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SNT is a 21st Century Game System. The 'Planet Kit' includes 3 surfaces, 25 customizable Games, over 1000 pcs. See the video!

SNT is a 21st Century Game System. The 'Planet Kit' includes 3 surfaces, 25 customizable Games, over 1000 pcs. See the video! Read More
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Space N Time
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Space N Time

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“Space N Time is a 21st Century Game System and Sci-Fi platform with a 21st Century business model.”
This Project is The Space N Time Planet Kit table Games and Accessories.

With the SNT Planet Kit, you can choose from 25 different Games – all customizable with BONUS OPTIONS. Naturally, there’s a range of difficulty and much variety.

The simplest Game is The Yacht Race – players race each other on a world in Boats (Game time ~ 5 min. per SPECIES).

The Yacht Race:Players start at the same Port.
Draw Port Region Cards for Destinations.
Roll an 8 and 12 sided dice for Moves.
Navigate around the world and unload a Flag Dude at each Destination.
The winner is the first Player to reach all Destinations and dock back at the starting Port.
The Yacht Race teaches many of the fundamentals of how the smaller ships work.

The Starship Race:Players start at a different Home Window in Orbit.
Choose an asteroid (the farthest one) to be the ‘tag’ asteroid.
Roll an 8-D plus 12-D for Moves and a 20-D for Warp.
Fly laps out to the ‘tag’ Asteroid and back to Home Window.
You can use Wormholes for short cuts but, which Exit is determined by a dice roll.
The winner is the first Player to complete all the laps.
The Starship Race introduces many of the basics of space travel like how Spatial Grids connect and how Wormholes & Warp works.

Deep Space:This Game can be played entirely on one Spatial Grid.
Each Player gets a Starship, a Shuttle 36 Dudes and 2 Asteroids to start.
Players mine Asteroids for NRG to power Special Weapons and Shields on their ships while Battling to eliminate the other Players (SPECIES).
The winner is the last SPECIES standing.
Deep Space shows how shields & Cloaks work and how to Battle in space.

The most popular is The Planetary System Game played ‘in 3-D’ on multiple surfaces (objective: dominate “the known universe”).

The Planetary System Game:This Game combines all the pieces and objectives from other games into a kind of free-form Game play. You are the mind of your SPECIES as you grow on a world, mine NRG, battle each other (or B.U.G.s in unclaimed lands), build ships & Space Ports and go to space & possibly other worlds.

Players can start from one Dude each or randomly scattered across the world or from a more advanced stage.

Players must decide how to allocate their resources to build their SPECIES while preventing other Players (SPECIES) from getting to powerful. SPECIES can be eliminated from the Game completely. Alliances can be made with other SPECIES, secretly or otherwise.

Resources include land, Dudes, SHIP Cards, ‘Keeper’ EVENT Cards, “time” and NRG.

Players must decide to use NRG for Weapons, Space Ports, shields, Cloaking Devices on their Starships or Time Drives for their Space Stations (Time Drives allow “time” to be collected and used to move the Space Station).

SNT is as simple or complex as you want to make it. The variety offers lots of Fun for Everyone.

Space N Time Games have a number of unique features including the ability to make Moves and Call Plays when it’s not your turn. Cloaking Starships and Moving under Cloak is a favorite. We believe the whole Chaotic Yacht Race is unique.

                                                           'Planet Kit'
                                          (models shown are not finished product)

Game Kits are literally “kits”. You “build your own universe” by setting-up playing surfaces and choosing OPTIONS & optional Accessories. Worlds and Spatial Grids are connectable (like hamster tubes). You actually ‘create your own universe’ to play on! SNT Game Kits are very accessorize-able and pieces are inter-changeable. Everything works together.

Here is most of what you get in the Space N Time Planet Kit:

___The Planet of Lantep (game board), Lantep Region Cards (36), Lantep Orbit Level (game board).
___A Long Spatial Grid (LSG) with 8 Asteroids & 2 Wormholes (game board).
___ Connector Kit (grid markers, 2 Grid clips, 6 Pylons, 12 Caps, 12 screws & 6 felts)

___6 Space Stations w/ Time Drives
___8 Starships w/ Cloaks
___10 Shuttles
___12 Boats
___30 Special Weapons
___8 Space Ports
___one comet
___4 SPECIES (up to 800 Dudes)

___SHIP Cards
___EVENT Cards 1st deck
___Set of 9 Dice
___ SNT ABACUS (for tracking Time)

___18 Space N Time Short Games
___7 Space N Time System (Battle) Games

For more, including Game Rules, see Soon
Remember, this is an SNT Game ‘Kit’ with instructions for 25 Games – each with BONUS OPTIONS! Be a Part of Space N Time history! Pledge Now!

                              Planet Kit w/ accessory Short Spatial Grid

The largest portion of the Funding will go to the making of the plastic molds. Most components are readily available or easily produced. However, pieces like the ships and Special Weapons need to be custom made. This is necessary for ease of game play and aesthetics. We also need better graphics and a revamp of the website.

Additional Funding will go toward more & better custom plastic pieces and a larger selection of Accessories (like more Planets, Moons and Spatial Grids). The higher the pledge amount, the more we can bring you.

SNT looks forward to Fulfilling the Rewards. We’re eager to show our appreciation to all who play a part of SNT. Also, we know from years of experience that when Space N Time is shared with friends (or strangers), they will want to get SNT, too. We’re here to share!

You can visit for more.

Space N Time humbly asks for your support. Please support SNT and tell your friends. Be a Part of Space N Time history! Pledge Now! Thank You.


                                              Take the Shot!


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    Accessory Planet (w/ Region Cards and Orbit Level) – connects to other SNT Grids.

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