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Join three environmental filmmakers on a journey to discover the most effective solutions in tropical rainforest conservation.

How to Donate (after March 11th, 2013)

A huge thanks to all of our backers!  We have reached our kickstarter goal which will cover the costs of shooting the documentary.  We still need help withpost production and distribution of the film.  We are seeking funds to assure a highly professional final product.  We are committed to getting the documentary distributed to as many media outlets as possible.  Click here to DONATE

A Non-Profit Project

All donations are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE through our fiscal sponsor Mongabay, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and educating the public about social and environmental issues relating to forests and other ecosystems. Visit

Film Website:

The film chronicles our adventure to discover answers to issues of deforestation and biodiversity loss. We are off to the source to learn from local rainforest experts, conservation biologists, and community leaders who are working passionately for progress.

By sharing the stories of dedicated groups of people around the world, this film will educate viewers about current solutions and empower masses to become a part of the movement to conserve the world’s tropical rainforests.

We have chosen to film leading organizations in several categories of environmental conservation: 

  • Environmental Education & Community Action
  • Land Preservation & Enforcement
  • Wildlife Research & Management
  • Sustainable Living & Business
  • Reforestation


We recently returned from Ecuador with compelling conservation stories. 

Environmental Education & Community Action - Zanja Arajuno Ecological Center displayed the power of environmental education, community organization, and wildlife rehabilitation. This unbelievable family has brought the rainforest back to their own land, and leads their community in action for the Amazon.

Land Preservation & Enforcement - Jocotoco Conservation Foundation has established 30,000 acres of wildlife reserves in Ecuador.  Many of these reserves hold the last populations of endangered bird, reptile and frog species that live no where else in the world.  The Reserve Rangers hike many miles of rugged, muddy trails each day as they patrol to prevent illegal logging and hunting. 

Our plans for after a successful Kickstarter!

With your help we will head to Costa Rica and Madagascar to document more solutions in tropical rainforest conservation.


Wildlife Research & Management - Global Vision International, located in the isolated island village of Tortuguero, has been coordinating volunteers to work with leading biologists to conduct research on Jaguars, Sea Turtles, and bird species populations.

Sustainable Living & Business - Finca Bellavista a 100% off-the-grid sustainable treehouse community is a positive example of Costa Rica's progress in ecotourism.  The tree house community is a haven in the rainforest where people can lead a healthy and sustainable life.


Reforestation - Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership is demonstating how reforestation coupled with research can bring a lemur species back from near extinction.  The organization works with the local community to plant over 30,000 trees a year in a country where only 10% of it's forests remain.  Madagascar is a unique country where 72% of the species are found nowhere else on Earth.  

"A film that highlights solutions and inspires optimism for the planet's most diverse ecosystem"

We need your help to get to Costa Rica and Madagascar to complete the documentary.  Our team is donating all our time to make this project happen.  We need help with production equipment and travel costs.

Funding Priorities

What we have already covered:

What we need:


  • Weatherproof camera housing -----$550 
  • Sennheiser wireless mic--------------$630
  • Sigma 150-500mm Telephoto----$1,020

Costa Rica

  • Room, Board, buses & taxis --------------- $3,000
  • 3 round trip flights to Costa Rica ---------- $1,800


  • Room, Board, buses & taxis --------------- $2,000
  • 3 round trip flights to Madagascar -------- $6,000

With More funding:

$25,000 will allow us to:

  • Access high performance lenses  
  • Musical compositions for the film
  • Animated scenes and diagrams

$35,000 will allow us to:

  • Fine tune image and color correction
  • Perfect audio engineering

$45,000 will allow us to:

  • Distribute the film around the world


The more financial support we gain, the better we can document these stories.

1. SEND this kickstarter page to your friends and family!  

2. SHARE this page on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

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THANK YOU ALL for your tremendous support!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Our team is whole-heartedly invested and committed to this project. Together, Paul, Kelsey, and Travis constantly strategize and prioritize to overcome obstacles.

Risk #1: Equipment failure
Solution/ Prevention #1: Insurance on equipment

Risk #2: Loss of edited work
Solution/ Prevention #2: Back up work daily onto 2nd External Hard Drive

Challenge #1: High volume of interview footage, wildlife shots, scenic vistas
Solution/ Prevention #1: Experienced post production crew to ensure efficiency

Challenge #2: Rainforest Conservation is a comprehensive topic
Solution/ Prevention #2: We are focused on specific examples to demonstrate successful methods and will not allow outlying factors to overwhelm the team.

Challenge #3: Delivering rewards
Solution/ Prevention #3: We've included the cost of rewards in our budget. Our team is extremely grateful for your support and will remain dedicated to scheduling delivery dates to ensure your rewards arrive on time.


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