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MOMENTS OF INSIGHT is a project consisting of a series of paintings and writings on the topic published in catalog format.
MOMENTS OF INSIGHT is a project consisting of a series of paintings and writings on the topic published in catalog format.
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Work in Progress (Finished works)

Here are the two finished paintings that started with a sketch of the shop/ studio.  As you can see they have changed quite a bit.  Once the final composition is underway responding to what develops takes priority over the role of the original sketch. I used the colors and the feeling of the place as I remember it from the original sketch, and referred to the color study frequently, but once these pieces were about half way complete they gain a life of their own.  These two pieces, both abstracted compositions, are quite different from each other and may raise more questions than this process has tried to answer.


Which one do you like better and why?


Would you rather see a more developed drawing of the shop/ studio?


Do you find any value in these abstractions?


Can you find any resemblance to the starting point of the process?


How does the artist’s intention relate to the viewers interpretation?


Does everyone respond to them the same way?


How much are they worth?


What role would they play in a collection?


These questions represent the beginning of many conversations on abstract art.  It may be that the greatest value for these works is in the ongoing contemplation and changing interpretations experienced over time by their existence on the wall.


Chaucer Silverson

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    1. Missing avatar

      Charles Silverson on July 24, 2011

      My choice is #2 because to me it is more comfortable, relaxing and offers a feeling of depth compared to the very busy #1. More development of the shop/studio drawings would be interesting but now necessary to me, but it appears you used them as a jumping off point to develop the abstractions. Yes, I do find value in the abstractions, and perhaps moreso because of knowing how they evolved. The colors of the initial studies seem to be carried through to the abstractions. I would think that different viewers would respond to the finished works in a fairly wide variety of ways.

    2. Sarah and Dave Shepherd on July 24, 2011

      My favorite is number 2. Love the colors. The elements are similar in some respects (four sides) and different in other respects (size and color). Lines are not rigidly straight, so as to convey slight motion. The big elements lend stability and security. The smaller elements are random, scattered, whimsical, providing fun and variety. Every element has a surrounding, healthy white space. I sense balance in the design. Balance of colors and shapes. I'm not lost. It's secure and pleasing
      to the eye. I like the blue background. Reminds me of the sky. I like the shading/two tones of color ) in the large elements.