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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Joedon Delaney on

      I never received the Deadzone: The Sci-fi Miniatures Board Game.

    2. Alex Podgoredsky on

      Same problem as Matt Lawrence. Didn't received my ForgeFathers yet.

    3. Kenny Ng on

      I'm still missing a couple of items and Mantic is not responding to my emails. Is anyone else still having this problem? How can we best reach them? I've tried email & avail.

      Come on Mantic...its just a few missing items to complete my game :(

    4. E on

      @Phillip, all my HP enforcer sprues came intact. Not sure what to tell you except to make sure you're matching up the right torso with the right set of legs based on the letter marked on the sprue. If you knew that already then it's next stop email to Mantic.

    5. Missing avatar

      Philip Wilson on

      Bit late in the day, but I'm finally assembling the hard plastic enforcers and the sprues are all missing one leg. I've still got a set of 5 in a sealed bag, but I've got a bunch of pre wounded enforcers. I had just assumed I was misplacing them. Anyone else have this problem?

    6. Berger on

      If you want something small scale and an alternative to DZ, try this one - £75 gets 2 starters sets and the rules - which are really slick - and all stretchgoals. Only a few days to go, and target yet to be met, but I'm sure witrh a little push it could explode.

    7. M Lawler on

      Guys, there's an awesome sci-fi kickstarter. Except, it's not sci-fi! It's for the real robot America is sending over to fight one being made by Japan. There's huge companies no board and the best part, they're trying to get Arnold Schwarzenegger to be the pilot. It's the real deal and it's historic. Check it out now:

    8. Matt Lawrence on

      Thanks @Mantic Games.

    9. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @Matt - I'm sorry that they've still not turned up. At this point, the best thing for you to do would be to fill in a missing items form for the, and they'll be dispatched to you next week.

      @Kanzen I've just sorted out your items, at Rich's request. I'm looking ta having them sent out today or tomorrow.

    10. Matt Lawrence on

      Anyone else still not received their forgefather sprues?

    11. Kanzen Hirukan on

      Hi @Mantic - i´ve been trying to contact you for months, and haven´t received any reply from you yet, about my missing 2nd and 3rd wave, any information would be greatly appreciated.

    12. "DUMP" on

      Hey Dave @ Mantic could you recheck my 3rd wave shippment? still missing my HP sprues

    13. Eric Ylrac on

      @mantic - I got my last stuff thank you ! And for the candy ! :)

    14. Eric Ylrac on

      @mantic - I got my last stuff thank you ! And for the candy ! :)

    15. Rowanty on


      It has been mentioned, and that's because Mantic took a huge loss on the scenery in the first campaign. Don't expect the same deals.

    16. Tony Hopkins on

      Hmmm, it's been said by a few others prior to this comment, but I didn't want to say anything until I'd done the sums... The scenery pledge needs a lot of work to even come close to the value of the original Deadzone Kickstarter...

    17. M Lawler on

      @Michael I did not know that. I would love love love for that to be a reality for me. I will go digging through settings now.

    18. Michael Pruden on


      It sounds like you don't want to be notified about this KS at all anymore... You know KS has the options to stop receiving notifications from specific KSs?

    19. M Lawler on

      Please stop spamming me with all your other KS' Mantic. You're like that Psycho ex-girlfriend. I gave you enough tries to stop being crappy. I'm not a fan of Deadzone or how the original backers were treated or how the game has been developed as a whole and I certainly don't care about this one which is focused on horribly cartoony rat people.

    20. David Lee Seymour on

      Got my wave 3 stuff today. Just wanted to say Thank You Mantic, and Dave for completing my delivery. better late than never =)

    21. Alex Draper on

      soooo....whats happening to cards in this game...unit cards and faction cards specifically.

    22. Jeff

      How about my wave 3?

    23. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @Clay I swear I've sent your stuff out last week.

      Guess I'll go courier and do it again.

    24. Styxx42 on

      Thanks for a great KS.
      Sorry I wont be backing this next KS, I have just discovered Bolt Action and need to save up for that. You aren't doing any Bolt Action KS perhaps?
      Thanks again.

    25. Missing avatar

      David on

      I came from work this evening to find my missing items waiting for me. Just in time for DZ2 - thanks Mantic!

    26. Clay LeBrun on

      I have been waiting for the final few pieces of my Deadzone pledge since before the New Year. I received a package with two items, but that was only a small part of the missing pieces I have made many attempts to contact Mantic with no response at all. Now a New Kickstarter is beginning in a couple of days. Even though I am interested in it, with this response i really have no incentive to join it.

    27. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @Dyn Check your PMs

    28. Missing avatar

      David on

      I just hope I get my wave 3 stuff before I have to decide whether to invest in DZ2

    29. E on

      Infestation that is!

    30. E on

      So Mantic posted a vid on YouTube. Looks like Deadzone: Infestarion launches on the 20th!!

    31. E on

      I read somewhere about a rumor that we'll hear more about it by the end of this month. 5th hand knowledge though. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with anyhow.

    32. Missing avatar

      Boyden Elder` on

      DeadZone 2 coming up?

    33. Missing avatar

      David on

      Still waiting for my last missing pieces...

    34. E on

      Got my missing parts in the mail yesterday! I officially have everything I pledged for! All done here Mantic and thanks!

    35. E on

      Got my missing parts in the mail yesterday! I officially have everything I pledged for! All done here Mantic and thanks!

    36. Missing avatar

      neal prentice on

      I can happily report the last of Wave 3 came this morning!

    37. Berger on

      @ Nicholas - the bases should have been in the wave 2 shipment. if not, see below.

      @ Phil - email and he should be able to get that sorted for you.

    38. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Still waiting for my wave 3 here, ah well

    39. Nikku

      I've also received two sprues of Forge Fathers and still missing the rest of the Forge Father guys listed on the Mantic Website. Didn't receive any bases with the two sprues. Great :O

    40. E on

      The compendium is just the sleeved soft backed books you received while the collectors edition is the hardback book. The books aren't actually signed but you should have received a signed note from Ronnie and Jack to accompany your sleeved soft backs. They didn't actually sign the inside leaf of any of the books.

    41. FROGGY of SABBL on

      Hey.... For Deadzone Veterans $300+ you receive a limited edition signed compendium.
      I just got a few books in a sleeve that looked nice and just noticed not signed; Is it meant to be one book like the hardback on the Mantic website?

    42. QuestsofLegend on

      @Ben - if you were just waiting on Forge Guard then yes you're done.

    43. Ben Coleman on

      Dammit KS I wish I could edit comments. I wanted to add - I just backed the starting Forge Father faction. No extra stuff

    44. Ben Coleman on

      Fellow Forge Father backers... I've received two sprues/frames of guys this week. Is this all we are expecting as outstanding? Are we done now?

    45. Aiming_high on

      Still waiting for the last of stuff to arrive.

    46. Missing avatar

      David Burgos on

      So finally received my last models from this KS.
      Everything is correct, and never had an issue with the shipments.
      I have to say plastic enforcers and peacekeepers were hard to build up, but once they are done, they look cool.
      Thanks Mantic.
      Any news of Deadzone 1.5 date?

    47. Berger on

      @ Dave - Congrats - I had a son (my first) last year, so Mantic were never going to deliver before that happened!

      @ QoL - Yeah - I'm sure our paths will cross again :)

    48. rollntider on

      got my missing bases finally, its still missing a few, but I am done with this KS Its close enough.

      Overall I am happy with it

    49. QuestsofLegend on

      @Berger - I'm post occasionally on the forum, but I'm sure familiar faces will be on the DZ 1.5 KS

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