain/ just don't see using them. Pipes ate ok though.

      As for additional models: plague need anti vehical items like missles teams or plasma gunners.
      Tens and plague could do with technical trucks. Might even work with brokkers.
      More plague gen 2 and 3 for other species. A zombie controller for plague. More rebs species and normal humans. Goblin troopers maybe and grunts from wp.
      Rebs, plague, ork bikers. Rebs need a mortar.

      New factions:
      Vyrrmin, reg corp troops, robots, zzor, civilians/militia, new aliens.

    42. Michael Morfeld on

      Love the looks of the industrial battlezones.

    43. Marc Stephens on

      Look forward to seeing you in Essen in two weeks. Can I pick up the missing figure from the first shipment? I was under the impression it would be in the 2nd shipment but it wasn't.

    44. Missing avatar

      De Winter Urbain on

      Industrial stuff looks great.

      But instead of planning the next kickstarter, they'd better ships my Asterians. I am still waiting for them.

    45. angelofvengeance on

      Dammit. Looks like industrial stuff will be blowing a hole in my wallet lol

    46. Edward Brett Allen on

      The industrial scenery looks nice - you can never have enough pipes! What about a Sci-Fi kickstarter similar to Dungeon Saga with new one piece figures. Something similar to Project Pandora (or Space Hulk) but with new xenomorphs, as close to the classic Fox Aliens without infringing copyright.

    47. Happy Sunshine on

      Thanks just re read the up date and it looks like they are still unfinished. can some one confirm this?

    48. Happy Sunshine on

      Hi can any one here give me a link to report missing pieces. I ordered 10 enforcer peace keepers and only received the bases. thanks

    49. magisystem on

      Nice update.
      @all: you can find the missing item form here:

      @Mantic: Any chance for Essen Pick up for Mars attack? That way some of us could get at least the base game (and maybe some add-ons) earlie while waiting for the stompy robots; and you would have decreased shipping cost for only sending the remainder afterwards...

      Oh, and is there any chance for me to get a german version instead of the english one from my Kickstarter pledge? Would be highly welcomed.

    50. Missing avatar

      Mikael Brauer

      I love it... I was hoping for space ships but this might be even better.

      Ok, I'm in. Please look into making high funnels/stacks for my snipers :-)