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The Allies fight to stop Napoleon in this tense board game on the Emperor's last battle at Waterloo.
The Allies fight to stop Napoleon in this tense board game on the Emperor's last battle at Waterloo.
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    1. Command Post Games 7-time creator on

      Thank you for all your input. Overwhelming support for wood discs!

      We tested a wider disc 3/4" with smoother side grain. They sounded good but the grain actually looks way worse. It is easy to recognize the pieces from the back. They are also hard to pick up because they are thinner: 1/8".

      All that taken into account, we've decided to stick with our standard wooden discs. We are painting them all Black now. That leaves you an option putting them in a face down pool, IF you don't look to closely at them. :)

    2. Ronster on

      Wooden discs instead of plastic for the chit-pull, please. You've got the map and wooden pieces, why go out of theme with plastic?

    3. Command Post Games 7-time creator on

      We kept this Kickstarter very small. We just needed a little seed money to prime our production pump. To get the supply line moving for bigger volume. :)

      You can still get Pub Battles: Waterloo at our website. We are taking orders now! It will ship right after the Kickstarters. We are shooting for a 2 week timeframe.

      You can find it here:



    4. Command Post Games 7-time creator on

      It is almost the same. It just doesn't have the measuring sticks and the signed rules. You can still get the canvas map and blocks.

    5. Command Post Games 7-time creator on

      Battalion Scale rules are available for FREE pdf. Just shoot us an email and we will send you a copy.

    6. Jesse Escobedo

      Is it the same as this kickstarter version?

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Grove on

      I have never played any of your games, but I like the idea of playing with a larger map for the battle. I don't know what "Kriegsspiel scale" is, but if you do add these on as , will the rules for the game contain the Battalion scale rules? What would this add on cost and will it be part of this kickstarter or only on your web site?


    8. Gary McGrath

      Disregard my previous comment - just purchased the game on the official website. If you want quick!

    9. Gary McGrath

      I second Jesse’s comment. I’ve backed all your previous KS projects....but this one was over before it even started!

    10. Jesse Escobedo

      Any chance of adding more copies? I would love to get a hold of this...

    11. Command Post Games 7-time creator on

      We also have a new set of detailed Battalion scale rules. These allow you to go down in scale to 'half battalion' Kriegsspiel scale. It is not any more complicated but it does slow the game down because there are 4 times as many pieces to move.

      You can play this with regular Kriegsspiel pieces. We will release a custom set of Waterloo Kriegsspiel pieces that you can use on this same map with this same system. This is a nice add-on option for players that want more detail and don't mind spending more time on the game.

    12. Command Post Games 7-time creator on

      We based the foundation of this system on Krieggspiel. Looking back, I am so glad we did. Every new game we do, I worry that this system may not do well at this battle. I am surprised every time at how well it does. Even "ungamable" battles like Little Bighorn and Brandywine. It needs very few if any 'special battle rules'. The main game engine just works from the ground up.

      The more I work with it and the more I see, the more impressed at how realistic it actually is. It is a very dynamic and accurate model of musket warfare. -painted with a broad brush at Division scale.

    13. Missing avatar

      Curtis Robb

      Most of the war game I grew up with had card board pieces. All I really care about is how the game plays. Is the board game recreation historically realistic? I hope so with this game.

    14. Missing avatar

      n815e on

      29 days to go, no more pledges left!

    15. Missing avatar

      Brian Berg Asklev Hansen on

      Another vote for wooden discs from me.
      Preferably slightly larger than the ones in Marengo and Antietam

    16. David K. van Hoose

      I would like to vote for wooden discs.

    17. Missing avatar

      n815e on

      I would be disappointed with plastic discs.
      It takes away from the immersion!

    18. Command Post Games 7-time creator on


      Thank you! We are starting to lean strongly that way. =)

      Joris Debien,

      I'm not exactly sure what that means... but I think it is only an extra $10 for shipping outside US. VAT should be low.


    19. Joris Debien on

      Is shipping EU-friendly?

    20. SirJAGman

      To me the appeal of these games is the wood/canvas aesthetic. I’d much rather have wooded disks instead of plastic.