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10min4walls is a show that takes us inside the lives and minds of artists with the intention of affirming artists important role in society.

The aim of 10min4walls ( or is to go inside the minds and studios of artists exposing the rest of the world to the creative mind. Thus, making a case for the need to further appreciate artists within society. It is so important to culture at large that the show will be traveling to New Mexico, LA, San Francisco, Vegas, DC, Phoenix and NYC (once again, the first eight were all Brooklyn) to interview even more artists. Thus, creating a cross section of the type of art and artists working in various parts of the USA (the dream is to eventually go global!).
Larger art programs often tend to interview big name artists, 10min4walls plans to interview various artists at various stages of their career and thus give a larger perspective on the creative process. By giving a glimpse into the lives of artists it is believed society at large is more likely to feel engaged with art and artists and be inspired creatively themselves.
To do this more effectively an upgrade in equipment is needed! The show was started with no budget, a little flip camera and iMovie for editing (and trial and error method of journalism). To communicate the program's intentions more fully a camera with better capabilities and more options is ideal as is a microphone, better editing software and the sorts of gadgets needed to up the quality. The first eight episodes have been a creative schooling and now it is hoped that with your help the show can improve technically so as to become more engaging and professional. By "upgrading" the technology and editing, the mission then will be better communicated! The funds will go toward: a camera(lumix dmc gf1),microphones, editing software, travel cases, back up battery, additional lens and if i can squeeze it in another hard drive! Yippeee!
If you believe in the value of art and artists feel free to share the links, spread the word, donate and get involved!


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    For $1 you can submit the name of an artist you think should be interviewed in any of the following cities: NYC,DC,PHX, ABQ, Santa Fe, Vegas, San Francisco, LA and you will get a thank you email of course! :)

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    Receive a set of postcards created by a 10min4walls artist! YAY!

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    You get a "da bomb" blok ! What is a blok? Go here and have a look Its a mini painting that comes in fancy packaging and is about 3 x 5 inches. This is PROOF that YOU are DA BOMB. (it is hand painted by the way)

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    You receive a random blok (see more here or you can commission YOUR OWN IDEA as a blok. Sweet packaging and your own art collaboration.

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    You get a producers credit on 6 episodes and a fancy blok to call your own.

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    If you live in one of the cities 10min4walls will be in, you can pay to play! Meaning if you give $1000 I will come interview YOU (but you gotta be an artist of some sort)! Cities include: LA, NYC,DC,Santa Fe, ABQ,PHX, and Vegas.

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