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In East Los Angeles, the Ovarian Psycos are not only a bike crew, they are a new generation of women of color building a movement.
In East Los Angeles, the Ovarian Psycos are not only a bike crew, they are a new generation of women of color building a movement.
285 backers pledged $12,823 to help bring this project to life.

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The final stretch of our final campaign -- 44 hours to go!

Hi Original KS Backers!

As you know, we are in the final hours of our 2nd, and final Kickstarter campaign raising funds to finish the film and take our Ova characters with us to Austin, TX for the premiere at SXSW.

To those of you who have donated a second time, HOLY COW, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We have just 44 hours left to raise $3,565, and we need your help to get us there. We've been hitting the calculator to see what can be done in such a short time. We found out that if we get 100 people to pledge $35, we will reach our goal of $20,000. For your donation, you will receive a PRE-ORDER THE FILM + OVA HANDBOOK.  For folks who increase their pledge, we are offering the official movie poster as a high res digital file, signed by the filmmakers, and central characters Xela de la X, Evie, and Andi. It's being designed as we speak...we promise it will be beautiful.

If you are unable to support our new campaign, we get it. Thank you for already contributing and please keep sharing the link! Forward to friends, family, colleagues -- anyone who might be interested in the project.

Thank you so much!

Kate & Joanna

The Ovarian Psycos, "Ovaries so big..."
The Ovarian Psycos, "Ovaries so big..."

New Behind the Scenes Video featuring Xela de la X

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Happy Tuesday Dear Kickstarter Backers, 

Did you get a chance to check out this new behind-the-scenes video from Xela de la X about her hopes for the film? 

If you've been planning on contributing, now is the time - we have 8 DAYS TO GO TO!! Please HELP us get to SXSW:


Joana & Kate

New Behind the Scenes Video

Happy Monday,

We want to share our Behind the Scenes video #1: where Xela de la X chats with us about our Director of Photography, Michael Raines...and his rollerblades: 


p.s. You can share and donate to the new campaign here:

New and exciting news for "Ovarian Psycos"


Dearest Kickstarter Backers, 

We are writing with exciting news: OVARIAN PSYCOS will have its WORLD PREMIERE at this year’s SXSW Film Festival! This is huge. It means we are so close to sharing this incredible story with the world! 

As you know it’s been 3 years since our Kickstarter Campaign. You helped us launch this project and we can see the finish line. But hold the phone, we are launching yet another Kickstarter campaign – TODAY - to close the gap, help raise money to finish the film and bring our central characters - Xela, Andi and Evie - with us to the festival. It wouldn’t be a premiere without the women by our side, and we are also facing some hard costs that we just don’t have enough money for. To spare you the details (you can read all about in our new Kickstarter!), we are once again asking our community of supporters for help. 

Now we understand you have already donated to our film, so we don’t expect you to donate again. But you can help us by sharing the project, promoting on-line or by email or by word of mouth to friends, family, colleagues you think might be interested in our film. We also are making the film available for pre-order for only $25 – so those of you who can throw down a bit more to get the film, we’d be grateful. 

You were with us from the very beginning and we are so grateful to have your support. Endless thanks! 

Thank you!!! 

Joanna & Kate

The Filmmakers, OVARIAN PSYCOS 

P.S. By now most of you should have received your rewards for your donation. If you have not, it’s most likely due to human error and hit us up so we can rectify the situation!! Thank you!!

Ova Doc Update!!


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