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Color Quest is the new miniatures game based on Color Warz universe. Black paint, colour dices and magical beings are waiting for you !
54 backers pledged €6,037 to help bring this project to life.

Logbook n°13

Posted by FLUO Craft (Creator)
Color Quest Alpha | Doomed Matriarch illustrated by Kev DC
Color Quest Alpha | Doomed Matriarch illustrated by Kev DC

Hello dear backers,

As every month, I come back to you to give you last Color Quest news !

Happy Birthday Color Quest !

That is a great day ! Already a year passed today since Color Quest season 1 funding ! And it seems that we had the same idea than Kickstarter :)

Kickstarter email today (Friday, March 30th 2018) - Mockup
Kickstarter email today (Friday, March 30th 2018) - Mockup

What an adventure in 12 months! There have been a lot of good surprises (like Christophe's Koloss, Stephane's Basilisk or Valentin's Doomed Matriarch) and a few disapointments with the failure of Color Quest Season 2 but we're still here and the community continues to grow up. Thank you to all of you who bring this game alive.


To celebrate this special update, here is a series of fabulous pictures. Let's begin with the Koloss sculpted by Christophe Bauer !

Domesticated Koloss by Christophe Bauer | Work in Progress
Domesticated Koloss by Christophe Bauer | Work in Progress

The domesticated version of the Koloss is finalized and we are in the final straight of the sculpture of this monumental piece with the Savage version. Theses miniatures sign the launch of the "Monsters" range on 50mm base (I will talk about it again below). We can see the stones textured on the stand as well as the second stone bracelet. Christophe is currently working on the right arm of the Savage Koloss with the warrior in his hand. After that, he will have to carve the second head and some small alternative elements.

By his side, Stéphane Nguyen has just finished the sculpture of the Black Paint Basilisk.

Color Quest Black Paint Basilisk by Stéphane Nguyen | Final Master
Color Quest Black Paint Basilisk by Stéphane Nguyen | Final Master

The master has been delivered to our manufacturer.

Closing on this topic, we are pleased to welcome back Valentin Zak on Color Quest adventure with a superb achievement that will spearhead the Color Quest - Alpha campaign: The Doomed Matriarch.

Color Quest Doomed Matriarch sculpted by Valentin Zak | Final Master
Color Quest Doomed Matriarch sculpted by Valentin Zak | Final Master

As you can see, we achieved a lot of great work there and it is not over! We will have a little surprise for you next month.

Kolosses : production and shipping

I wanted to make a point with you on this wonderful miniature whose delivery has been delayed.

The sculpture proved more complex than expected. The management of multipart is something complex to manage for a structure of our scale. In addition, the demand for resin and therefore the production lead times have more than doubled in one year.

Thus, the sculpture of the Koloss miniature is being finished and Christophe is currently working on it. It should be finalized and sent to our manufacturer at the end of April.

With 12 weeks of announced production deadlines, the prints will be delivered to FLUO Craft no later than mid-July. You will so receive them at the end of July 2018.

It is therefore important to note that the Color Quest - Alpha campaign coming in May will be launched before you have received your Koloss.

We really done our best to avoid this situation but delaying the launching of this new edition to September would greatly hurt the chances of funding this campaign.

So I wanted to be clear on this point: we are late but the quality will be very high and all orders will be insured with attention. Prints has been ordered. It's a question of timing.

I also remind you that we will take this second shipping wave at our charge.

Finally, I take the opportunity to announce that this Multipart kit will be split into two distinct models for next campaigns :
- Domesticated Koloss, Color Quest miniature n°26
- Savage Koloss, Color Quest miniature n°27

The main goal of this change is to maintaining a competitive price (the production cost of the Multipart kit being much larger than originally planned).

Please, note that this change will not impact the orders placed. Backers that had already ordered Kolosses will receive a multipart kit at no extra cost.

Color Quest Alpha

Color Quest Alpha | Doomed Matriarch illustrated by Kev DC
Color Quest Alpha | Doomed Matriarch illustrated by Kev DC

Time has come to talk about the next Color Quest campaign. I am now able to give you the launch month for the Color Quest Alpha campaign : May 2018. The exact date is not fixed.

I am also able to present the 3 pledge levels of this new formula :

- Alpha pledge : Doomed Matriarch Miniature + Doomed Chief Miniature + all stretch goals for 20€
- Advanced Alpha pledge : "Alpha" pledge content + One Monster of your choice (Domesticated Koloss, Savage Koloss or Black Paint Basilisk) + all stretch goals for 49€
- Color Quest Alpha pledge : "Alpha" pledge content + Color Quest game set + all stretch goals for 99€

Please note that the shipping costs will no longer be included in pledges amount.

New formula, new crowdfunding platform

More than a new edition, this is a new formula that we offer with a campaign of this type every 6 months in case of funding.

Thus, the question of the crowdfundingplatform choice was discuted and we decided to trust Game One, A French crowdfunding platform, more specialized in games to continue the Color Quest adventure.

I hope that this important change of crowdfunding platform will not prevent you from joining us. We made that choice to increase the visibility of the project and to preserve it over the long term.


Do not hesitate to join us on the social networks to follow our news and participate to surveys :

On Twitter :
And Facebook :


After few month of reflections and studies since december about Color Quest evolution, our adventure is about to take a new turn with a revised and corrected formula. More accessible and more competitive on Game On crowdfunding platform.

With your support, this new formula should find its audience.

I take the opportunity of this special update to thank Nicolas Tézé, Color Warz coauthor, for supporting me - as friend and publisher - in the various decisions that has been taken to revive this new formula. More than 12 years after the beginning of our adventures, it is a strong signal for all of us.

I also wanted to thanks Alias from the Warmania forum as well as to Laura from Game On platform whose quality of our exchanges have strengthened me in the choice of this revival.

Finally, thanks to Moskito and Minus (still from the Warmania forum) for having reopened the discussions around Color Quest and initiated the meeting with Alias, RafPark, Morikun and others.

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All the best to you,



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