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$3,109 pledged of $12,000 goal
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$3,109 pledged of $12,000 goal

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Happy endings. Bitter beginnings ; )


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Reward Yourself

Hi all

Two things: 

A - We decided we wanted more official input from you on the creative side of things. As such, our named rewards are now even cheaper than before, meaning you pledge less and provide more creative input during development of characters, story, etc. Check out the new structure (you might even want to up your pledges to get the new awesome rewards :-P )

B - We've posted two new rewards. 

The first is an edit of our $1 reward. besides the thank-u e-card we'll send you on successful completion of our Kickstarter project, we also have Paper Doll Cutouts of some of our main characters that we'll send to you us a pdf. So you can dress Charlie in a woolie cardie for a midnight stroll, or a tattered top for a bloody valentine ;-)

The second new reward is at the $75 tier and is a music download of the game's theme tune. 

Thanks for your support!

Ry & Alex

Pledge Updates


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Cape Town Local Boys

Hey hey hey

We finally got a mention on a local Cape Town gamer site. Read the interview by Rezaa De Vos here:


Also, do you have any insight, or suggestions for the game? Leave a comment. What we love about this project is that we can get a lot of creative input from gamers while we're still in development. So speak up!

Charlie's waiting...

heart's hollow gets some love

Hi all

Have a look at the awesome write-up by talented game reviewer, SuperSwede: