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Habanero hot with a touch of honey, light up your grills kids!
Habanero hot with a touch of honey, light up your grills kids!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Eli Kim on

      Received mine as well today. I could tell it was the sauce from the way it smelled. It was tossed and turned a lot because the Triple Strength bottle is leaking sauce at the top. It seems even these bottles weren't enough to contain the powerful flavor. Neither was the plastic wrapper for the shirt. Gonna give the shirt a wash and hope it's not stained permanently. Not brave enough to test the sauce if it's not recommended. Although I'm wondering if I can get a new... clean shirt? Can't hurt to ask. Hopefully those little buggers get through and out to us soon.

    2. Daniel Lieber on

      For those who received the recalled sauce (I have not received anything yet), you can dispose of the sauce, thoroughly clean the container, and come up with a creative use for the empty badger. Please let the rest of us know what you do with the badger via a comment here and perhaps other creative ideas will come out. I'm confident Paul, Chris, and Leigh will appreciate knowing something good came of the tainted run.

    3. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      I had the same issue that James had.

    4. lord_arm on

      So I got the BBQ today. What do I do with it?

    5. Missing avatar

      James Bendos

      Sorry to hear about the continued issues. As ridiculous as your whole ordeal has been, most of us realize the pain and unknowns that arise from being a start-up. So best of luck going forward. I did just receive the bottles and will reluctantly dispose of them. Just an fyi, one bottle arrived with a cracked lid and leaked a bit. Not a big deal, but I will be disappointed if the replacements are damaged in transport as well. Hopefully, that's the last of your issues.

    6. Colin Culks on

      So the doorbell rings right, and it's this guy dressed partially in brown, and partially in scratches and fear. He gives me this box then only runs away doesn't he, like a terrified snake. I could hear growling from the box, and the unmistakable smell of war. That made me think, now I know what the real problem was with the sauce. It was infested with real Honey Badger! That's why it was so dangerous, and the only thing they could do was destroy the whole batch. Not thinking of my own safety, I threw the rabid box into the boot of my car, and drove down the motorway at maximum speed, which for my car is nearly 56mph. Also, it's got no clutch. Near the steelworks, I crashed into a huge tanker carrying liquid nitrogen. I dived out and grazed my chin, but the car and the cargo were frozen in the boiling wave. This would hold the badger for a little while, but I knew he was in there, burning with rage, and slowly melting himself, teeth first. I didn't have the keys for the boot, but I managed to get it open using some crayons I had. The lock's all blocked up with purple wax now, but I don't even mind. Using my sleeves as protection from the cold, and chanting the pain minimising incantation my old man taught me when I was four: "Fuggerbuck!", I raced into the steelworks with the snarling box. I dodged past the steel workers shouting "I need Japanese steel!" in case any of them's an Uma fan like me. Ain't she beautiful? As I ran up to the huge smelter, I tripped over and grazed myself on the chin again, right in the same place, and the package went flying and growling, right into the molten metal. There was a howling sound like someone had left the flap to Hell open. I stared into the white heat inside. Damn it was hot. I could feel it on my face. Actually, it was mostly coming from my mouth. My mouth was burning hot, and I began to feel dizzy. The room swam, and I could hear the voices of the steel workers asking me if I was ok.
      When I woke up, I was alone, but my mouth still hurt like hell. I reached out and pulled myself up using the kitchen worktop for support. I had vomited, and chunks of meat and bread were dried onto my neck. In my hand was a hamburger with a bite taken out of it. Damn, that must have been some powerful sauce. Or maybe it was the effects of the mould.

    7. Jerome Bond on

      These bad boys arrived at my door yesterday. Very happy with the look of the bottle as the little evil beady eyes mocked me to taste it's contents. YES I saw the email about the recall and YES... I still tried the sauce. Evidence of mold in a few bottles...I was hungry...and desperate...and I just don't care. Made a batch of Badger Balls and ate ALOT of them. I'm still alive but more importantly the sauce was delicious, so good when it hits your lips! Can't wait to get my replacement bottles. Sounds like there was nothing you guys could have done to prevent the disaster, complete bummer :( I'm still happy I backed this project, every KS project i've backed had delays. Just seems to be the nature of KS. The bottle is awesome and amazingly the sauce was even better. Hope this doesn't hurt you guys too much.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason Lee on

      just got the bad sauce.
      the bottle looks awesome.

      can really see ferocity in the eyes of the badger.
      the snake has good detail too.

    9. Missing avatar

      RadaBnasty on

      Honey Badger don't care about recalls. Send that sowse!

    10. Missing avatar

      Galfaille on

      This KS project is definitely a big joke ! Mwahahahaha !!!

    11. Tim Hendrickson on

      That really sucks about your first batch being bad. I just got my shipment today and was wondering with regard to the triple strength sauce, if that was ok, or was it also tainted like the regular strength sauce? BTW, the love the bottle.

    12. Thy Leds on

      wow..that is all i gotto say...

    13. Joseph Schmalke

      you have an obligation to let people know what is wrong with the trained sauces you mailed.

    14. Missing avatar

      Dave Classick on

      Well here we are 7 months later... $18 in for a sauce i really wanted to but havent gotten the chance to try yet.. Im only 40 minutes away... If i drive up to the city, can i just pick mine up???

    15. Thiago Andre Scarani on

      Relax, everyone. The e-mail says that replacements will be sent free of charge. I would love to have the means to perform an analysis on the "defective" sauce so as to know exactly what went wrong.
      Or the creators could also tell us, so that we get a better understanding on this. There are so many variables on food manufacturing that need to be controlled, especially when manufacturing is outsourced, that a lot can really go wrong.

    16. Jon Marler on

      Before anyone throws away their sauce, let's wait for independent confirmation. It very much looks like their kickstarter account may have been compromised, but I wouldn't know if it was. Sounds fishy to me.

    17. Aaron Lococo on

      and I'm pretty sure this is the last food item I will ever fund on kickstarter...

    18. Missing avatar

      Kevin Baltz on

      Wow ... and now its canceled.

    19. Paul, Chris and Leigh Creator on

      Hey guys,

      We are still working to get full functionality up on our store. At this point, if your orders says "completed" it has shipped out and is on the way to you!

    20. Missing avatar

      Eli Kim on

      When the orders ship, do we get a confirmation bill or tracking number emailed to us? If not, do we just need to check on the website for the shipping information? Currently it doesn't list anything for shipping information.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jason Lee on

      Didn't get it yet.
      was hoping to try it on some wings.

    22. Berto84 on

      Have any of the badgers actually made it to their homes yet? I'm patiently waiting for my email with the conformation number but I didn't know if anyone else has received theirs yet.

    23. Jason Alexander on

      Such a disappointment of a kickstarter project. I won't be using my reward code. If someone else wants to spend the money on shipping, message me and I'll give you my code.

    24. Randy Jimenez on

      One last thought, at the end of the day, the $7.40 shipping is change in my pocket but I'd rather put that toward helping another Kickstarter campaign get off the ground.


    25. Randy Jimenez on

      Hmm, already been said but disappointing Kickstarter. The shipping issue, that's our fault for not reading carefully. I think I've gotten used to Kickstarter campaigns not charging for shipping to the US. I don't know anything about shipping but most other campaigns are pulling this off somehow. Maybe there was more homework to be done? But again, 100% my fault for not reading more carefully.

      But what is more disappointing is the fact that there is no actual benefit from contributing early via Kickstarter. In helping the Badger get off the ground all we really did was pre-order the sauce at retail price. Hero rewards with exclusive offers? Thanks, but I don't want discounts on more sauce, especially with these shipping costs. Why would I buy more sauce? I don't even know yet if I like the sauce. And I won't be finding out. Please consider my campaign contribution a donation.

      All that said, the team hit their goal and finished their product. Congrats on that and good luck.


    26. Michael Caldwell on

      Glad to see things are coming around, and that you guys are staying committed to the product. Rough start, sure, but we shall see how things turn out. Having backed multiple kickstarters, I do not blame you one bit for the "convoluted" ordering process; it saves the hassle of manually shipping each order, and that saves you a TON of effort. Still a little off-put by zero benefit to being a initial backer, but so be it; I gambled, hopefully the sauce is awesome. Curious to see what the "Hero Rewards" are all about, but if it is just a little coupon to save a buck or two on our next order...well, here's hoping that is not all it is. Good luck guys, really looking forward to this sauce! And since Christmas has come and gone, I'm not giving any of them out as presents as I intended...which means, more for me!

    27. Paul, Chris and Leigh Creator on

      Hey Brian! Thanks for your comments

      First let me say that the shipping prices are just shipping, the badger pays all the handling, packaging and fulfillment charges out of the kickstarter funds raised. And yes this is huge chunk, I don't really want to think about it ha ha.

      Secondly on USPS there are discounts available, we are getting them, they are just very minor (5% range) compared to the UPS discounts of about 32-33% we get, well correction our large fulfillment center gets the 32-33% and we get to use that. We didn't negotiate this, they did, and it really really is their business by nature.

      Thirdly, on the flat rate boxes, yes it is $11.35, we can just about stuff 3 bottles in, but it is not ideal and they are not packaged as well as in the correct sized box which we can ship UPS. In terms of costs, to ship 3 bottles UPS to MO is $8.27, a good saving over the flat rate, most states realize a saving in fact. WA,OR,NV,ID,CA and AZ do end up about 70-80 cents more than the flat rate. But give the advantages of better sized boxes etc. and higher expected badger survival rate, we though it was not worth offering the flat rate box and it saves on complexity at the fulfillment center end.

      I hope you can see that we have done our homework in trying to find the best reliable way to get the rewards delivered. It pains us that the sticker price is so high.

      I will say that there are some Special Forces Badgers that will be embarking on low protection airborne missions as soon as they come off the production line. They are know to be the bravest of badgers, even for a honey badger, and have already said their goodbyes to friends and family. The outcome of their mission will determine the first "Hero Rewards" offering. It is just not a method that can be trusted until it has been tested by the brave few.

      Hope this helps! And yes stay tuned for more fun videos etc. to promote the badger, we have a few fun ideas.....

    28. Missing avatar

      Brian Weatherill on

      I think the sticker shock on shipping is unsuprising, I just looked at the USPS flat rate medium sized box and it's $11.35, and about big enough to contain a significant number of bottles (3 maybe 4)..

      The price above is retail, they state discounts are available.

      So I think shipping is a little expensive and that better negotiation with UPS may result in some better pricing.. What I suspect is that the guys are getting quotes from the supplier for S&H, not just shipping.. and that handling is the piece thats adding the extra chunk..

      I know you guys are not sales people by nature and I know this is a lesson you'll take to heart. Good luck and don't forget to keep marketing and getting out there in the spring/summer to promote your brand.

    29. Paul, Chris and Leigh Creator on

      Hey Brian thanks so much. We are doing our best and we just CANNOT WAIT for everyone the get the sauce in their hands.

    30. Missing avatar

      Quiestdeus on

      Hey guys,

      From the tone of the most recent kickstarter update it sounded as if you had a number of unhappy individuals complaining.

      As the most negative participants can often be the vocal minority, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that you have INCREDIBLY happy people as well. With 1420 backers and only 89 comments I would not take things to heart too much.

      I can't wait to get my sauce, and think you have handled this entire process professionally and superbly.

      Long live the badger!

    31. Brian Eng on

      If you are inferring to me by taking offense to the gimmick comment, I am sorry, I didn't mean to offend. Although, that comment had nothing to do with the sauce itself, more toward the bottle. I was surprised how much work went into manufacturing a bottle. I respect you are offering people partially refunds on the shipping, that is commendable. In my case, I will just let it go. Anyways, my only real complaint is the TRIPLE COBRA STRENGTH sauce. I REALLY WANT SOME. But it's $60!!!! I've never even tried the sauce before, it is such a gamble to spend $60. Can you guys please work something out here? Why is it so expensive? As always, I wish you guys success. Thanks.

    32. Thy Leds on

      Sorry - I agree with the backers.

    33. Paul, Chris and Leigh Creator on

      Hey Jason, you will see in our latest update posted yesterday that we already committed to refunding the difference between our quoted max shipping, and the shipping paid by backers, should a backer wish it.

      We did this for the very reason of staying true and inline to what we have ever said or committed to. The rates our out of our control, they are the ACTUAL shipping, so we cannot change them. Seriously :)

      Hope this helps with keeping you as a future customer.

    34. Jason Lee Miller on

      Note from your own FAQ regarding shipping: "3 Cobra Strength BBQ Sauce - Max $10**"

      Reality: Your own slowest method for shipping is greater than this (to a US address as a non-HI/AK address = I live in SC = $11.48 by your web page). Seriously? The absolute LEAST you could do is to keep in line with what you advertised in your KS campaign. Yeah, it does look high to begin with but then exceeding your own quoted prices is rather ridiculous.

      Costs to backers even greater than what was listed during the campaign is just sad and will not bring repeat business.

    35. Neil Jennings on

      Add my voice to those that are a little bit unsatisfied with this project so far. I've supported several other projects, and none of them had such a convoluted fulfillment process for the rewards. Add in the delays and the high shipping costs, and it just leaves me a bit disappointed. Hopefully the sauce will be worth it.

    36. Zeital on

      Ouch! is right, almost $70 for postage...... bit sad that the postage is so damn high but that really isn't your guys fault.

      I can't get that this week so how will this affect my shipping if I get it in later?

    37. Paul, Chris and Leigh Creator on

      Hey Dave, sorry you feel that way. The higher rewards say "FREE SHIPPING" the lower rewards say "see main text for shipping details", they have always said this, you cannot edit the rewards after you start a project. We actually made the shipping into the FAQ to make it simpler and less overwhelming for people to work out, not to hide it.

      I am sorry you feel like you are jumping through hoops, there is no real back end offered by Kickstarter for reward fulfillment so we had to build one that would integrate with our fulfillment house, rather than do 1500+ orders manually. I am sorry if this was tricky for you, it should have been no more complicated than placing any web order.

      In the end I hope once you get the sauce you enjoy it, and feel like you helped make this unique product happen, because you did, every backer did and we are thankful to you guys.

      Cheers, Paul.

    38. Paul, Chris and Leigh Creator on

      Hey Mark thanks allot! There are so many balls to keep in the air. We can't wait to get the first orders finally shipped and into everyone's hands, no on will be more relieved than us.

    39. Dave L. on

      I went back and looked at the original kickstarter page, and quite frankly, you guys appeared to have done everything you could have to hide the shipping, without hiding the shipping. And sitting on our money for four months and not giving us any benefit relative to anyone else was a mistake. I hope this is only a hobby or a "let's see if we can do it" project for you, because you have not treated this as a real business or treated your customers as people you want to do business with again. I have never had to jump through so damn many hoops to overpay for a product.

    40. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Hey Guise!

      Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you all have put into this. I know getting a small business off the ground is no small task. If it's anything like my place of employment, I'm sure you have to wait on many other people, departments and variables. It's just good ol' life!

      I'm sure the sauce is going to kick ass. Thanks again for all your updates (14, right?) and keeping us up to date -- and especially HONEST!

      Keep kicking ass.

    41. Paul, Chris and Leigh Creator on

      Hey guys this is Paul, I will be messaging all who commented here, and all who emailed us as well. We also have an update that clarifies the issues raised here. But there are a couple of points I will add here as well.

      First of all I want to thank all the backers. Without you none of this would have been possible, not at all. We just didn't have the cash to make it happen. As a kickstarter backer we hope that you get a bit more out of it personally than the reward you pledge for, you get to help make someones idea a reality. The website is pre-order and those guys ordering are also committing funds for a future delivery date, which is why we tried to keep the pricing as close as possible to the rewards.

      That being said, we certainly intend to remember exactly who our early friends were, and a VIP mailing list of kickstarter backers with exclusive offers will be introduced, this will be named "Hero Rewards".

      The coupon system is not perfect, but it is the only way we could think of to have all of the orders flow though to our fulfillment house without having to enter 1500+ orders manually. Which brings us to the shipping. WE DON"T MAKE A CENT ON SHIPPING AND THESE ARE THE LOWEST PRICES AVAILABLE. Unless we persuaded our grandparents to drive around and hand them out while paying for their own gas. This is covered in the update with examples, but the fulfillment house we are working with is a big player, they are doing us a big favor to work with us, and their rates are as low as we can get for our shipping volume. There just is not an alternative. It is for this reason we tried to make it really clear from the start as to what shipping would cost. Check for yourselves if you don't believe us, there are not any other options, if you find some PLEASE tell us!

      Please hit me up with any questions, but one thing at Honey Badger we like to think we do is be fully straight up. We expect to be called out if we mess up, that is what a Honey Badger would do. One major thing we have failed to deliver on, and it annoys us immensely, is our delivery date, we take on board all criticism for this and hold our hands up and say sorry. We didn't quite grasp the task of the bottle making it down a productions line. We have worked our asses off and achieved in 4 months what sometimes takes 10 months to do with a new pretty standard bottle design. We tried to keep everyone in the loop with updates as to why this was happening. I think when you see the new bottle in real life you will love it.

      In the meantime we worked really hard on our sauce. I can assure you this is not a gimmick, we have lost count of the number of flavor tweakings we did, as well as redoing the whole thing to remove high fructose corn syrup and go to an all natural preservative. We are as passionate about our sauce as our bottle, and I think the gimmick comment is a bit unfair.

      Please continue to call us out if we don't live up to what we say. Yes we are a new business, and yes we are learning.

      But most of all please remember we could not have done this without you and we won't forget it.


    42. Mr. Tattoo ASMR

      Thought i may have been the only one who had an issue with the high shipping cost. I guess not...

    43. Missing avatar

      Michael Costabile on

      Have to agree with everything posted here. I could live with the high shipping rate if there was some other reward for having pledged through kickstarter. But as it is, I'm just ordering off of their website using a gift certificate i purchased myself. Disappointing.

    44. Aaron Lococo on

      Yeah, i think we are all feeling the Honey Badger's bite right now with this $12 shipping.... I agree with Sir Psycho too, no benefit for us backing this project, Its my fault for not noticing this did not include free shipping but $12 seems nuts. This is by far the worst kickstarter I've been a part of now, This better be some damn good sauce.

    45. Dan White on

      Shame on me on not looking at he shipping info... but +1 on Sir Psycho's comments below.
      Hope it is awesome or else I would fear the feedback.
      Best of Luck.

    46. Missing avatar

      Michael Hale on

      The process to place the order seems a bit convoluted, at least relative to other Kickstarters. Also, the shipping is a bit expensive; I've never had to pay that much to ship a pound or two of material nor have any other similar Kickstarters asked me for a comparable shipping fee ($12 on a $23 order). It would be a good gesture if they posted a breakdown of their total costs (for the benefit of backers and future Kickstarter entrepreneurs). Without that I don't think I would be willing to purchase additional bottles or recommend to friends and family, even if the sauce turns out to be more than okay.

    47. Wesley Ellis on

      I ship a ton of stuff and these prices for shipping are ridiculous. Good way for them to squeeze an extra $3 bucks out of each of the backers though. Just think 1,420 backers - $4,260 in profit. Not bad money for a company just starting out.

    48. OG Butch on

      Wow, shipping is as much as I pledged. $18 is way too expensive for one bottle of BBQ sauce I never tried.

    49. Chris Gentz on

      Heh, I can't even complete my order because their website won't give me a quote for shipping to a military APO address. I don't understand why the email code/seperate ordering format is being used.

    50. Brian Eng on

      I'm a little bummed out by this kickstarter.
      No real incentive for backing, they're charging everyone just about the same price.
      Not much communication from Paul, Chris and Leigh, they never answered my comments.
      Really wanted to try that Triple Cobra Strength, but can't justify spending $60 on bbq sauce I've never even tried.
      Actually spent around $35 on bbq sauce, something I'd probably not spend on bbq going to the grocery store. Expensive shipping. (Which makes the lack of incentive for project backers even more sad)
      So much focus on bottle design is kind of gimmick-y, and it still didn't end up looking as good as the original design.

      Aside from that, I still wish the project creators success and hope they listen to feedback. I also can't wait to try out my honey badger bbq sauce!

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