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A sleek, minimal key and wallet system that is designed for the modern lifestyle. Custom Engraving available.
Created by

Anthony & Nhu

1,556 backers pledged $113,484 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator thompson ritchie on April 30

      Took my money and ran.

    2. Creator kenrick on April 30

      For the record, I never got anything.

    3. Creator Jordan S. Keller on April 28

      I don't really care anymore at this point, but for the record, I never got anything either.

    4. Creator LuiGirl on April 17

      I never got mine either.

    5. Creator Daniel on March 27

      I never got mine is there anyway to still get what i pledged for?

    6. Creator Frank on February 26

      Any updates? anything???

    7. Creator Andrew Keller on August 26, 2014

      Isn't it crazy how this probably happens all the time on kickstarter and no one is held accountable?

    8. Creator Andrew Keller on May 6, 2014

      Hey everyone!
      Check out this article. State of Washington is suing a kickstarter company because they never delivered on their promise!!! They recommend filing a claim with the BBB. I'll be doing it momentarily, but I had to share... wouldn't it be nice if Anthony & Nhu didn't get to keep our $113,484.00 ? For your own sanity people, file a claim.

    9. Creator Andrew Hooson on April 6, 2014

      why are you guys still sweating over this? you backed a brand new company building a new to market product with no history or experience and you want to move to litigation? the product was shit anyway (I received one, tried it, threw it in the trash)... this is the risk you take... for your own sanity people, move on

    10. Creator Antonios Drakos - Liakopoulos on April 2, 2014

      Someone's got to do something, about it. It's not easy to make a claim for 80, 100 or even 200$, because of the legal expenses, but this is getting ridiculous!
      Kickstarter just pleads not guilty and two smart guys get away with 100,000$!!! This whole thing spoils the reputation of Kickstarter though...
      I hope no other smart guys start fabricating this system!

    11. Creator Shirley Lo on April 2, 2014

      Please keep me updated. I have not been able to get in touch for a refund or my key caddy.

    12. Creator kenrick on March 12, 2014

      Any updates?

    13. Creator Catalina Valderrama on February 15, 2014

      Andrew Keller keep me posted. I really need my money back. I haven't heard anything, they asked me to open a PayPal account so they could refund me but they didn't.

    14. Creator Andrew Keller on February 10, 2014

      We are going to begin litigation to sue this company. Please stay in contact, as we will need everyone's input in proceeding with this.

      Let's get our money back.

    15. Creator Nate Tharp on January 24, 2014

      For what it's worth, the Crearri "status" page is still live.

      I put in my email address and it showed exactly what I expected. That they've received everything from me and have processed or shipped anything.

    16. Creator Nate Tharp on January 24, 2014

      I emailed Kickstarter back in September after not being able to get in touch with anyone from Keylet/Crearri. They responded the next day with this:

      "Hi Nate,

      Thanks for writing in and bringing this to our attention. I'm sorry to hear that the creator has been unresponsive. If you have already sent them a message through the "Contact me" link on the project page but haven't gotten a response, you might also check their profile for other contact information.

      On each project page, you'll see a 'bio' link on the right. In the bio you will see a link to their Facebook profile, website, or both and you can try contacting them through those. Unfortunately, we aren't able to provide any additional information other than what is listed on the creator's profile.

      If you’re interested in getting refunded for a project that you’ve backed, you’ll need to take that up directly with the project creator. Kickstarter doesn’t issue refunds as transactions are between you and the creator. Kickstarter itself doesn’t have the funds — the creator does. Therefore, I’d suggest trying to send the creator another note letting them know of your request, and the reasons why."

      I never wrote back because I'd already tried everything that was suggested.

    17. Creator Teddy Waffles on January 23, 2014

      So these guys got over 100k and no ones getting their one can contact them (because the email doesnt exist anymore!)...and theres no way to get our money back?

      Anyone else having this problem?

    18. Creator Siripoj Kammaraphat on January 20, 2014

      try to sent key pic but your email is unavailable...

    19. Creator Andrew Keller on January 20, 2014

      I sent in my key pics a couple weeks ago (I was waiting until I got my new car, yay!) But I haven't heard back.... anything else I should do?

      Thank you!!

    20. Creator Andrew Keller on January 20, 2014

      I sent in my key pics a couple weeks ago (I was waiting until I got my new car, yay!) But I haven't heard back.... anything else I should do?

      Thank you!!

    21. Creator Andrew Keller on January 20, 2014

      I sent in my key pics a couple weeks ago (I was waiting until I got my new car, yay!) But I haven't heard back.... anything else I should do?

      Thank you!!

    22. Creator Andrew Keller on January 20, 2014

      I sent in my key pics a couple weeks ago (I was waiting until I got my new car, yay!) But I haven't heard back.... anything else I should do?

      Thank you!!

    23. Creator Andrew Keller on January 20, 2014

      I sent in my key pics a couple weeks ago (I was waiting until I got my new car, yay!) But I haven't heard back.... anything else I should do?

      Thank you!!

    24. Creator vera ho on December 15, 2013

      Has anyone tried to do a dispute on their credit card for this?

    25. Creator Viet Do on December 15, 2013

      Would be nice to get an explanation on what went wrong.

    26. Creator jorge gomez on December 12, 2013

      I have not received a response to messages or my key caddy.

    27. Creator Antonios Drakos - Liakopoulos on December 12, 2013

      No luck here either...
      Haven't received my keylet yet, and won't receive it, I suppose.
      Any help from Kickstarter for this situation?

    28. Creator Mark Marinic on December 11, 2013

      Not received my pledge nor have creators responded to any of my e-mails. Anyone else have any luck?

    29. Creator Bernard Evans on December 6, 2013

      I still haven't received my pledge either. I have been emailing Crearri and Anthony and Nhu for the past six months now with no reply. Furthermore, and even more depressing, Kickstarter has yet to respond to my multiple emails as well. This is criminal. I've backed a few projects now, all have been late, none have yet to deliver, but this is ridiculous. Kickstarter, please help us and protect your supporters. You exist because of us, please refund those who haven't received a pledge. Also, please ban Crearri, Anthony and Nhu from Kickstarter. Many of us are waiting for you to take action. Please help.

    30. Creator Christophe on December 5, 2013

      Nice to see Kickstarter deleting comments but not helping people track down Anthony and Nhu.

    31. Creator Uwe on December 3, 2013

      This project seems to have gone awry... asked for refund several times, the guys have gone into hiding, no more answers on emails, facebook pages deleted, etc... guess the ones who have not received their keylets yet (like me) can write their money off...

    32. Creator Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on November 19, 2013

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    33. Creator Daniel Prince on November 15, 2013

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    34. Creator Kevin Wong on November 15, 2013

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    35. Creator Waleed on November 14, 2013

      I did not receive my keylet !
      I wait too long !!!
      Can you tell me please when I will receive it ?
      thank you

    36. Creator ysvoon on November 12, 2013

      Emailed them twice asking for the delivery date of my keycaddy. no reply. Going to try again & ask for a refund.

    37. Creator jedro on November 7, 2013

      Should have known when I read their bio "We have always been trouble makers taking things apart and combining them or sometime not being able to put them back together" :)

    38. Creator jedro on November 7, 2013

      Still waiting for a refund, since they couldn't provide suitable keys. They're not responding to messages.

    39. Creator Ian 'The Dude' Bernstein on November 5, 2013

      Finally got my Keylet today and was quite disappointed. The outer material is thick aluminum... so thick in fact that it doesn't bend at all. I'm going to damage my cards and tear my bills just trying to get more than a couple into the wallet. The two halves are glued (yes, you can see the glue - maybe JB Weld?) together via a thicker piece of aluminum. They should have hollowed out this center piece to a) hide the excess glue, and b) make the wallet MUCH lighter. Like previous people mentioned it literally weighs more than my iPhone 5 and cards/money combined. Overall it's not usable for me but if you only have a couple credit cards and your wallet needs to survive a bomb blast then you're in luck. I'd be curious to hear why they made the design decisions they did because this was not the beautiful design I was envisioning. Anyone?

    40. Creator W Dodd Russell on October 24, 2013

      Does anyone know what happened to these guys? I haven't seen anything and would like to find them-please let us all know if you know-this is the worst KS project yet

    41. Creator Rami Nasra on October 22, 2013

      Sad to see so many who havent gotten their pledges. I've been using my keycaddy for a few months now and have no intention of going back to normal keychains. Now my only concern is how to arrange for future keys to be customized to fit. :s

    42. Creator Catalina Valderrama on October 20, 2013

      I want a refund too please.

    43. Creator Juta C. on October 17, 2013

      Their Facebook pages have disappeared.

    44. Creator Joe Silva on October 14, 2013

      I would appreciate a full refund as soon as possible as the product will not be provided as promised. Another question, what happens to the templates for the keys that were sent in?

    45. Creator Chris TiMaG #14 L on October 13, 2013

      Full refund please, since you cannot fulfill your pledges.

    46. Creator Nick Vance on September 26, 2013

      I actually got my Keylet in the spring, but it was broken. It was repairable but I didn't have the time or tools to do the repairs.

      I was promised a replacement for several months with no results until finally emailing in for a refund. I paid for the return shipping to return the broken Keylet, but it's been several weeks now with no refund. And my emails are bouncing now too.

      It certainly seems like these guys have cut and run. At the very least they owe us an apology and explanation. Ideally, refunds for everyone who didn't get their order.

      If anyone lives around Orange, CA and/or knows another way we can get some info or response from these guys, let us know.

    47. Creator Max on September 25, 2013

      Hi Guys, email bounces back, no money refunded and no product. Are there any next steps to take to get the money back? Anybody?

    48. Creator kenrick on September 24, 2013

      Its more then a year since the project been funded and this is unacceotable

    49. Creator Vincent Kam on September 16, 2013

      I would like a refund as well. I tried contacting you through the support email address and it bounced back.


    50. Creator Edward on September 14, 2013

      I'd also like a refund... a year past the expected ship date, no updates since Feb, website no longer valid, support email address no longer valid.

      Come on guys, give us an update or give us our money back.

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