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Ever wanted to conquer a galaxy? In Conquest, a hot seat strategy board game for the iPad and Android tablets, you’ll get exactly that.
Created by

Blackwell Hird

114 backers pledged $41,291 to help bring this project to life.


As our finale draws near I come to you with another faction, and a last request. Currently we have over 100 backers, and 40000 in pledges. If everyone were to increase their bid by




we will achieve victory. We still have a little under 1 full day left, so I appeal to all of you, my friends, lets make it a day to remember!

With that I present the fourth faction in the Conquest Universe, and perhaps my favorite:

The Sons of Odin

From the independent starship poaching freighters to raider bands taking down entire convoys, pirates are a constant presence along the trade. Toward the end of the civil war however, a new force began to emerge from the dregs of space. Fashioning themselves after the Vikings of ancient Earth the Sons of Odin follow the enigmatic Odin; who may or may not believe himself the Norse god in human form. Merciless as a rule and violent to a point, the Sons started out preying on the trading lanes of OSA space. Since their emergence however they’ve grown only more aggressive and most recently shocked civilized space by launching a full assault on an OSA world. With this attack the Sons of Odin raised themselves from fringe threat to galactic player.


    1. Creator jeremy dworkin on April 5, 2012

      great work Beep, now go for it and get rich, best, BD and Jeremy