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Habanero hot with a touch of honey, light up your grills kids!
Habanero hot with a touch of honey, light up your grills kids!
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    1. Paul, Chris and Leigh Creator on

      Yes! We were hoping to be able to do one today. But we are waiting for a piece of lab data. Paul.

    2. Paul, Chris and Leigh Creator on

      Guys, update coming soon. Full lab results due at the end of the week, the guys in white coats cannot be rushed, on track for the timeline we stated in the last main update.

    3. Rich

      I received my moldy package a month ago. When can I expect to receive a non-moldy package?

    4. OG Butch on

      I agree, when can we expect our orders? It has been three weeks since your last update.

    5. Missing avatar

      Eli Kim on

      Decided after 3 weeks to try the opened bottle of sauce (The triple Strength that got on my shirt). Mine showed no signs of mold. Heck, it didn't even show signs of separation of the contents of the bottle. Put a bit of triple strength in my mouth and noticed a kick, but a bit lacking on sauciness. Not sure if it is because I didn't shake it. Tasted pretty decent, but can I ask one request? Up the heat? Maybe it's cause I took a small amount, but the heat feels a bit too low for me. Otherwise I'm hoping the new batch gets it's final testing done and sent out soon. I'm only brave enough to try this one bottle for now.

    6. Jason Russell on

      So what is the new estimated ship date?

    7. Chris Holt

      so, i got mine a few weeks ago and it's been sitting on my counter. (i opened the package right after receiving the DO NOT CONSUME email...) Then you finally explained why we shouldn't consume them. I've been waiting looking for mold to grow on the top where the air bubble is inside the bottle but haven't seen it yet.

      I know you said that about 3% of the bottles contain "natural airborne molds" but how dangerous is this? If it's naturally occurring in the air then what are the odds i already have this stuff floating around my house or my office? Could I pour the sauce into a pot, boil it to sterilize the sauce, (disinfect the bottles) and re-bottle it and it would be safe?

      Don't get me wrong...I'm not about to take a risk when you said so strongly DO NOT CONSUME (good work getting the message across). I'm just super super excited to try this stuff. We've been waiting for many a month and having to wait another 2 months when it was within my grasp is heart-wrenching, especially if I could just boil the sauce to sterilize it. (of course, while waiting patiently for the official replacement).

      ---I understand that you gave notice of potential danger in consuming the sauce, and am interested in the responses to my above questions regardless of this warning---

    8. Paul, Chris and Leigh Creator on

      Thanks guys for the comments, and the fun pics you are sending in, glad you love the shirts, our illustrator Karlie McCulloch did an amazing job for us. For all those that had t-shirts but didn't get a package, they will come with the fresh batch of sauce.

      I hope can see from the updates that we are making good progress, and we will have this fresh batch to you all as soon as we can get the extra natural preservative through lab testing. The shelf life of 1 year will likely remain unchanged.

      And as we mentioned in the updates, all backers will receive an extra bonus to reflect our gratitude for sticking with us. Can't wait to get it in your hands.

    9. Missing avatar

      Cheri Galvan on


    10. Missing avatar

      Cheri Galvan on

      Amazing to me how many people turn, when the whole idea of Kickstarter is to help with new ideas, and to try to get production started for new, innovative products..I wish you "Badgers" the best..and if your product is indeed as great as it will be successful..With sadness, I did pour out the sauces today..but look forward to the new batch arriving in time for summer cook-outs! Oh...and the bottles are indeed AWESOME!

    11. Brian Eng on

      Does adding this preservative add shelf life?

    12. Jackson Knife and Tool on

      Im glad you guys are preserving. I love delicious sauces.

    13. Missing avatar

      Meghan MacRae on

      You guys are awesome! I was SO excited to see my little badgers, and the aroma was heaven! Can't wait to slather the stuff on my soon to be even more famous fall off the bone ribs! Happy to be one of your little honey backers!

    14. Missing avatar

      Cliff on

      I sent an email for a refund and never received a reply.

    15. Missing avatar

      John on

      Which "natural preservative" are you adding?

    16. Chris Lauer on

      Looking forward to the 2nd batch!

    17. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      Got my refund yesterday. Thanks and good luck!

    18. Michael Caldwell on

      Received my refund today. Thank you very much for taking care of that. Best of luck, I have no doubt you will recover from this.

    19. Thy Leds on

      got mine and threw them out...was tempted to try it ...look fwd to 2nd batch

    20. Paul, Chris and Leigh Creator on

      Hey Guys,

      Just wanted to clear up a few questions we have been getting. First off, we have not yet sent out a second batch of sauce, so any sauce you have received is part of the recall and should not be eaten. This includes triple cobra unfortunately.

      Second, backers that have requested a refund will receive it shortly. As you might imagine we have allot going on right now with this setback and are working on every front to make it right. An update with more information will follow later in the week.

    21. Michael Caldwell on

      I sent an email for a refund and never received a reply.

    22. QuantumC on

      I also wanted to note that the tripple stength bottle I received today was leaking and the top of the regular bottles cover had text saying sealed for freshness, while the leaking tripple strength bottle did not have the red text on it. Could it be that nothing will seal the freshness of a wild honey badger?

    23. Missing avatar

      Eli Kim on

      Received mine as well today. I could tell it was the sauce from the way it smelled. It was tossed and turned a lot because the Triple Strength bottle is leaking sauce at the top. It seems even these bottles weren't enough to contain the powerful flavor. Neither was the plastic wrapper for the shirt. Gonna give the shirt a wash and hope it's not stained permanently. Not brave enough to test the sauce if it's not recommended. Although I'm wondering if I can get a new... clean shirt? Can't hurt to ask. Hopefully those little buggers get through and out to us soon.

    24. Daniel Lieber on

      For those who received the recalled sauce (I have not received anything yet), you can dispose of the sauce, thoroughly clean the container, and come up with a creative use for the empty badger. Please let the rest of us know what you do with the badger via a comment here and perhaps other creative ideas will come out. I'm confident Paul, Chris, and Leigh will appreciate knowing something good came of the tainted run.

    25. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      I had the same issue that James had.

    26. lord_arm on

      So I got the BBQ today. What do I do with it?

    27. Missing avatar

      James Bendos

      Sorry to hear about the continued issues. As ridiculous as your whole ordeal has been, most of us realize the pain and unknowns that arise from being a start-up. So best of luck going forward. I did just receive the bottles and will reluctantly dispose of them. Just an fyi, one bottle arrived with a cracked lid and leaked a bit. Not a big deal, but I will be disappointed if the replacements are damaged in transport as well. Hopefully, that's the last of your issues.

    28. Colin Culks on

      So the doorbell rings right, and it's this guy dressed partially in brown, and partially in scratches and fear. He gives me this box then only runs away doesn't he, like a terrified snake. I could hear growling from the box, and the unmistakable smell of war. That made me think, now I know what the real problem was with the sauce. It was infested with real Honey Badger! That's why it was so dangerous, and the only thing they could do was destroy the whole batch. Not thinking of my own safety, I threw the rabid box into the boot of my car, and drove down the motorway at maximum speed, which for my car is nearly 56mph. Also, it's got no clutch. Near the steelworks, I crashed into a huge tanker carrying liquid nitrogen. I dived out and grazed my chin, but the car and the cargo were frozen in the boiling wave. This would hold the badger for a little while, but I knew he was in there, burning with rage, and slowly melting himself, teeth first. I didn't have the keys for the boot, but I managed to get it open using some crayons I had. The lock's all blocked up with purple wax now, but I don't even mind. Using my sleeves as protection from the cold, and chanting the pain minimising incantation my old man taught me when I was four: "Fuggerbuck!", I raced into the steelworks with the snarling box. I dodged past the steel workers shouting "I need Japanese steel!" in case any of them's an Uma fan like me. Ain't she beautiful? As I ran up to the huge smelter, I tripped over and grazed myself on the chin again, right in the same place, and the package went flying and growling, right into the molten metal. There was a howling sound like someone had left the flap to Hell open. I stared into the white heat inside. Damn it was hot. I could feel it on my face. Actually, it was mostly coming from my mouth. My mouth was burning hot, and I began to feel dizzy. The room swam, and I could hear the voices of the steel workers asking me if I was ok.
      When I woke up, I was alone, but my mouth still hurt like hell. I reached out and pulled myself up using the kitchen worktop for support. I had vomited, and chunks of meat and bread were dried onto my neck. In my hand was a hamburger with a bite taken out of it. Damn, that must have been some powerful sauce. Or maybe it was the effects of the mould.

    29. Jerome Bond on

      These bad boys arrived at my door yesterday. Very happy with the look of the bottle as the little evil beady eyes mocked me to taste it's contents. YES I saw the email about the recall and YES... I still tried the sauce. Evidence of mold in a few bottles...I was hungry...and desperate...and I just don't care. Made a batch of Badger Balls and ate ALOT of them. I'm still alive but more importantly the sauce was delicious, so good when it hits your lips! Can't wait to get my replacement bottles. Sounds like there was nothing you guys could have done to prevent the disaster, complete bummer :( I'm still happy I backed this project, every KS project i've backed had delays. Just seems to be the nature of KS. The bottle is awesome and amazingly the sauce was even better. Hope this doesn't hurt you guys too much.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jason Lee on

      just got the bad sauce.
      the bottle looks awesome.

      can really see ferocity in the eyes of the badger.
      the snake has good detail too.

    31. Missing avatar

      RadaBnasty on

      Honey Badger don't care about recalls. Send that sowse!

    32. Missing avatar

      Galfaille on

      This KS project is definitely a big joke ! Mwahahahaha !!!

    33. Tim Hendrickson on

      That really sucks about your first batch being bad. I just got my shipment today and was wondering with regard to the triple strength sauce, if that was ok, or was it also tainted like the regular strength sauce? BTW, the love the bottle.

    34. Thy Leds on

      wow..that is all i gotto say...

    35. Joseph Schmalke

      you have an obligation to let people know what is wrong with the trained sauces you mailed.

    36. Missing avatar

      Dave Classick on

      Well here we are 7 months later... $18 in for a sauce i really wanted to but havent gotten the chance to try yet.. Im only 40 minutes away... If i drive up to the city, can i just pick mine up???

    37. Thiago Andre Scarani on

      Relax, everyone. The e-mail says that replacements will be sent free of charge. I would love to have the means to perform an analysis on the "defective" sauce so as to know exactly what went wrong.
      Or the creators could also tell us, so that we get a better understanding on this. There are so many variables on food manufacturing that need to be controlled, especially when manufacturing is outsourced, that a lot can really go wrong.

    38. Jon Marler on

      Before anyone throws away their sauce, let's wait for independent confirmation. It very much looks like their kickstarter account may have been compromised, but I wouldn't know if it was. Sounds fishy to me.

    39. Aaron Lococo on

      and I'm pretty sure this is the last food item I will ever fund on kickstarter...

    40. Missing avatar

      Kevin Baltz on

      Wow ... and now its canceled.

    41. Paul, Chris and Leigh Creator on

      Hey guys,

      We are still working to get full functionality up on our store. At this point, if your orders says "completed" it has shipped out and is on the way to you!

    42. Missing avatar

      Eli Kim on

      When the orders ship, do we get a confirmation bill or tracking number emailed to us? If not, do we just need to check on the website for the shipping information? Currently it doesn't list anything for shipping information.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jason Lee on

      Didn't get it yet.
      was hoping to try it on some wings.

    44. Berto84 on

      Have any of the badgers actually made it to their homes yet? I'm patiently waiting for my email with the conformation number but I didn't know if anyone else has received theirs yet.

    45. Jason Alexander on

      Such a disappointment of a kickstarter project. I won't be using my reward code. If someone else wants to spend the money on shipping, message me and I'll give you my code.

    46. Randy Jimenez on

      One last thought, at the end of the day, the $7.40 shipping is change in my pocket but I'd rather put that toward helping another Kickstarter campaign get off the ground.


    47. Randy Jimenez on

      Hmm, already been said but disappointing Kickstarter. The shipping issue, that's our fault for not reading carefully. I think I've gotten used to Kickstarter campaigns not charging for shipping to the US. I don't know anything about shipping but most other campaigns are pulling this off somehow. Maybe there was more homework to be done? But again, 100% my fault for not reading more carefully.

      But what is more disappointing is the fact that there is no actual benefit from contributing early via Kickstarter. In helping the Badger get off the ground all we really did was pre-order the sauce at retail price. Hero rewards with exclusive offers? Thanks, but I don't want discounts on more sauce, especially with these shipping costs. Why would I buy more sauce? I don't even know yet if I like the sauce. And I won't be finding out. Please consider my campaign contribution a donation.

      All that said, the team hit their goal and finished their product. Congrats on that and good luck.


    48. Michael Caldwell on

      Glad to see things are coming around, and that you guys are staying committed to the product. Rough start, sure, but we shall see how things turn out. Having backed multiple kickstarters, I do not blame you one bit for the "convoluted" ordering process; it saves the hassle of manually shipping each order, and that saves you a TON of effort. Still a little off-put by zero benefit to being a initial backer, but so be it; I gambled, hopefully the sauce is awesome. Curious to see what the "Hero Rewards" are all about, but if it is just a little coupon to save a buck or two on our next order...well, here's hoping that is not all it is. Good luck guys, really looking forward to this sauce! And since Christmas has come and gone, I'm not giving any of them out as presents as I intended...which means, more for me!

    49. Paul, Chris and Leigh Creator on

      Hey Brian! Thanks for your comments

      First let me say that the shipping prices are just shipping, the badger pays all the handling, packaging and fulfillment charges out of the kickstarter funds raised. And yes this is huge chunk, I don't really want to think about it ha ha.

      Secondly on USPS there are discounts available, we are getting them, they are just very minor (5% range) compared to the UPS discounts of about 32-33% we get, well correction our large fulfillment center gets the 32-33% and we get to use that. We didn't negotiate this, they did, and it really really is their business by nature.

      Thirdly, on the flat rate boxes, yes it is $11.35, we can just about stuff 3 bottles in, but it is not ideal and they are not packaged as well as in the correct sized box which we can ship UPS. In terms of costs, to ship 3 bottles UPS to MO is $8.27, a good saving over the flat rate, most states realize a saving in fact. WA,OR,NV,ID,CA and AZ do end up about 70-80 cents more than the flat rate. But give the advantages of better sized boxes etc. and higher expected badger survival rate, we though it was not worth offering the flat rate box and it saves on complexity at the fulfillment center end.

      I hope you can see that we have done our homework in trying to find the best reliable way to get the rewards delivered. It pains us that the sticker price is so high.

      I will say that there are some Special Forces Badgers that will be embarking on low protection airborne missions as soon as they come off the production line. They are know to be the bravest of badgers, even for a honey badger, and have already said their goodbyes to friends and family. The outcome of their mission will determine the first "Hero Rewards" offering. It is just not a method that can be trusted until it has been tested by the brave few.

      Hope this helps! And yes stay tuned for more fun videos etc. to promote the badger, we have a few fun ideas.....

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