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A lighthearted children's book, with plenty of ketchup, mustard, and lots of fun!
A lighthearted children's book, with plenty of ketchup, mustard, and lots of fun!
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The Titans of Taste : A Kids Book about Food & Friendship



The Titans of Taste is a fun, light hearted children's book about food and friendship. The two main characters, a young brother and sister, run into trouble when their meal comes to life and attacks! The children call upon a legendary group of heroes to help them fend off the tasteless food.

Front and Back Cover!
Front and Back Cover!

Enter the Titans of Taste! A diverse team of friends, each in command of a powerful and delicious condiment.

Early concept art
Early concept art

When the food attacks, these heroes know just how to take on the problem.

Interior Spreads!
Interior Spreads!

Do your kids love dipping? Mine do! It's a great way to make meal time just a bit more fun. The Titans of Taste plays with this idea in a fantastical way. When the children's food comes to life, they must work with the heroes to defend themselves with delicious sauces.

My youngest Julia, giving some carrots a ranch bath.
My youngest Julia, giving some carrots a ranch bath.

The Titans of Taste is a picture book designed for ages 3-8. My oldest daughter is 4 now, and she really enjoys having it read to her. It's a thrill to listen to her giggle at the silliness. 

Although this book is geared for a younger audience, I have found older kids enjoy it as well. There are little bits of added humor sprinkled about that older readers will be able to appreciate.

Book Progress

The illustrations and writing are all nearly completed. One final pass remains before headed to print. The book has already been read, critiqued, and edited by many professionals, including seasoned children's book artists and writers.

All the spreads in the book - covered to avoid spoilers :-)
All the spreads in the book - covered to avoid spoilers :-)

Pledge Levels

(If you want to order more than one copy or multiple pledges, you can do it! Just take the cost of one reward tier and multiply the amount when you pledge. You’ll be able to select how many pledges you want in the pledge manager after the Kickstarter ends.)

Deluxe Edition

It's deluxe son! This package contains a fun set of extra goodies for your young readers. You'll receive 6 unique stickers, seen on the book's front cover, representing each of hero. In addition you'll receive a letter-sized poster that you place on your fridge or in your kitchen. Each hero has a list of foods that taste delicious with their specialized flavor, and encourages kiddos to try (and defeat) a new food. When they do, check it off the list!


What have folks said so far? Here are some comments from editors and authors that have read this book:

"I was so excited to discover a fun, lighthearted story with bold, active art. Yay!"

Heather Kauffman - Former editor of Jack and Jill magazine, Humpty Dumpty magazine, and Turtle Magazine for Preschoolers

"This is awesome! Really cute, engaging characters that all kids can relate to. Every parent has faced their own version of the dreaded picky eater. The Titans of Taste are here to help! Can't wait to read this with my daughter."

Jennifer Sims - Project Manager and Editor for DK Publishing

"The Titans of Taste will surely thrill young readers with its heroic, adventurous and unique take on meal time. It's fun and colorful, highlighted by spectacular artwork!"

Greg Kishbaugh - Author : The Bone Welder

Stretch Goals?

There are a few cool items that I have planned if the campaign funds successfully beyond the goal.

A Word on Quality

This book is presented in a landscape format: 11” x 8.5” It is currently slated to be printed with Asia Pacific Offset, one of the top printers in the offset printing industry. I have personally worked with them for years, and their quality is top-notch. 

The pages will be printed on high-quality Gold East Matt Art paper, and filled with great color images and easy-to-read, large type. The spine of the book will be Smyth-sewn to give it a long-life. This allows for a flat opening book.

Printing and Delivery Schedule

These are the tentative dates for the printing schedule:

Aug 27 – digital proofs
Sep 03 – received the return digital proofs and okay to print
Sep 19 – fold and gathers (f&g's) approved 
Oct 01 – handbound approval
Oct 18 – advances copies approval
Oct 23 – Ready to Ship
Dec 10 - estimated ETA US delivery

Shipping Rates

Below are the estimated rates for this campaign. Adding the cost of shipping to a project, while convenient, bloats the total pledge amount, and is not accurate to the real production needs to produce the book. The shipping for this campaign will be charged through a pledge manager, and thanks to the nature of the media and weight, should be modest.

US - Standard Edition : $5 (Media Mail) 
US - Deluxe Edition : $9
(Indianapolis residents available for local pickup or dropoff)

Canada - Standard Edition : $17 
Canada - Deluxe Edition : $26 

Rest of the World - Standard Edition : $26
Rest of the World - Deluxe Edition : $36

Why Kickstarter?

Placing a children's book into the market place is a challenge. With the increase in digital media over the years, there are far less books printed now than ever in the children's marketplace. This creates less opportunity for your book to see a public release. There are print-on-demand services, but the unit costs are high, and you can't offer any interesting add-ons. 

Kickstarter is an ideal platform to find an audience, and to generate the funding for a high-quality short run of books.

The funding goal is set will cover cost of printing, ocean freight, and Kickstarter fees. I've set the goal to be as low as is possible, without incurring any risk.


I'm a full time illustrator and designer living in the greater Indianapolis area with my lovely wife and two young daughters. 

I have over 14 years of publishing experience, doing design and illustrations for hundreds of books, board games, and limited edition products. I am currently pursing my MFA in Illustration, with a focus on children's book publishing.

I love creating books, and it has been the backbone of my career. This is right in my wheelhouse. I’ve had the desire to create a children’s book for many years, but the season was never quite right. Other priorities have always demanded my attention and there has never been the time to truly shoulder into one. I feel my artistic maturity is at a good place. This feels like the right time, and the right title.

You can see more of my work and learn about my previous experience on my online portfolio and through my instagram account.

Risks and challenges

While this is my first children’s book, this is far from my first foray into publishing. I’ve worked with many printers, and seen hundreds of books, cards, and printed materials successfully printed and delivered to thousands of customers. I have invested a lot of time and effort into minimizing as many issues due to production and delivery as possible. All of the illustrations and designs for the rewards have been completed.

The printing process will begin soon after the Kickstarter funds have been received. I have carefully chosen experienced companies to ensure that the books and rewards are produced with the utmost care while staying on schedule. Delays are always a possibility, but I have done my best to mitigate them. Should any issues arise despite my best efforts, I will notify backers in a timely manner and provide them with up-to-date information.

Please Note: what you see is a near-final product. One more round of final editing will take place before files are submitted. As such there may be some very minor adjustments to what you see in the final product.

Thank you for your support!

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