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After 4 years of live performances and songwriting, I am ready to record and produce my debut album "Six Strings of Peace & Sanity."
After 4 years of live performances and songwriting, I am ready to record and produce my debut album "Six Strings of Peace & Sanity."
100 backers pledged $3,637 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

CD Release Party January 5th, 2013

All the recording is done and we are on to the mixing process!  So we have announced the details for the CD Release Party.  Here is the event description:

A night of healing through music, art & poetry. Breanne is releasing her debut album "Six Strings of Peace & Sanity".  Join us on Saturday, January 5th at 7:00pm at Beaner's Central in West Duluth for live show. The Front Porch Sinners, a group of talented local musicians featured on the album, will be backing Breanne on stage and MRC Student Hannah McDaniel will open the show. $10 cover charge for the show and you get the CD for free. If you are one of the Kickstarter backers who already purchased the CD, you will be on the VIP list and get in the show for free.

If you are driving up from the cities and need a place to stay, I have booked a small number of rooms at the Inn on Lake Superior hotel in Canal Park at a discounted rate.  Just ask for the Breanne Marie CD Release discount.  You must book your room no later than Dec. 29th (218-726-1111).

If you pre-ordered a CD and cannot make it to the show, one will be mailed to you along with a thank you card.  If you'd like to order more physical CDs, contact me at

Thank you so much for all your kind words and support.  I love you all to pieces!!!


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Close to the Finish Line

Recording/Mixing/Mastering - We are in the final stages of the recording/mixing/mastering.  See below for a glamorous photo of Eric Swanson and I going over the songs.  Notice the stylish over-sized hoodie I'm sportin'.  We have two more songs to record vocals for and mixing/mastering of all songs.  This should be wrapped in up less than 3 weeks.

Duplication - Once the master is done it goes to Glenn Maloney for screen printing.  He will make all the beautiful copies of the CD and screen print the CD cases which just arrived at my house last night!

Design/Artwork - Amy Ugstad of OneUp Creative and I have been working back and forth on the draft of the CD insert which will be a folded up double sided poster and have information on the album tucked neatly into the CD case.

Release/Show - We may release the album as soon as it's done, but because of the holidays have a live show with full band the first week of January.  This will all depend on how the next 2 weeks goes.  I will keep you posted.

Rewards/Videos - I'm still working on Poems and Pictures and a handful of YouTube video dedications.  If you didn't get a t-shirt and you backed the project at $20 or more, it was lost in the mail.  Call or text me at 218-393-8728 and I will send you a new one.  If you backed the project at $100 or more and would like to "cash in" your singing telegram, originally written song or live performance, call me!  Let's do this!

Thanksgiving - Every one of you were on my mind on Thanksgiving Day.  It still brings me to tears (happy tears of course) that you all took the time to back this project.  You invested in me, not just the music I'm making, but me.  Thank you for everything.

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Recording & More

Recording: We are in the middle of the recording process.  All 9 tracks of the album have been roughed out and we are going back adding more instrumentation before we put final vocals in.  We are adding violin, piano and mandolin to some of the songs.  Sacred Heart Studios has been a great place to record and we have an aggressive schedule to get done sometime in October.

Photos: Amanda Hansmeyer of Shutter Stories, LLC captured the emotion and activities from one of the recording sessions.  Click here to read her blog and to see some of the photos.  You can also friend me on Facebook to see the full album and pictures from band practice sessions.

Next Show: I have entered to compete in Beaner's Annual Songwriter's Competition.  I'll be playing 2 original songs.  The event starts at 7pm on September 26th, 2012.  There is no cover charge and it is an all ages venue.  I need as many friends as I can get in the audience.  Please come out and support all the local signer/songwriters that are willing to share their work!

Gratitude: It's been hard to express in words how grateful I am for this opportunity.  You have made it possible for me to chase a dream.  This has motivated me to work hard to make a product that you can be proud to have been a part of.  Thank you.

Much love,


Breanne Marie

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T-shirts, Band Practice, Recording Dates, YouTube & Shows

T-shirts - Most of you have received t-shirts via hand delivery.  The final batch was mailed out this weekend and you should be getting them no later than today or tomorrow.  I do have extra shirts for sale.  $10/shirt or 2 for $15.  I can hand deliver them (in the Twin Ports) or mail them to you.  Cash or checks made out to Breanne Marie Schlies accepted.

Band Practice - We are full steam ahead on a weekly band practice. The full band is: Evan Tepler (lead guitar), Breanne Marie (guitar/vocals), Mark Glen (bass), Julie Stein (violin/piano), Amy Ugstad (drums).  I am the luckiest girl in the world to be working with such amazing talent and experience.

Recording - We had originally planned to start recording July 8th.  Due to the Twin Ports Bridge Festival adding one more day for flood relief, we have rescheduled for August.  This will give us more time to practice the songs so we can spend less time when we head into Sacred Heart Studios.  We are still on track for a Fall release of the CD.

YouTube Videos - I am working to fulfill the rest of the YouTube video song dedications.  I have already posted several of them.  The video with the most views so far is my cover of "Stan" by Eminem.  Check out all the videos on my YouTube channel at

Upcoming Shows - About once a month I send out an email to my contact list with upcoming shows and updates.  I will be adding your email address to that list.  If you do not want to get emails from me about once a month, just send me a message or shoot me a text and I'll take you off the list.

Thank you so much for supporting this project!

Much love,


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T-shirts, YouTube Videos and Recording Date

Hello!  I am writing to update you all on a few things regarding the new album and Kickstarter rewards.

T-shirts - The T-shirts have been ordered through Raven & Associates.  Thank you for sending me your t-shirt sizes and addresses so they can be shipped out after they are made.  If you didn't back the project at $20 or more and you'd like to have a t-shirt, I will have extras on hand at upcoming shows.

YouTube Videos - I have over 10 YouTube cover song dedications to record and post on my channel.  This past weekend, I already posted 3 cover song videos.  Go to to watch all my videos.

Recording Date - An official date has been set for our first recording session at Sacred Heart Studios.  July 8th we will go in to start recording the album.  Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming!

Thank you all for your support and making this dream a reality!

Much love,

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