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A sleek, minimal key and wallet system that is designed for the modern lifestyle. Custom Engraving available.
A sleek, minimal key and wallet system that is designed for the modern lifestyle. Custom Engraving available.
1,556 backers pledged $113,484 to help bring this project to life.

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Second update


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Hey Guys! =]

This is what we have been up to:

I currently do not have my Camera with me so I will post up a second update during this upcoming weekend to show you all the cut keys and the RFID Cards and orders being shipped out this week. (Pictures).

Sorry about the grammar I wrote this on my phone while in class.

Order Status

 1)We just semi finish the order status database (All info will be uploaded Friday night as we are receiving more keys and shipping more out so it would be more accurate by Friday) as of right now everyone database account are all the same (nothing is marked off) nothing will be updated until Friday. You can still test this out now.

****** UPDATE : We just receive a couple of messages of people wondering why their status has shown " not receive" even though they have sent it in. As of right now everyone has a "not receive" or blank account until Friday (as mention above ) when we can give a more accurate status update.

We were trying to push this out as soon as possible so there is no awesome looking User interface or anything along that line this is the bare minimum.

Things we are adding on by next week (hopefully) to this database.

Is the Ability to change shipping address. If you receive a tracking number it will no longer be adjustable.

To check ( or try it out) :

1)Go to this Link :

2)Enter the email you provided us with.

3)This database will show your tracking number, how far it is from being shipped, if we are missing your template and your survey and etc. (It will show by Friday)


We would like to thank everyone for supporting us and being patience with us while we sort through everything. Everyone who ordered a Keylet will be receiving a RFID Blocking card as a gift from us. This card is used to protect our backers from people trying to skim information off your credit and debit card. This video will provide further details about RFID. It will be up for sales on our website for 10 USD, after we have finish shipping out all rewards to our backers if you wish to have additional ones. Check the Link below for more information regarding RFID.


We have been receiving more stock keys weekly. When we first started this product we did not account for the massive amount of Mailbox keys and have been ordering them as soon as we can identify them. Our original supplier of keys can not provide us with Mailbox keys so we had to go through a third party wholesaler.


We ran out of USB so Nhu just ordered a fresh batch that should come in soon.


This is what we been up to:

We made an email that we would check constantly ( Except on the weekends). It is easier to keep track of all the questions from one inbox and answer them in a timely manner. If you have a question can you please message us on Kickstarter or Email us at

1) Sorting out Key templates

2) Ordering keys

3) Shipping out what we can.

Our products are custom made (keys) to fit everyone, no two orders are the same since everyone has different keys/cars and etc. So we can not just have them manufactured and ship them out since we need to give you the right keys and we apologize for not being able to process all the orders faster.

On Hand

As of current we have about 625 units plus or minus a few (Caddy and Keylet) on hand and are picking up more upcoming week.

We have most the Tin Box put together with the logos on them.

We have about 3/4 of all the Kits put together. (includes screws, vinyls, washers and etc.)

The only thing slowing us down from shipping everything are the Keys.

We carry certain stock keys on hand Kwikset, Schlage and etc. (Car keys are not stock standards, we do not have enough orders of the same car keys to bulk up on them.)

Key Process:

1) We print out all key templates and file them by name.

2) We then sort through all the template and find the non-identifiable key and email those who have not filled out the form correctly or the images are blurry.

3) If we have your keys on hand we pack and ship them as soon as we can.

4) If we do not have your keys we put in an order for your keys, it arrives to us about 7-10 business (about two weeks) day after we order, then it gets cut.

5) Then shipped

Key Type & Blank Key

We are missing about 700 Templates. So please go to this link download the templates fill it out and follow the instructions:

If you choose not to use the Key template or Like to speed up your order please do the following:

You can go to this link download the correct Pdf. Identify your own Key and email us at

North America – Download Section 2

International Keys – Download Section 3

And etc.

Disclaimer: If you chose to pick your own keys there is no return or exchange on the key blanks, because when we order your one off keys and cut the crown they are not longer returnable.


The number of Kickstarter rewards total:

Keylet – 1,343 unit

Caddy – 1160 unit


Listed Backers: 1556

Backers that payment went through 1440 (plus or minus a few)

Key Template: Total Key Template we received:

Backers: 546

Gift: 170 (plus or minus a few)

Missing template about: 725 Plus or minus a few


A lot of our backers are asking for an ETA- Our goal is to ship out all those who sent us the Key Template or identify their own keys by the end of the month. We have been shipping all the ones we can for he last couple of weeks. As of this time counting the templates and what we have shipped so far we should be able to ship out about a total of a tad more than half the rewards by the end of the month (because we are missing a lot of backer’s key type)

Holidays and Shipping.

Hey guys,

Hope you guys had an awesome holiday and new year (which is coming up).

We been busy packing things. The holiday slowed us down a lot since our manufacture was on vacation but we are picking up the pace again.

We had a couple request of pictures for our work space." target="_blank">" target="_blank">


We packaged (with the help of my sister) and paid for the postage today for our new batch, which we were suppose to drop them off at the post office but we did not make it in time. So they go out first thing tomorrow morning. These are Key Caddy, due to the holiday our engraver did not have enough time to finish the Keylet he should be coming back upcoming week to have them ready." target="_blank">

Keys" target="_blank">


To all the people who shipped us their keys, they have been cut. We keep everyone key in different ziplock bag so it does not get mixed up. They will be sent out with our out next batch. It is really interesting to see different keys from around the world. :)" target="_blank">

We are still sorting through all the templates that has been sent to us.


Our manufacture has been on Holiday for past couple of days so we were not able to get our hands on any RFID blocking cards. But the good news is they have worked out most the kinks so manufacturing should be smooth from now on.


As of right now how we are shipping is by uploading the orders on to PayPal through excel, paying and printing out the shipping labels. They do come with tracking numbers, but the only problem is there is no automatic way to send out tracking number and having us email each number is very time consuming and the time is better spent packing things. Does any body have a solution for automatic shipping information to be sent out every time we pay for postage?


We will also be filming a " how to installation video for the Keylet / caddy" the upcoming week.  

Happy Holiday and Mini Update


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