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The last air mattress and pillow you will ever need! Easy to inflate, comfortable, durable, colorful and easy to carry!
The last air mattress and pillow you will ever need! Easy to inflate, comfortable, durable, colorful and easy to carry!
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We`ve done it!

Posted by Futo lab (Creator)

Hi there!

We couldn`t believe, but we did it. We have already sent the first batch, which was 75% of the whole amount of parcels. Certainly, we had to face a number of other problems, but we narrowed our teeth and solved them. It all ended with a hysterical laugh when the forwarder's driver came to pick up the goods ... and just did not pick them up. We asked about the reason and they said that the driver`s car is too small to take 178 master packs. At the same time, they obviously knew the volume weight of the whole batch.  

But also it was not all :) The next morning we received the following message:

Perfect Engish ;)
Perfect Engish ;)

In general, now they are engaged in sending all shipments. Approximately, it should take no more than 1 working day. At the same time, we gave the task to our IT department to create a form for anonymous tracking for our backers. If you know the quick and convenient tools, we will be happy with your tips.  

Thank you for your endless patience. Now we are really at the finish.


Futo Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonnie Lynn Yaptengco on

      Has anyone received their's yet or their tracking number?

    2. Missing avatar

      krams on

      where is my tracking number ?

    3. Missing avatar

      hizami tai on

      178 master packs..which i assume contains lots of individual packs. Well done! can't wait to get my 3 futo mattresses and pillows!

    4. Missing avatar

      The Feast on

      I don't understand the update. How can 75% of the parcels equal 178 when you have 1,609 backers? Can anybody confirm they have received a tracking number(s)? Did you ship to Super Backers, Distributors, etc prior to single and double orders?

    5. Missing avatar

      Patrick Daly on

      Sooo does this mean we will be receiving tracking numbers within 1 business day?