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Ever wanted to conquer a galaxy? In Conquest, a hot seat strategy board game for the iPad and Android tablets, you’ll get exactly that.
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Blackwell Hird

114 backers pledged $41,291 to help bring this project to life.

More good news...

Michael Pachter of Pach Attack has tweeted us, and as a result the IGDA (International Game Developers Association) has gotten in on the act! We are now on their curated kickstarter page here:

Pretty awesome I'd say. And to celebrate I give you the second faction of Conquest: 

The Out Systems Alliance

Fragmented, diverse and fiercely independent, the Out Systems Alliance is less of a governing body than it is a group of worlds thrown together by the necessity of war. United by their desire to break away from the TU, the OSA is a hodge-podge of oligarchies, monarchies and faltering democracies whose sole commonality is their disgust with the pomp of the TU. Though unstable in their disposition and ever on the brink of war with each other, the OSA possess an unmatched strength of numbers and an uncanny ability to set aside their own internal squabbling when pragmatism dictates the need to work together.