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Art as a means of social change.  Stunning platinum and palladium prints ennobling  NYC's fastest growing homeless population.
Art as a means of social change. Stunning platinum and palladium prints ennobling NYC's fastest growing homeless population.
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    1. Josh Lehrer Creator on

      Hello Sally. The 35% figure was given to me by the dept. of homeless youth services, NYC in the winter of 2009.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sally Goldner on

      Hi Josh

      Very very awesome.

      Could I ask (as i know someone will ask me) if there is a source for the comment about the 35% figure quoted?

      I wish all the people depicted strength in improviung their lives.


      Sally Goldner
      TransGender Victoria
      Melbourne Australia

    3. Halley DeVestern on

      Beautiful video, my darlin'! I'm in awe of you and proud to be a small part of this...Love, Halley

    4. Josh Lehrer Creator on

      Hey Bex: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify something. There is no profit in making imagery of trans kids. There is a genuine dearth of visibility for these kids and as an artist I feel one way that I can contribute is to generate as much visibility as possible through using artistically interesting methods that will get talked about both in the press and in the art community. The first series of Cyanotypes cost me over $35,000 to create in time, chemistry, paper, negative film, payments to the models and processing fees. I didn't make anything back from that series. And the next series, which will be considerably more expensive will not be a money make either. It's not like people buy images of trans kids because they look great with the sofa. This is art as a medium for social change. Not for profit. And should you wish further information, I've posted a bunch of blogs and other articles that speak directly to the projects' impact and to the larger perceptions of trans kids and their predicament. I wanted to address your comment because I fear that issues of exploitation are very serious which is why I tread so carefully when working with this particular population. And I cannot tell you how affirming it's been to have received a great many of my smaller contributions directly from the trans community. All the best, Josh

    5. Bex H. on

      Is this just another attempt by a cis person to steal trans narratives for personal gain?!?! How much of this $30,000 goes into the project (aka Josh's pocket) versus goes into helping these trans youth that Josh will surely profit off of? With so many youth shelters in danger of being shutdown because of budget cuts, the story of trans youth needs to be told. But not at the expense of trans people!!!!

      You mention that some of "the money will go to provide stipends for the kids, direct contributions to the service organizations." How much? Without this information, I cannot give a penny to this project.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michelle Wirth on

      Thank you for bringing the beauty of these young people to the forefront. May they continue to shine.

    7. Carmen Rios on

      HELLO i love this.