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A drunken pig, a wooden leg hidden in a cellar, and a bookkeeper's fatal rampage become the stuff of legend in Mythical Proportions

Mythical Proportions is my one woman show about myth, memories, and legends.  The subtitle is "The Fictional Life of Truth" because though our own stories become our truth, they are also meant to entertain, I think, or to provoke, or just to sort out who we are with ourselves. So they become bigger than truth along the way. My forte on Saturday Night Live back in the late 80's was creating characters, and the work I do in films and TV is not quite the same.  I miss Liz Sweeney and Pat Stevens.  I miss writing for them and performing them.  I wrote three new characters for this show, all with very different stories.  One is an 87 year old Hollywood agent who discovered some of the most iconic movie stars of the 50's.  One is a bookkeeper from Northern England who saved for years to take a holiday in Southern California, and her naive lust for the sun leads her to take a desperate turn in life, and the other is an African American woman who recounts her family history and how racism affected her husband's life in the 50's, and how his daughters announcement that she's marrying a white man forces him to confront it.   I wrote another monologue for a character that was presented in my last one woman show, Small Prey, who's a seven year old.  She muses on Mr. Rogers and a show she's not supposed to watch, Lockdown, about the American Prison system.  Woven in are my own stories, including one about a wooden leg discovered in a basement of one of the many houses my parents rented while we were growing up, and I had that wooden leg made as a folk art piece and sold it as part of one of our benefits.  I am making a limited edition of the leg as one of my rewards!   Believe it or not, in the end, all of the stories in the piece create one theme about life, being human, and the discovery process that is our life experience.  This show is set to open at Theater Wit in Chicago on August 20th, but I still need close to $10,000 to make that happen.  Theater is rewarding but it doesn't pay!  Still, I believe my show has the potential to run into December.  It is an Equity Show which means our crew belongs to the union and receives health care coverage and Actor's Equity wages.  And that is very important to me and to them.  Please become a part of my story and the vital nature of live theater.  Storytelling is what I grew up with, and this is my way of keeping that alive....  Nora Dunn

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I think my project is a low risk project. I am booked into Theater Wit in Chicago, a process that took several months. The writing and developing of the show was done over two years in Madison Wisconsin, Los Angeles, Three Oaks, Michigan, and in Chicago. I had my eye on Theater Wit for a long time, and loved the work I saw there. I have a great theater producer in Steven Ullman who produces theater in New York and Chicago, and has taken two shows to Edenborough. We have raised a good portion of what we need, but not enough. The theater is an equity house, so the crew are members of Actor's Equity, and they receive an equity salary paid for by what we raise and what we take in at the box office. Employees of Mythical Proportions of course get health insurance and monies to their pensions. Theater work is not high paying, but Actor's Equity is a well respected union and people do make it their life's work because they love live theater. What we raise insures these salaries, publicity, paid adds, set design and costume and keeping the theater heated or air conditioned. Project Runway's Peach Carr, also a Chicagoan, is designing my costume, and the painter and poet Arica Hilton has lent us a beautiful painting as our mythical set piece.


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    A very nice art print poster of Mythical Proportions. Not a limited edition, but signed by Nora Dunn. OR a Peach Carr T-Shirt. Peach was a popular contestant on Project Runway and is designing my costume. (Peach Carr T-shirts are for girls and boys who like to dress like girls not boys) The T-shirts are black with silver graphic on the front, or white with a silver patch on the sleeve.

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    A numbered and signed limited edition silk screen poster of Mythical Proportions. The image on our poster is the wooden leg seen as our graphic here.

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    A limited edition Wooden Leg, as seen in the graphic on the site. Signed by Nora Dunn, and crafted by Chicago Artist Brent Houston, the wooden leg is part of a story in the play. The original wooden leg sold at our auction for $500.

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    Two tickets to the live production of Mythical Proportions at Theater Wit in Chicago, followed by champagne with Nora Dunn after the show in Theater Wit's private green room.

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