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Know the truth. Know where everyone is. Help us create a real life interactive Marauder's Map.

Know the truth. Know where everyone is. Help us create a real life interactive Marauder's Map.

Know the truth. Know where everyone is. Help us create a real life interactive Marauder's Map. Read More
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What is it?

Open AMD (Attendee Meta-Data) combines a radio frequency identification (RFID) wireless tracking system with social networking. Utilizing conference badges to track individuals’ locations in real-time, it then integrates with personal and community details (metadata). This allows for features such as recommending to users conference talks and people with related interests to increase participants’ engagement with the conference and their community. It also increases awareness of how such emerging technologies could be used for surveillance and marketing purposes.

What do I get?

We've created an RFID kit that works out of the box, in the form of a badge. It contains all the materials you need to start programming, and comes pre-loaded with firmware that works with OpenBeacon readers.  Even cooler, the new system comes with an array of blinky lights (see the updates for a video), hooked into a shift register, which allows for Persistence of Vision displays. You don't even need special cables or equipment: plug the badge directly into the USB on your computer, and start hacking away. 

Bonus: if you come to Chaos Computer Camp 2011 this summer, we'll give you the badge, which will be preconfigured to work on the RFID tracking system we have set up.

How can I experience it?

When the badge/kit arrives, it already works. Try it out with any 2.4 GHz RFID reader. And then try out the blinky lights. And when you're done, plug it into your computer and program your own light patterns.

The next version of our OpenAMD tracking system will be deployed at CCC Camp, a conference composed of around four thousand makers, tinkerers and hackers advocating government transparency, freedom of information, and the human right to communication. The event takes place in Germany, August 10-14, 2011. Previous versions of the project have been used at the HOPE conference in New York City in 2008 and 2010, as well as the Chaos Computer Congress in Berlin in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

What's our philosophy?

Our system intends to help us project the direction of future technologies, allowing us to create appropriate privacy strategies prior to market adoption. We view this as a valuable opportunity to teach people how these technologies work and educate the next generation about personal data privacy. We are encouraging the general public to get involved by releasing an API for programmers to develop visuals to complement our badge and by making the hardware schematics available to encourage hacking and cool modifications.

What are people saying?

"Conference goers will be given unprecedented ability to connect with new people, find the talks they're most interested in attending, see what's happening and where in real time, and experience and talk about the way RFID technology is changing the world." - Cory Doctorow, Editor of BoingBoing

"Large scale high accuracy social geolocation? At your CCC camp? It's more likely than you think. We totally need these stinking badges." - Dan Kaminsky, Security Expert

"I've been tracked by this system multiple times at multiple conferences. The morse code blinking LEDs are a nice bonus. Take the battery out when you leave." - Bre Pettis, NYC Resistor & Makerbot Industries

How can I find more information?

To see videos of past installations and get news updates, check out our website at or email To learn more about the CCC:


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