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The last air mattress and pillow you will ever need! Easy to inflate, comfortable, durable, colorful and easy to carry!
The last air mattress and pillow you will ever need! Easy to inflate, comfortable, durable, colorful and easy to carry!
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New shipping update

Posted by Futo lab (Creator)

Good afternoon, Friends!

Doing business in China turned out to be much more complicated than we thought. First of all, the matter is in communications, and then in the responsibility of suppliers.  

We understand your resentment, but we want you to understand that our main goal - to send you our great outdoor products and get feedback from you as soon as possible. This is the first experience for us, so everything goes far not as smoothly and simply as we thought. But we already know exactly what and how we will do when launching the next product. As they say, any experience is very important.  

Now specifically about shipping. This time, the forwarder, or rather their incompetent manager, let us down. Only on Saturday, they informed us that the stickers with tracking numbers, which we printed repeatedly and were waiting for their delivery to the factory almost a week, will be expired on May 3 !!! We were shocked, as we realized that we would not have time to do anything by this time ... because of Labor Days in China. But it turned out that there was something more to come than we had to face. Our supplier said that they won`t repackage the orders and stick the labels because they need to manufacture other products and they do not have time for it. We had to look for somebody who could do this task.  

As a result, all processes are coordinated and tomorrow the labeling should begin tomorrow again. Forwarder will pick up the first batch on Sunday. By this time we want to come up with a system through which you can check your track numbers.  

It's a terrible feeling when you know that you produced a cool product, done a great job, but no one can check it. We are really at the finish ... a little more patience, please.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tom Harmon on

      You seem to promise a lot but deliver very little! Backer 912, bought 3 futos and 3 pillows.
      No response from you, no tracking number and no product.
      What do you do for an encore? Make more empty promises?

    2. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      [QUOTE]Forwarder will pick up the first batch on Sunday. [\QUOTE]

      How did the first batch go? Since two Sundays have now passed how did the following batches go? How many more batches do you have to process before the shipment is complete?

    3. Mike C on

      That's terrible, thanks for the update guys, keep at it!

    4. Missing avatar

      Chak Wai Ho on

      Lie, lie, lie.

    5. Daniel Ammermann on

      keep running guys. cbbbl-lawyers are already after you. your fraudy update made it even worse for you and i guess you will end up in a very interesting place with barred windows. no worries. we are are used to dealing with guys like you. see u soon. ;-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Lorrie Lala on

      I did not get a tracking number. How do I obtain my tracking number?