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The Jericho River is a novel that teaches the history of Western Civilization. It's a fantasy, but it's also a fun, light way to learn.

It’s a grand adventure! The action never stops. What a fabulous vehicle for the memes of history .... The Jericho River provides a genuine service and benefit -- in a package that is wholly entertaining….
     ~ A.A. Attanasio, Nebula-nominated author of the Radix Tetrad novels

THE JERICHO RIVER: A Novel About the History of Western Civilization and Its Roots in the Ancient Middle East
to be self-published by the author

The Jericho River is a new way to tell history—a surprising blend of fantasy and knowledge. It's a magical tale: a story of centaurs and angels, pharaohs and scientists, slaves and priestesses. But it’s also a history: a record of our past, from the rise of civilization in Sumer to the age of computers and skyscrapers. It's for both adults and young readers: high school and middle school kids. It's for anyone who wants a fun, light, easy way to learn.

The Jericho River flows through an enchanted world shaped by myth and history. Young Jason Gallo sails the river on a dangerous quest to rescue his father. He battles minotaurs and pirates, flees barbarians, stumbles into mummies’ tombs, and outwits fairies, philosophers, and scientists. Along the way, Jason discovers hidden talents and untapped reservoirs of will—strengths he’ll need to face his greatest foe: his father.

Jason’s tale, however, is more than a personal story. The Jericho River flows like a timeline, carrying the young man through historic lands like Sumer, Ancient Greece, Napoleon’s Europe, and many others—all in chronological order. So the story traces the history of Western Civilization, starting with its roots in the ancient Near East. Jason’s father is a professor of history, and pithy excerpts from his lectures and writings outline the historical journey. Professor Gallo reveals the truth about Cleopatra, King Arthur, and the “fall” of the Roman Empire. He explains why Eve was created from Adam’s rib and how Snow White began as a promiscuous goddess. And he uncovers the origins of the cat and of coffee, chivalry, the Internet, the Atlantis myth, and much more.

The book's been endorsed by historians and academics in other fields, and by a Nebula-nominated fantasy author. You can see the endorsements and learn more about the project at

Pledges & Rewards

I'm self-publishing The Jericho River, and your participation will help me succeed. First and foremost, I hope you'll become a backer of the book—possibly even a crazed history fan—and help me get the word out.

As for your pledge, that will go to marketing—to telling the world—and also to artwork and design. I've hired a wonderful editor/designer, Jill Ronsley of SUN Editing & Book Design, and a fantastic up-and-coming young artist named Maia Kobabe: both self-employed professionals. I also plan to hire a publicist and to launch a barrage of marketing gambits (ranging from expensive to free).

As you can see, the rewards for your pledge include signed copies of the book, e-book copies, acknowledgements in the book, and artwork—and that includes the illustrations you see above and below.

Thank you very much!


Illustrations: by Maia Kobabe.

Video score: J. S. Bach: Brandenburg Concerto (No4-1 BWV1049), by Kevin MacLeod.


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    An ART POSTCARD with one of the book's 26 lovely HISTORICAL ILLUSTRATIONS, created by talented young artist Maia Kobabe! (Some are right over there, to the left.) For international postage, including Canada, please add $1.00.

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    A COLOR PRINT OF THE COVER ART! (I can't actually show you the cover art because it hasn't been created yet. But you can see work by the artist, Maia Kobabe, to the left.) Please add $4 for shipping to Canada and $8 for other international.

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    An E-BOOK COPY of The Jericho River (in Kindle or nook/Sony/ePub format)!

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    A beautiful SIGNED PRINT COPY: a limited edition of The Jericho River (same as the upcoming 1st edition but w/ an advance reader's badge)--likely worth zillions someday! You also get an ART POSTCARD from Reward #2. Please add $4 for shipping to Canada and $10 for other international.

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    2 OR MORE SIGNED PRINT COPIES, plus the ART POSTCARD from Reward #2. For each book above 2, please add $25. And please add $6 for shipping to Canada and $15 for other international. (We'll confirm the shipping and related details after the contest.)

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    YOUR NAME IN THE BOOK'S ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS and on the website (unless you'd rather not be listed online) as a patron! You also get 2 SIGNED PRINT COPIES and the ART POSTCARD from Reward #2! Please add $8 for shipping to Canada and $20 for other international.

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    You're a PRIME PATRON ACKNOWLEDGED IN THE BOOK and on the website (unless you'd rather not be listed online), and you receive: (1) a signed pre-publication paperback copy of FAERYDOME, my next book,; (2) a CERTIFICATE of your role in making the book happen, signed by me (and watermarked w/ authentic tears of gratitude); and (3) the 2 SIGNED COPIES, ART PRINT, and ART POSTCARD from above. Faerydome is a book of short stories that use fantasy to teach science and history. It's finished but won't be published until 2013 or later, so your version will never go on sale and will be an exclusive paperback, preceding even the advance reader's copies.

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