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An attempt of two old friends to complete their promise of making a film together 14 years in the making.
95 backers pledged $10,301 to help bring this project to life.

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For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.



Well, it took a bit longer than we thought, there were twists and turns along the way but we made it.

In the next few weeks we will be sending out DVD's or Blu-rays, but we need to know what type you would prefer.  If you were a contributor of $75 or more, you can send an email to us requesting a Blu-ray copy.  If we do not hear from you we will assume that you want a DVD.

Thank you very much for you belief.

JP & Don

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And We're Done!

The Film is Locked!

JP & Don are happy to announce that the film you believed in and supported, after over a year of work has been completed!

We're in the process now of formatting the DVDs so that they will have some cool things to explore other than just the movie, and in the next few months we will in fact be mailing all those wonderful gifts to you.

Thank you for your support over the last year.  We are grateful that you have endured with us and continued to believe.

With Love,

JP & Don

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Thank You to Our Veterans

Dear Backers and Friends,

Don and JP want to take a moment and thank those who are currently serving and have served in our armed forces. Without your sacrifice we would not enjoy the freedoms that have allowed us to make this film, let alone live our lives.

That being said, you are all due for an update on FALLEN.

We are a few short weeks away from the final lock down of our film!

JP stopped by Rob Hammer's studio at Three Crow Productions and was able to take a photo of Rob putting the final cutting touches on a part of the film.  Quite a setup Rob has.

Up next for Fallen: sound boarding and color correction. 

Have a very happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful Holiday Season, and if you get a chance, thank a Vet for their service.


JP & Don

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