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The last air mattress and pillow you will ever need! Easy to inflate, comfortable, durable, colorful and easy to carry!
The last air mattress and pillow you will ever need! Easy to inflate, comfortable, durable, colorful and easy to carry!
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1,609 backers pledged $140,708 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping will resume today!

Posted by Futo lab (Creator)


Please take our deep apologies for a long silence and pause in shipping. We had a legal conflict between founders, so our team hadn’t access to account and funds.

Now we are happy to announce that shipping will resume today! We still have some problems with money but we ready to restore all the processes.

We will contact all the backers who not received the product.

Hope for your understanding, thank you!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on


      I expect either my product that I paid for over 2 years ago now, or a full refund. This is beyond ridiculous at this point! Your company has been extremely unprofessional!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on


      I have emailed you guys multiple times now with no response. It would be nice to know when to expect my shipment. It has been 2 years now!


    3. Jeehyunn Yee on

      Hi , dos you send my Futo?? I can't remember cause it's been so long since i back this so... Did you do make the survey for the backers? If so, How can I access them? How can I know whether you send my futo?

    4. Missing avatar

      cristobal valenzuela on

      Hi , dos you send my Futo?

    5. George Grunwald on

      Backer 879. Messages sent with no reply. Still haven't heard or received anything.

    6. Missing avatar

      leroux on

      Still nothing received

      This is theft

    7. Missing avatar

      Water Hui on

      backer 1716, still no luck

    8. André van Spaandonck on

      I havent got any info until now.

      Can you give me answers now:
      1) did you send it?
      2) when?
      3) what addres?

      I like to change adres.
      Send to
      André van Spaandonck
      Campanulastraat 7.
      2555 DA, Den Haag.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ben Cavey on

      I still haven't received my black futo. Order 1808.

    10. Missing avatar

      duncan woodhouse on

      So when can we expect to see our pledge honoured?

    11. Missing avatar

      Christian Pech on

      Hi, my futo has a hole from the beginning, too. I asked for replacement, but did not receive any answer. Please contact me for a solution. Chris

    12. Missing avatar

      Shane on

      This is still BS. I have emailed them a week ago about changing my shipping address with not a single reply from them.

      Such a scam, I have never got my first one, so I better be getting mine before people get their second ones..


    13. Matthew Schneyer on

      I am sorry but very har to believe you are not just lying to us again. I asked a question a week ago, I asked about replacements for non functional products, again you go silent, Seeing is going to be . You have shown nothing for me to believe

    14. Jitte on

      How do I go about to get a replacement unit for my none working one?


    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Miller on

      As much as I applaud you all for coming through for the people who never received their product, it leaves me curious about what you all may do for the many of us who received a product that will only stay inflated for a very short while. If I want to inflate it, say to watch a movie on, I use a fan. I fill it up and lay on it. It does pretty well for the first 10-15 minutes. Within 30 minutes, you are touching the floor. Any thoughts on theses sorts of things.

      Thanks again. Have a nice day.

    16. Matthew Schneyer on

      please confirm I am scheduled to receive replacements for the double pack I received, the pillows and mattresses would / did not hold air, I sent pictures as documentation that you requested, thank you for keeping us as a group posted, good luck to the new management team, please learn from the past and keep your backers posted, what is the schedule for shipping replacements

    17. Missing avatar

      Erica Johnson on

      I sent a message with my new shipping address.

    18. Andy

      Hi, the one I received does not work... it is nearly impossible to inflate, after running around in circles in the park. Everyone is just looking and laughing.

      What can I do??

    19. Missing avatar

      Nonnie Wong on

      I haven't receive anything from you guys yet

    20. André van Spaandonck on

      André van Spaandonck.
      Normally in Luxemburg.
      But I moved back to Holland.
      Posting address is changed to Holland. ATTENTION.
      What should I do so you make no mistakes and I do not get it?

    21. Missing avatar

      Yoon Jinyoung on

      Wow! Is this real? I was almost giving up on this project.
      Thank you for coming back

    22. Missing avatar

      cristobal valenzuela on

      I didnt recieve de product! please consider me for the shipping.


    23. Missing avatar

      Shane on

      I call bs, I will believe it when I receive the futo.

    24. Geist de la Muerte Gatito

      I don't see the creator answering questions about the poor products that were sent out and if they will be replaced. I think I'll just give my to Goodwill and search on Amazon for one just like it that works.

    25. Missing avatar

      BERTU on

      Devo dire che ero contentissimo di averlo acquistato.
      La realtà è stata ben diversa, troppo difficile da gonfiare e quando gonfio lo rimane per poco.

    26. Futo lab Creator on

      @Brent Babcock Got it, thank you!

    27. Brent Babcock on

      I just sent you a change of address.

      Brent Babcock

    28. Futo lab Creator on

      @leroux Please let us know if your shipping address has changed.
      We arrange the 1st part of shipping right now.

    29. Futo lab Creator on

      @Roberto Tagliento We have changed production technologies for the second batch.
      You will get the replacement in the near future, thank you!

    30. Futo lab Creator on

      @Rathpong Thank you for your support! It is really appreciated!
      We will update you on shipping very soon.

    31. Missing avatar

      leroux on

      Still no products arrived

    32. gryphonent

      What about replacements for a not functioning mattress?

    33. Roberto Tagliento on

      I already received your product, and it is a scam!

      Does not work, after few minutes lost a lot of air. Unusefull.

    34. Missing avatar

      Rathpong on

      Please do let me know when you will be able to ship the products to me. My family is really looking forward to using them. Thank you for continuing on with your project. I really appreciate this.