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D4RT is a mobile art class that brings fantasy-based workshops to impoverished communities all over the world. Round 1: Yantaló, Peru!
D4RT is a mobile art class that brings fantasy-based workshops to impoverished communities all over the world. Round 1: Yantaló, Peru!
185 backers pledged $8,400 to help bring this project to life.

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The Yantalo Documentary!

Hello, everyone!

The team of documentary filmmakers who have been visiting Yantalo for 10 years while working on their long-form documentary finally have their ending! Now, they're raising funds for the next step: editing. I'm deeply proud of Luis Vasquez and his Yantalo Foundation's monumental effort to build a state of the art hospital in the jungle, and supremely excited to see this film come together. I wan his unique, powerful story to inspire the world. 

A bit about the film:

In the middle of nowhere, Peru, a retired doctor questions the immortality of dreams while attempting to leave his legacy. Filmed over 10 years, the documentary follows the construction of the first environmentally sustainable hospital in Peru – a state-of-the-art, international volunteer-run hospital, which will provide healthcare for all.

They're almost at the finish line, please consider supporting the film here:



Announcing Alien Botany Wearable Art

Comrades! It's been a while since I entered the Amazon jungle, armed with six suitcases of art supplies. It was one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences of my life, which inspired me for years to come. Today, I'm writing from an apartment in Old Kilmainham, Ireland, to introduce the launch of my latest project: Alien Botany – the wearable art collection.

The inaugural installment includes leggings and scarves adorned with unique, elaborate prints. These complex patterns began as original ink drawings in my Alien Botany series then became wearable art, designed by me with the body in mind. Otherworldly tendrils slither and slink around your stems to flatter and showcase your assets with polished flair. You’ll want to show off, not cover up!

All styles are available for pre-order now, through the end of June. To celebrate the launch, we're offering everything at introductory prices for this limited time only.

This is the Future - dress for the occasion!

Alien Botany is proudly 100% sweatshop-free. Made in Canada, designed in space, powered by Plastik Wrap.

A Collection of D4RT in Yantaló Articles

Hello, beautiful D4RT benefactors! I hope this November morning finds you well. 

Your incentives will be on their way to you very soon, Meanwhile, this post is here to serve as a home to the six articles I've written about the Yanataló experience. First, a word from my class:

Yes, thank you. I can never say that enough. Not just for your financial contributions, but for all the love and support that's surrounded this project from the start and made the workshop possible. And the mural, too:

Called Ice Cream Mountain, it wouldn't exist without the invaluable help of a couple of students, another teacher, the school's night watchman and a kind local couple. They visited me and my ladder throughout the day, offering food, drinks, and when time began to run out, their hands. We painted for over twelve hours to the sounds of pigs, chickens and cicadas, until the sun dipped back into the jungle and it was time to toast and go home. You can't enter or leave Yantaló without passing our bright young adventurers.

Peruse vast photo-documentation and read all about D4RT in Yantaló in the articles below!

The first Round of D4RT Funding s Complete!

Thanks to your support, the first round of D4RT is funded. THANK YOU!

I'll be leaving for Yantaló in two short weeks, the mural is conceptualized, mural paint is being purchased by my contact in Lima on Monday and next week is dedicated to buying supplies, which I'll be stuffing into two 50-punt suitcases and bringing to the Yantaló school myself.

If you haven't already, please make 100% sure that your donation process is complete, so as not to prolong the already lengthy Amazon  processing time. I only have two weeks to take care of everything and every minute counts.

Thank you all again. I can't wait to update this with photos of Yantaló and kids' art!

5K Reached! What Happens Next?

We've hit our goal of $5,000! After just 8 days, we've managed to make D4RT in Yantalo real. A massive, glowing thank you to everyone who contributed, blogged, tweeted and liked!

This means I'll spend the next three weeks researching, compiling shopping lists, finding the best way to get art supplies to Yantaló and conceptualizing the mural I'll create with my class. I'd love to add "planning  the future of D4RT" to this list. Here is how it would break down:

  • $13,000: D4RT lands in a Cambodian orphanage in the summer of 2012.
  • $20,000: one more D4RT 2012 installment is funded. Ideally, this will be a second visit to Yantaló to continue work on establishing a permanent art program there.
  • And so on. The more we raise now, the bigger and better this becomes. When I think about how vast D4RT can be and the kind of difference it can make, I get actual chills. Networks, corporate supply donations, large-scale public art pieces and permanent art programs taking root. It could happen, and will, with your support.

Once again, thank you all! Let's make this whoosh.