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January 2012 P86 is hitting the studio for our 8th full length album. We have some amazing incentives for our fans to get involved now.
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Andrew Schwab

760 backers pledged $38,077 to help bring this project to life.

36 hours left of our Indiegogo Campaign and counting! THANK YOU ALL.

Guys, we have the #8 most funded Indiegogo music project of all time, and still going!  Thanks to those of you who funded Wait for the Siren, and those who also got on board with this new campaign.  The excitement continues to grow...

As of now, we have 1555 members of our record label and counting. 1555 partners for a vital new record. 1555 reasons to say thank you...

We have the best fans a band could ask for. 1555 of you have already helped us in not only recording our new album/EP and every aspect of putting out quality music but you have funded a new video and helped us get back out on the road for some very cool album release shows. Every penny counts and we have just passed 80k!

Thanks again for the support, friends. THANK YOU KICKSTARTERS for being a part of WFTS, and for helping to make this new campaign possible. You have 36 hours left to join us and help when it really counts. Check out the link below for the details on our campaign. We are almost sold out of many things, so don't wait if you want a preorder perk. We won't be adding any more!

*We have 4 Exclusive Hoodie/Digital left (96 of 100 sold) 

*We have 4 VIp for life/CD left (6 of 10 sold)

*We have 4 Calligraphy only left (6 of 10 sold) 

*We added 1 more Show Day With Band (We have sold out of this one twice-last chance!) 

*We added 1 more Studio Visit (We have sold out of this one twice as well-last chance!)

Remember: all preorder perks get you entered to win VIP for life. The higher/more times you support, the greater your chances! We will be giving two away when the campaign ends!

Visit our campaign here.

Love you guys.


Only 96 hours to get board with our new record!

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Remember: you can only get these perorder perks for the next 96 hours and then they are gone.

Signed Vinyl and CD, Hoodie, T-shirt, Calligraphic parchments, Skype calls...


We love you guys.


Become the 1000th backer and Get a special thank you and free album


A little update on our new Indiegogo project, everyone:  

We are nearing 1000 partners in our new Project.  The response has been incredible!  We just launched a few brand new perks, including the exclusive Indiegogo hoodie.  Become out 1000th backer and get a free digital copy of any P86 album you choose, plus a special shoutout on FB and Twitter.

We have written ten songs for the new album thus far and will be entering the studio later this spring to bring you the new music as soon as possible.  Thanks to everyone who has partnered with us, and get on board if you haven't yet here.  

A few shots from our writing sessions in the studio this past week in Nashville:

We are just getting started.  2014 will be a year to remember...


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Wait for the Siren was an incredible experience from start to finish.

Our direct partnership with you allowed us to make the record we always dreamed of making. The songwriting process was groundbreaking for us, as a brand new energy was breathed into this band. The recording environment was incredibly satisfying, and we were able to collaborate with many of our long-time friends and peers-from Brian "Head" Welch of Korn/Love and Death, to Bruce Fitzhugh of Living Sacrifice, to Blake Martin of a Plea for Purging. The reception to the album was amazing to witness. Crowds at our shows swelled and both fans and critics alike gave the album rave reviews. Wait For the Siren garnered multiple #1 singles, including the smash-hit "Fall, Goliath, Fall,"-a song that delivered one of our most high-profile placements in the history of the band, as the basis for Jim Nantz's monologue during primetime of the opening rounds of the NCAA Basketball tournament.

We are truly proud of all that was accomplished...

So, we are more than excited to announce we are writing a new album as we speak. And we are upping the ante this time in every way. If Wait for the Siren proved anything to us, it is that the sky is the limit...

We learned a lot from our last project, and though we raised nearly $40,000.00 to produce the album, create artwork, press cd's, vinyl, print books, t-shirts, and mail everyone their orders worldwide, it was necessary for us to spend more than what we raised. In addition to producing the album/fulfilling your packages, we spent additional funds on publicity, marketing (including a music video), and a distribution team. Because we want to not only deliver the best album possible but do it on the best level possible we set our goal for this project at $50,000.00.

And there's more: Perhaps our favorite part of this last album cycle was our VIP acoustic performances. These sets were special because they presented the songs in a more personal way. So we will be recording four original, "unplugged" songs, in addition to the P86 album.

We have put together some great incentives that are meant to allow you to be a part of this project as much as possible; The greater your backing, the closer you will be to the process of making this record.

And as an added incentive, every backer of $40 and above will receive a digital copy of Andrew Schwab's first single from his brand new solo project (title TBA). You will be the first to hear this new music, as it will not be released to the public until later in the spring. You will receive the song as a special thank you for backing (again, $40 and above), as soon as the funding period of this project ends.

So, it's time for YOU friends of P86, to partner with us like never before. Join us in making another special P86 masterpiece.

Thank you, in advance, for being an integral part of this new project.

Back the Project HERE, NOW!


Wait For the Siren IS OUT!

We just wanted to check in with all of you and say thank you once again for your early support of Wait For the Siren. We are so proud of this record and have been blown away by the positive feedback and support we have received from our fans over the last several months. You guys are the best fans in the world.

With that said we want to see your bright shining faces on tour! We are finishing out our festival dates through September and then we hit the road again in October for a month with 12 Stones. Please check out tour dates and come out to a show to celebrate these new songs and this chapter of the band.

Also today is THE LAST day for folks to use the Best Buy $7.99 coupon so if you have a friend that might be interested or if you want to share the love please download it here:

Also check it out on iTunes and leave a nice review for us...

Thanks again friends!


If you still have not received your KS package by Monday/Tuesday of next week contact us at:

The book is coming soon!