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The Historica Williamsburg Living Narrative is an Interactive Fiction computer game about the city's history and American independence.
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Hap Aziz

85 backers pledged $1,937 to help bring this project to life.

Research Assistance for the Project

Today I had a very pleasant conversation with a representative of Mfa, Ltd., a firm out of NYC that handles the marketing for Colonial Williamsburg. My Kickstarter project came up on their radar, and they were very interested to learn more about it, what the inspiration was, and so on. It was a very nice surprise to learn that the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation encourages these types of projects and activities. (By the way, "Colonial Williamsburg" is a registered trademark--which is why I'm not using that phrase--but they were the ones that suggested I use "Historical Williamsburg" for the project.)

One of the outcomes of my conversation today was an offer from Mfa, Ltd., to put me in touch with some of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation researchers to help me gather information for the project. This is a very exciting development, and while it's not an "official" approval of the work, it will certainly help things move along!



    1. Creator Sharon Gordon on May 17, 2012

      Sounds very encouraging! Hope it all works out great. Extra minds are always a plus when it comes to research.