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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.

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DEADZONE Fans: Don't Miss STAR SAGA Now on Kickstarter!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Star Saga Kickstarter Campaign!

Our latest and greatest campaign, Star Saga, launched on Monday and has already been fully funded through 3 stretch goals!  

As many of you will no doubt notice, Star Saga is set firmly in the Warpath Universe and features many of your favorite Deadzone characters, alien races and factions! 

Fugitive Judwan “Wrath”, the Survivor, and of course Blaine himself, will all playable characters in Star Saga’s core game (Survivor will be added to the game in an upcoming stretch goal).

Expansions and future stretch goals will add Veer-myn, Forge Father and Asterian figures, among many many others.  

Already the game is a great value with over 33 figures, and the next two stretch goals add another 4 miniatures to the game. 

Further stretch goals will keep growing the contents of the core pledge, but we need more backers to reach those goals!  

For anyone who loves Deadzone and dungeon crawlers, Star Saga is surely a must-get. If you’ve never played a dungeon crawler, this is the perfect game for you.


The Walking Dead Skirmish Game

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hello! In case you haven’t seen we are running a new project for The Walking Dead: All Out War skirmish game

We were hoping that you might like to join us on another Kickstarter journey.

What is the Walker Dead miniatures game?

The Walking Dead: All Out War is the survival tabletop skirmish miniatures game where the characters, taken straight from the pages of The Walking Dead comic series, are pitted against each other in a bitter fight for supplies…but beware the Walkers that lurk nearby, as they will react to your every move.

We’ve launched The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game on Kickstarter to offer our hard core fans the chance to get cool exclusives and the opportunity to get the game ahead of the full retail launch in October.

The main pledge level – Something to Fear – had a brand new Kickstarter Exclusive Michonne miniature unlocked today and the next two stretch goals will collectively see the value break over $200 (at MSRP) - with more to come!

Something to Fear includes:

  • The Complete Walking Dead: All Out War starter set
  • The Walking Dead: Atlanta Camp expansion
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Sheriff’s Badge Initiative Badge
  • Collector’s Edition Box
  • Dice Bag and a second set of game
  • Free Stretch Rewards including Shane, Lori, Andrea, Amy, Reggie, plus their character cards and a host of brand new equipment cards.
  • 2 Atlanta Walkers and 2 Booster Walker
  • 10 3D plastic Supply Markers (with 6 3D plastic Barricades coming soon)
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Michonne
  • And the Roamer Booster - getting you 6 unique Walkers, 4 Equipment Cards including Chainsaw, and 4 Event Cards themed around bringing more Walkers onto the table - coming soon!

You can see everything included in Something to Fear here.

The more people who support the campaign, the more survivors like Glenn, Maggie and Tyreese, equipment and unique walkers will get added – making that basic pledge level even better value.

For more on The Walking Dead check out these articles on the blog:

The Walking Dead: All Out War is on Kickstarter until midnight Monday 29th February. Thank you for your support.

Deadzone: Reinforcements Arrive

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)


We just wanted to let you know that we’ve entered the final week of the Warpath Kickstarter – and in doing so we think there are a few new kits that would be of interest to you for playing Deadzone with.

NEW! Three Hard Plastic Infantry Kits


The Warpath Kickstarter has allowed us to fund one hard plastic infantry sprue for the Asterian Infantry. This 5-man sprue includes multiple heavy weapon options and a weapon drone – great reinforcements for the Asterian faction if you’ve got one.


The second hard plastic Infantry kit is the Corporation’s GCPS Troopers, which is funding at the moment. As part of the GCPS Troopers goal, we will create a force list for using them in Deadzone for the first time.


The third hard plastic infantry kit we’ve been able to make are the new Plague 3rd Gens. This 5-figure hard plastic sprue also includes heavy weapons like the Mortar and Grenade Launcher, as well as a Plague Hound.

All of these kits have individual add-ons designed with Deadzone players in mind – in fact you’ll find many of the new hard plastic kits are on offer so that you can get any figures you were missing in your collection. Check them out:

There is just one week remaining of the Warpath Kickstarter - it finishes at 11:59pm Sunday 11th October.

If you are interested in these infantry kits, you can simply pledge for the $1 level and then pledge the total amount of all the add-ons you want.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a great new game that you can also use your existing Deadzone miniatures and scenery collection in, pick up one of our great-value pledge levels that will get you the Warpath rules.

Find out more about Warpath and the game here.

Warpath - the Sci-fi Battle Game

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

The factions, planets and each Deadzone story all occur in the Warpath universe. Whilst it’s a standalone game that will continue to be supported in it’s own right, all of the different miniatures can be played in a game called Warpath.

Warpath is a sci-fi gaming system for playing army-level engagements on the tabletop. You will command whole squads of infantry and elite specialists alongside vehicles and artillery.

There are two sets of rules for Warpath. Which you choose depends on your style of play – you may prefer one over the other, or link both sets together in a campaign. The choice is yours!

Warpath: Firefight is the squad-level battle game where every soldier matters. With an emphasis on cinematic battles between as few as 20 soldiers a side, the game is designed to zoom in on the action, with a focus on dynamic, tactical games, whilst retaining Mantic’s game design philosophy of being easy to learn and fast paced. Ideal if you are looking for an alternative to other games on the market. Read more here.

Warpath is the mass-combat strategy game that allows you to play massive sci-fi battles on the tabletop, quickly and affordably. Using Warpath’s innovative Orders system, you’ll command an army of infantry, elite specialists and hi-tech vehicles, in a dynamic game of strategy and tactics. Find out more on our blog.

We’ve now launched Warpath on Kickstarter, and we thought you might be interested in taking part. Your Deadzone collection will be fully compatible in Warpath, and the large amount of scenery you’ll have received is perfect for creating a battlefield for this game.

All you’ll need to play Warpath is a rulebook and a Warpath Battlegroup, to boost your collection with more infantry and supporting vehicles.

If you are interested in backing the Kickstarter, please do so here, or, if you have any questions, message us through the Warpath Kickstarter messages. Thanks!

We've posted up another 500 Early Bird Advanced Warfare pledges for today and they are going quickly. If you want one, head over and get yours before they are gone!

Pledge Manager Closed

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

The Deadzone Pledge Manager has now officially closed, and we’ve begun processing the numbers so that we can start getting the early shipments out of the warehouse, and order components.

If you’ve sent us a message regarding your pledge manager entry, or had difficulty completing it – do not panic.

Contact us via the Kickstarter messages before Friday 31st July - we’ll be processing these next week and will get you sorted, no problem.

We’ll have a larger update for you next week with hopefully a few new sneak peaks.

Thanks for reading.