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The Allies fight to stop Napoleon in this tense board game on the Emperor's last battle at Waterloo.
The Allies fight to stop Napoleon in this tense board game on the Emperor's last battle at Waterloo.
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This is the kind of game on Waterloo I've always dreamed of!

Most games limit the map to only the historical battle area.  I always wonder, "What's past the edge?  Why can't I go there?  What if I don't want to fight here?"

Huge Map

We have an expanded map that opens up the entire field.

Most games only cover Red area
Most games only cover Red area

 This allows the French the opportunity to explore many strategies of maneuver, greatly enhancing the replay-ability.   

Full Order of Battle

We are including a full OB of the forces used in the entire Waterloo campaign.  This allows you to explore many What Ifs:

  • What if Grouchy marched to the sound of the guns and arrived at Waterloo?
  • What if Napoleon waited until the 19th to start a battle?
  • What if Napoleon hung on for a 2nd day of battle with Grouchy's forces to reinforce?
  • What if Wellington called in his reinforcements from Hal to fight a 2nd day?
Optional Forces
Optional Forces

 Campaign Expandable

We have already planned and sketched out the adjoining map areas for battles at Wavre, Quatre Bras and Ligny.  We will release expansion maps and scenarios for these battle later.  

You can fight each battle as a single game or combine them all together into an extended campaign!

Plan for all 4 maps
Plan for all 4 maps

Notice how we have aligned the boarders so that you can split the maps and play on another table.  This will be perfect for 2 player teams.  You can fight simultaneously but the players at Waterloo won't know what is happening at Wavre during the battle!  The same for Quatre Bras and Ligny. 

The expansions will cost much less as they don't need pieces or dice.  They only need maps and Scenarios.  


Playing Time: 90-120 min

Complexity: Simple / Moderate

Players: 1-4

Age: 12+ Choking Hazard

Note: Our games ship in plastic, map storage tubes, NOT regular game boxes.

They are water tight, air tight, shelf wear resistant and keep the maps from being folded.

Components List

  • Map, 28″ x 24″
  • New Updated Rules, punched for 3 ring binder
  • Scenario rules with OB, Setups and Reinforcement Schedules
  • Dice: 3 blue, 3 red, 1 black for tracking turns
  • Terrain Effects Chart
  • Measuring Chains Some Assembly Required

Kickstarter Upgrades

  • Hardwood Kriegsspiel style blocks
  • Real premium quality canvas map
  • Wooden Measuring Sticks with Imperial symbols
  • Rules hand signed by designer
Measuring Sticks
Measuring Sticks
Canvas Map
Canvas Map

 This Kickstarter is very limited and should move very fast.  Move quick if you want this.  We hope to start shipping within a month. 

We want to keep this project simple and fast.  We are not going to offer bundles as that greatly complicates and slows down the shipping process.  We have already included the stretch goal extras into the project.

Note -Possible Changes

We are still experimenting with the Chits. We show plastic discs in the video. This May Change! Some people still prefer the old wooden discs. We are trying to listen and do what most people want, so we may go back to this. Let us know what you prefer.

Also, we are still making a few minor tweaks to the map and graphics. We may adjust things like font size, contrast, shading, etc before final print.

We are also adjusting the total piece count a little. We are trying to anticipate the total number of Road Columns needed for later in the Campaign. We should have this nailed down soon.

Risks and challenges

We have all the production worked out on this series now. Everything is running smoothly. Our biggest challenge now is a possible slight delay in production while waiting for supplies to arrive.

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