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Deadzone is the science fiction miniatures skirmish game where two Strike Teams battle in a wartorn urban battlezone!
Deadzone is the science fiction miniatures skirmish game where two Strike Teams battle in a wartorn urban battlezone!
2,810 backers pledged $380,554 to help bring this project to life.

The Tyrant is among us!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Boom – that’s badass Blaine on Jetbike locked in and included free in Quarantine!

That jetbike is pretty funky, right?

You can also add Blaine on to your pledge for $15.

Up next, scenery is a vitally important part of the Deadzone Skirmish Game, and with this next goal we’ll be able to create an ace new selection of accessories and connectors, offering you even more choice and variety in how you construct your buildings.

What I personally love about these industrial components are that they make the buildings that little bit less blocky, introducing lots of curved pipes. In fact, this whole sprue is dedicated to bringing you a pipe network to your battlefield, and you get a free sprue included with a pledge of Quarantine!

Here's a breakdown of what you are getting in this new accessory sprue:

 And a few more renders from across the Industrial range:

 Fuel Tank

Small Pipe

Large Damaged Half-pipe

You can see lots of it in action already in the photography:

We’ve had a fair few emails asking how people can just pledge for the scenery and we’re pleased to say that we will have a scenery-only pledge coming in this week’s Add-on Wednesday. Stay tuned!

And after this goal?

The Brood Mother makes her entrance.

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    1. MeetsInTaverns on

      It occurs to me that rats are often seen as plague carriers.

      Rather than a "Plague Veer-myn", I'd like to see Veer-myn that are carriers of the "plague", and those that are killed by them in melee (by bite, scratch or whatnot) can raise in-game as Plague.

    2. Stephen Bushnall on

      I have always played dwarfs and rats in whatever game I play. I love the fact that the Ratties are coming to Deadzone. They need to be fast and tough. I like the comment earlier about Loaders and rabid ratmen. I hope their background story is as good as other teams.
      Razor sharp claws and teeth with maybe poison attacks would be good.
      Rattie Sniper or Grenadier would also be a bonus.

    3. Christian Francis on

      The new stuff looks great so far and like Bjorn said, I hope its all in hard plastic, as it is much easier to work with.

      What I would like to see is more variations in the Veer-myn. Deadzone has been a round for a little while now and the existing factions now have support boosters sets, specialist booster sets, and even vehicles, and Peace Keeper armor. Come up with some things for the rats to be just as varied and equally competitive.

      My suggestions would be:
      1) Veer-myn piloting an industrial "forklift" like the one Ripley used in "Aliens"
      2) Heavily armored, less scurrying unit
      3) More chemical weapons (feels like the right theme for them) in the form of grenades, mortar teams and missile launchers
      4) Raging Rabid Rat-men, a close combat unit designed to claw, bite and tear.

      That's just a few so I'll keep it at that.

      I love what you folks at Mantic are doing, so keep doing what you do.

    4. Björn Magnusson on

      I hope there will be hard plastic Marauders. Those guys are awesome.

    5. DFA Miniatures on

      @Mantic. Awesome news. I hoped they were since there was only one pair of connector holes per side. The 1/4 tiles will open up a whole new world of building options for us all.

      Will the core and fortified style BZs be getting them too?

    6. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @ Dorian - There are 1/4 tiles in the Industrial set, they've been made to a little big in the pictures (same size as the full tiles - doh!) and we'll scale those down.

    7. Jouni Pohjola on

      Good to know about the terrain only pledge. Shall be keeping an eye out for it on Wednesday.

    8. damian luther te tuhi on

      Well i wouldnt kick her outa bed;)

      Vermin are an awesome lookin buncha rodents. Walker or big rat monster?

    9. Amenephis

      Edward, saying you want models for old factions in a KS specifically intended to add a new faction is somewhat silly, especially considering that new faction right now has exactly one unit choice, which has exactly two weapon options, and a single character. That's it. That's their entire faction unit list at this time.

    10. Murrell on

      Edward. First things first. We just gotta flesh out the Veer-myn. There is no point half-arsing it.

    11. Edward Henry on

      I know you have to flesh out the vermyn so they are comparable with the other factions but i would like to see some models for the previous factions as i dont really care for the vermyn and would like to see more rebs

      pleae give us some moidels for the old factions

    12. Alex Draper on

      oh it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Smud on

      Uh one question came in mind on the numbers... There is only one cross-way? So now complete pipe, just a bottom or top part? Well there is so much stuff on the sprue, it would be ok but it looks a bit like a typo and as always clarity is trump :).

    14. Missing avatar

      Smud on

      @Mantic - Thank you for sharing the amount of parts we get in the sprue. That is exactly what I wanted to see. Now the stretch goal looks like a good one :).

      I realy like the broodmother. There is a lot of metal on her, which doesn't seem to fit the rest of the Veer-myn (we saw so far) but she has a lot more character then these.
      Still wondering why the other Veer-myns got so beefy. That doesn't suit them well...
      But well that's another thing... The Broodmother is good :).

    15. euansmith

      I really like the bulk of the Brood Mother, though I think she might be coming in for a bit of cosmetic surgery.

    16. Tree by the sea AKA Gurnard on

      Pleased to see clarification of what pipes & whatnot are going to be included, not obvious from first picture!
      I like the broodmother sketch, but a bit confused, she looks partly cyborg?!

    17. DFA Miniatures on

      I do like the look of the Brood Mother. However the spike on her helmet don't do it for me though. Can we get an alternative head option like the Peacekeeper Captain... Or must I sell my soul to the dark wargame gods that are GW to get an alternative from their Skaven range!!! :(

      @Jon. Looking at the images it appears the large pipes connect with a 1/4 size tile. So my guess is that given a standard tile is 3" and the 1/2 tiles are 1.5" the pipes are probably 1" diameter.

      @Mantic. Can you confirm there are indeed 1/4 tiles coming. I did ask earlier but saw no answer. I'd love to know.

    18. Michael on

      Sorry but Brood Mother doesn't do it for me. Really Like the Rat-Men as a post-Apoc faction but what is this? A power armoured super rat? Less armor and a gasmask would do her well.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jon Finn on

      What're the diameters of the pipes?