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The kikori is an open source entry-level machine for small businesses. My main goal is to stimulate local manufacturing and design.
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Judah Sher

218 backers pledged $21,514 to help bring this project to life.

Wrapping this up

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Hey everyone.

I'll keep this brief.  I wanted so badly to turn this project into a tool to help people create stuff, but in the end I simply did not have what it takes to make it into a success.  I didn't realize how much more was involved other than simply designing a cool machine.

I'm wrapping up a contract this week.  Next week I'm devoting to getting the rest of the rewards finally out the door.  After everyone has what they pledged for, I'm mothballing this venture.  I might revisit it some time in the future, but for now I need to move on and focus on other things.

My apologies to all of you.  You all threw your support behind me, and I've let you down.  I'm going to do my best to make good by all of you.



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    1. Creator regis on September 1, 2013

      Still haven't heard back either here or in response to the several 'contact me' message I sent you explaining that since you were unable to provide the reward in any kind of timely fashion I would like a refund - per Kickstarter terms of service. I'd really like all this to be settled quickly so this causes any problems with your new kickstarter project (

    2. Creator mcphill on August 6, 2013

      How does this work for those of us who's "reward" is a substantial or complete build/copy of the machine (rather than a knick-knack)?

    3. Creator regis on August 5, 2013

      Hey there -
      Sorry the project didnt work out as hoped.

      (Btw, I recently sent you a message via the kick starter site about my preferences wrt the pledge/reward).

    4. Creator Judah Sher on August 5, 2013

      Justin, thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot.

    5. Creator CosmicIrony on August 5, 2013

      I was delighted to support your venture, and I love my balisong screwdriver. You put incredible effort into this, and your reports let me indirectly experience the challenges of creating something. I'm sure you've learned from this and will accomplish great things in the future.
      Bravo and good luck!
      Justin (cosmicirony)