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Color Quest is the new miniatures game based on Color Warz universe. Black paint, colour dices and magical beings are waiting for you !
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Logbook n°7

Posted by FLUO Craft (Creator)



Hello dear Backers,

Summer holidays are already a sweet memory. We are all back at work and it is autumn which means that you will soon receive your Color Quest parcel !


This month of September was placed under the sign of game testing and especially of rulebook writing. A busy comeback since it has occupied me every night during the week and a good part of my weekends (as today).

Work is also continuing with the preparation for Season 2 scheduled for launch on Tuesday, November 07, 2017 on Kickstarter. We are finalising the cover with Mariana Gomez, campaign video teaser with ID2SON and pledges.

FLUO Craft will also be a partner of the OctoPainting contest next weekend in Lyon (France).This will be the opportunity to present miniatures and the game in preview for the lucky ones who will be present. I will return to this later in this logbook.


First of all, I still miss part of your surveys. I remind you that they are necessary to retrieve delivery informations (among other informations). Otherwise, I will not be able to send your parcel next month.

So, thank you to download this survey and to send it back to me at the following address : fluocraft[at]


Christophe is currently finalizing "domesticated" version of the Koloss :

Domesticated Koloss by Christophe Bauer - Work in Progress
Domesticated Koloss by Christophe Bauer - Work in Progress

Carving of mounted Chief (delivered with this miniature) is also progressing.

Carving of the "savage" version will begin in early October and the production will start in early November.

Important note: this miniature should be delivered at the end of November. It will be carried out in a second package at our charge. We apologize for this little delay.


Kevin has already done Season 2 characters. We are currently working on season 3 characters.

Color Quest Season 2 Dak Khromaz by Kev DC - Illustration from season 2 teaser
Color Quest Season 2 Dak Khromaz by Kev DC - Illustration from season 2 teaser

 While Mariana finalizes Season 2 cover illustration.

Color Quest season 2 Cover by Mariana Gomez // Illustration from season 2 teaser
Color Quest season 2 Cover by Mariana Gomez // Illustration from season 2 teaser

We are also making tests with a new illustrator who should come to reinforce the graphic team in season 3.


Color Quest game tests with final game material
Color Quest game tests with final game material

Without further ado because I know you are all impatient, here is the link to download the Beta version of the Color Quest rules: Download Color Quest (Beta) rulebook – 48 pages (7,6Mo) only in french for now.

This is a pre-production version. There are still a lot of spelling errors to fix, links to items to fill in, and a few graphical tweaks to fine-tune, but you  will get a very accurate look of what that will give.

I will be able to provide you English rulebook with a link to download it in the comment section of this update next Friday.

Finally, good news for all, the content of the game set box has been enriched with x3 new "Wooden Bones" tiles. These tiles were originally intended for the Necromancer of season 2 but I decided to include them in the basic game to make you enjoy the best experience possible.


Color Quest game box (mockup)
Color Quest game box (mockup)

All game elements have been received! Thanks to Frédéric Valot from Galaxy Imprimeurs (print worker) and his team who have done a remarkable work!

Color Quest game box and printed elements (tiles, tokens, boards, etc.)
Color Quest game box and printed elements (tiles, tokens, boards, etc.)

Printed rulebooks are currently under corrections and translations and will be sent in print worker next week.


Color Quest packing material from Raja
Color Quest packing material from Raja

All packaging materials for the preparation and dispatch of parcels have been received.

OctoPainting partnership

FLUO Craft / OctoPainting Flyers (recto / verso)
FLUO Craft / OctoPainting Flyers (recto / verso)

In order to promote Color Quest and the upcoming season 2, I decided to set up a partnership with the OctoPainting painting competition (formerly FantaskOpen that we sponsored) to be held during the OctoGônes convention in Lyon (France).

This event will offer a good visibility and a starting point for this new season. The partnership will take place in three stages:

  • Speed ​​painting event with the supply of x32 mini Golems for the needs of the contest (and prizes for winners)
  • FLUO Craft special prize for paint Open competition with x3 lots (bronze, silver and gold)
  • Professional paint demo on the Ronin miniature sculpted by Valentin Zak.

To clarify any ambiguity, all the miniatures provided for contests and prizes are from our old Historex prints so that you (backers) reserve the priority on these new GRX prints.

Only the two figures (Oak lvl 2 and Ronin) provided for the painting demonstration are taken from the new prints.

I would like to point out that those present at OctoPainting who would like to acquire a late pledge (see section below) that a check payment will be possible and that a delivery on Lyon in November will also be possible within the limit of 10 bundles only (first arrived, first served).

Late Pledge

In order to raise more funds for the development of season 2, I propose 10 "All-in" bundles. Important: This offer will end on Sunday, October 08th 2017.

There is no way to customize these limited pledges. They are composed of the following elements : Color Quest game set + Khromaz add-on + Girlz Blast add-on + 2 Koloss for 269€ (one free Koloss included), shipping cost included.

Payment will be made by Paypal.

The price is the same than during the campaign and quantities will be limited to 10 bundles that corresponds to Early Birds not taken during the campaign. Of course, these bundles will include Stretch Goals.

Important : shipping for these late pledges are scheduled for november (not october).

If you are interested by one of these late pledge, you can send me an email at the following address : fluocraft[at] Community


Do not hesitate to join us on the social networks to follow our news and participate to surveys :

On Twitter :
And Facebook :

What do we know about Color Quest season 2 ?

Color Quest season 2 Cover rough by Mariana Gomez // Work in Progress
Color Quest season 2 Cover rough by Mariana Gomez // Work in Progress
  • Campaign will be launch thuesday, novembre 7th
  • Main pledge (Black Swamp) will be 66€ shipping cost included for 6 miniatures and all stretch goals
  • Chrisophe Bauer will sculpt : Assassin, Necromancer, Spartan and Chosen One lvl 2
  • Stéphane Nguyen will sculpt Season 2 final boss (Black Paint Basilisk)
  • Valentin Zak will sculpt Doomed Matriarch and Ronin lvl 3
  • new game elements (cards and tiles) will be available
  • it will introduce a new caste : the "Dark Kromaz"
  • Backers from season 1 that will join season 2 will receive an exclusive miniature for free with their season 2 parcel
  • Ronin camp will receive massive reinforts


Production management is coming to an end, and only the receipt of printed rules is required. Shipments are expected to begin in mid-October. The Koloss are behind but will be sent to you free of charge in a new package at the end of November to celebrate the funding (hopefully) of season 2.

Link to previous Logbooks

Have a nice weekend,


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