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The last air mattress and pillow you will ever need! Easy to inflate, comfortable, durable, colorful and easy to carry!
The last air mattress and pillow you will ever need! Easy to inflate, comfortable, durable, colorful and easy to carry!
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Posted by Futo lab (Creator)

Hello everybody!  

As promised, we provide you with a video of Futo inflation. We hope it will help you to understand the technique of inflation and get answers to your questions.

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All Double, Triple and Retail packs have almost arrived in the hubs. 81 of the 390 remaining bakers will receive their tracking codes within a few days. American and European right now finishes transportation by air to the warehouse in LA and UK (city). The next delay was due to a big holiday on June 18 in China. Due to the huge number of orders, almost all the logistics were paralyzed last week.  

Every time faced with new trials of doing business with China, I want to throw everything and send it to hell. But we love this project and put our whole soul into it! Since this is our first project, is much hard for us ... but we promised ourselves to fulfill all obligations to the backers, whatever it takes. Any experience is a good experience. But all this is impossible without understanding and your support.  

Please don`t forget to send us video or photo proofs of damaged products. We have launched a new assessment to review frequently arising issues and find solutions. Replacements will be rejected by the factory only after the proofs been provided. We defend your interests and rights, above all.


Futo Team

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    1. Matthew Schneyer on

      respect is a 2 way street, We as a group invested in your dream. we have been lied to you sent to some of us a product that is non functional my air mattress and air pillow are supposed to hold air besides being difficult to inflate mine when full were stable but as air ran out in the 15 minutes before I was on the ground were unstable, I followed your instructions and sent video proof a new shipping number was promised Nov 2 non has been recieved is there any hope on receiving a product that is functional or even just telling us, I am not the only one, that YOU screwed up and that you are sorry. Just do not lie to us, Thank you

    2. Missing avatar

      Shane on

      Still have not heard a thing in months, sent many emails with no reply. Waiting for tracking, but think it will never come.

    3. Missing avatar

      Water Hui on

      Hi, no news about my futo, ... please contact me or let me know anything tracking Number ... nothing

    4. Missing avatar

      cristobal valenzuela on

      Hi, no news about my futo, ... please contact me or let me know anything tracking Number ... nothing

    5. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth B on

      I can't inflate it and my friends have tried and can't inflate it either. I've watched the video many times. I'm done with kickstarter. I just wasted a lot of money on a piece of junk. I'm so disappointed. Maybe someone else can inflate it. Anyone want to buy it? I have a red one and a yellow one.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jane Jenkins

      Still waiting for my order. Was supposed to be two weeks from the June 12th update. It's now August 3. Looks like some people are receiving theirs. Can't seem to find a way to contact you other than this comment section. If I try to reply to your updates, it says it's a no-reply message. Cannot find any support address on the updates. Maybe it's right in front of me, but I can't find it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Rey on

      I have still not received my futo what is going on with this project???

    8. Jimmy Rourk on

      I really love my futo! It was worth the wait, so those that are still waiting, hopefully it'll be worth it. I have another kickstarted I've been waiting 2 years on! So a few weeks/months is fine. My pocket did start ripping off, which is a bummer (and I hope we find a solution), but it doesn't stop from using it. It is a bit hard to inflate (I still need to watch the vid), but once you have it inflated, it's great.

    9. Missing avatar

      jimmyk393 on

      This was my first kickstarter pledge and will be my last. I don't know what the deal is but this seems to be a scam. I was told the product would arrive in March, then April, then May, then June. Ive been promised delivery tracking notifications but haven't heard one thing about anything, other than just excuse after excuse. I've now seen the same product in stores and yet I'm still waiting to even hear if I'm going to receive my order. Kudos to futo, you guys know how to rip people off! this project is a total scam!

    10. Jake Khristopher Baet on

      I did do exactly this but plenty more tries in inflating it. This bed is just not what was advertised where it doesn't deflate overnight. It's also more unstable than waterbed. Toss and turning means you'll probably roll off the bed.

    11. kai on

      Hi guys, received my futo and we love it. The only issue is that it deflates after just 15to30 mins of sleeping. Is it normal to always be re inflating it? Can't seem to find any hole so air is just seeping out somehow v slowly. Hope you can advise.