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Three Issues of Comics about Life, Cartoon School, Kids, Depression, Playing with Fire and Starting Again
Three Issues of Comics about Life, Cartoon School, Kids, Depression, Playing with Fire and Starting Again
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BEGIN AGAIN Comic Magazine (All in One)



This is the second half of my Thesis comics Kickstarter! The first half has been successfully funded.

I was invited by Kickstarter to do a one-week challenge - which was perfect timing as I had just finished the first part of my Thesis and needed to get it printed...

I've done two other successful Kickstarters so far. They funded my blog - Glyphs & Glitches which recorded my adventures (and glitches) while returning to school to get my Masters in Cartooning.

NOW - I'm close to graduating - IF I can get my Thesis finished and printed!

If everything goes well, the Thesis will be four comics "magazines" called BEGin AGAIN - with comics from my time at school. The QUO VADIS magazine was a Special Issue filled with the Calendar Comics. This Kickstarter is for the other three Issues. 

Issue #2 Cover in progress
Issue #2 Cover in progress

I have 150+ pages of comics so far, and more in the works. The "Issues" will be separated into:

Issue #1 - August 2015 - January 2016  • The Comics Bootcamp Issue

Issue #2 - February 2016 - July 2016  • The ISSUES Issue

Issue #3 - August 2016 - February 2017 • The Thesis Issue

Three covers in progress
Three covers in progress

The comics within cover all kinds of topics such as cartoon school, my soap opera relationship with The Fireman, Depression, kids... you know... Life.

My Friends
My Friends




It's still funny...
It's still funny...

Some of these comics have been featured in the new Ladybroad Ledger comic newspaper (see an article in Seven Days HERE)...

Ladybroad Ledger
Ladybroad Ledger

And were (favorably!) reviewed by Rob Clough on the High-Low comics blog, HERE

Here's what he said:

"Sandy Bartholomew's finely-rendered strips explore the nature of character dynamics in relationships as well as some brutal commentary about not just heat & passion, but also about how she reacts to guns and gun culture. The strips are both funny and harrowing, especially one where she's being given a spiel by a gun salesman that emphasizes things like stopping power."

So if you'd like to read my "funny and harrowing" comics... please back this Kickstarter!

Any pledge amount is greatly appreciated and I'm happy to send PDF versions of the magazines to you. The PDFs don't have the cool tip-ins and other extras, though.

The comics are black and white with full color covers. Around 50-75 pages each.

If you'd like a printed set of the Three Issues of BEGin AGAIN, they are yours for $35 (plus shipping).

Each magazine will have a bonus Print and a mini-comic bound-in. So - that's actually like getting SIX comics!?! [Whoa, maybe I should Up the price...]

Since this project intends to parody the layout of a Magazine, there will be Ads (pretend and real) and a Contributors page too. My Kickstarter backers will be listed here too. 

If you make a pledge over $50, I'd be happy to put your biz card sized "ad" in as well.

Bigger donations can have bigger ads. :-) Space and time permitting, of course. I only have a few weeks to wrap these up and get them to the printer! Yowza.

Here's an example of a "fake ad". 

[$500 pledge! Awesome, right?]

Well, it's for a real character... but you can't actually buy your OWN Fireman. He's mine. 

Or, as The Fy-ah-man would say, "He's My-an." Ha ha! (He's from Boston).

The Fireman's Ad
The Fireman's Ad


Risks and challenges

Since I am still working on these three comics and have only three weeks to finish them up and get them to the printer... there is a small chance... that I won't make it. The project might end up being TWO Magazines with more pages in each instead of three magazines with 66 pages each.

But I do not like to disappoint people and I simply won't sleep until graduation, so that I can make you some really great comic books!!

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