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A sleek, minimal key and wallet system that is designed for the modern lifestyle. Custom Engraving available.

Check update #4 for information about the USB & Custom engraving.

Why choose the Keylet? 

· Never be without your keys or wallet again!

· Slim profile: at less than half the size of the traditional wallet, the Keylet will effortlessly slide into your pocket.

· Durability: the stainless steel delivers exceptional strength to withstand the pounding of daily use. 

· This same stainless steel that composes the Keylet is used in hospital equipments as it contributes to a germ free environment.

· The Keylet is easy to clean, will not rust or break with normal everyday usage.

· Stainless steel is more scratch resistant compared to other materials.

· Less clutter, eliminate the bulkiness and annoying jingling sounds of keys.

· Have everything you need in a single pocket. Enjoy your newfound portability!

· Simple yet stylish; makes a great addition to your daily life.


How did the Keylet come about?

While jogging one day, the keys in my pocket kept jingling and my other pocket housed a rather bulky wallet; it was uncomfortable and inefficient. In addition, the wallets that are currently being used wear out quickly after several months. We wanted to solve these dilemmas; we wanted to create a wallet that would eliminate clutter, possess a slim profile, and be durable. And, after a multitude of prototypes, we have found the perfect solution:

The Keylet

However, after talking with family and friends, another problem presented itself: the number of keys the Keylet could hold. To solve this problem, we came up with:

The Key Caddy:

This convenient companion to the Keylet provides the perfect complement for those that carry around a multitude of keys.

The Design Process:           


When we first set out with the initial design, we wanted it to be the following:

· To be unique

· To be sophisticated

· To be compact and efficient, while allowing easy access to all the important essentials.

· To not be restricted by traditional wallet design.

· To be strong enough to withstand the rigors and beating of an active lifestyle.

· To divert from the status quo and rethink what a wallet should be able to do.

· To be made right here in the U.S.A

We spent over a year designing and redesigning the Keylet until we felt it captured the true essence of what we envisioned. When constructing the Keylet, we did it with a passion and a purpose. Why make something that we do not believe in and would not use every day?

Material and Construction:

It took a lot of refining and countless hours of research to decide what the best material for our creation would be. We need it to be durable, withstand even the most active and on-the-go lifestyle, but at the same time provide the finest quality and promote simplicity. So, we:

· Used precision construction and machinery for quality

· Used 304 Stainless Steel with a number 4 brushed finished -- by using this alloy for the two outer plates, it provides rigidity and with the number 4 brushed finish, it helps protect against scratches.

· Used a 6061 aluminium core for keeping the overall product lightweight.

· Used counter-sunk holes for a flush design

The design of the Keylet was kept simple, and, in doing so, this made it easy to finalize construction.


· Traditional wallets are bulky and cumbersome

· Most wallets wear out within a few years, if not a few months

· Most money clips made from the same respectable material retail for over $80!

· Many competitors advertise that they will hold everything you need, but this is clearly not the case

· Requires the consumer to pay a premium for more sophisticated wallets

What we need the money for:

· Up to this point, we have used all our cash and nearly maxed out all of our credit cards; we need the money to place manufacturing orders as well as to package the product.

· Upon successful launch of the Keylet and Key Caddy, we will:

Week 1:               

Place order for manufacturing (process will take approximately 4 weeks)

Week 2-4:          

Place order for packaging material, keys, bolts

Send survey for key type and place orders for keys

Week 5:               

Keylet returns from production line and will be laser etched 

Inspect each keylet and key caddy for flawless quality

Week 6:               

Package orders and ready them for shipment

About Us

We are two awesome friends from Orange County, CA

We have known each other since second grade and grew up together like brothers. We have always been trouble makers taking things apart and combining them or sometime not being able to put them back together; whether it was finding a way to tie our shoes quicker on the kindergarten playgrounds or designing a clothing line. Our goal has not deviated ever since, we have remain focus in hopes of a simpler tomorrow.

Anthony Hoang: Designer and Dreamer of the team.
Nhu Truong: Engineer and Builder of the team.

We laugh, eat, build, eat, innovate, eat, archery, sleep and simplify life. =]

Made right here in the USA


  • When you refer someone, make sure they include your email address in their order. After you refer two people, send us their order information along with your shipping address. Once everything has been verified you will be getting your very own key caddy! It’s that simple!

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  • Yes, yes we are.

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  • As soon as we reach our goals we will open another Batch of the key Caddy the only reason we can't do that right now is that because if we sell it as a stand alone product we won't meet minimum requirement for the Key let and Key Caddy as we have a made a deal with our manufacture to order both of it in one order to reduce the cost. If we can find a new place to produce the Keylet and Key Caddy for a lower price we will release a batch ASAP even before we reach our goals.

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  • At this time both product will only accept mechanical keys. We are currently looking into more modern keys such as those with transponders as well as laser etched keys. We are working towards incorporating them into future design.

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  • Shipping time will vary based on individual countries custom policy.

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  • The product will be shipped out end of October or beginning of November.

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  • We spent all our money on research and development of the keylet and key caddy, unfortunately the quality of the video can only be so good when recording with a toaster.

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  • When Kickstarter ends we send out a size chart; you then select the appropriate size key for your needs. If there is a key that we can not get our hands on, you can send us your key or a blank version of your key which our machine shop will modify (jig, drill, and deburr) to fit the Keylet or Key Caddy.( No extra charge for the service)

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  • Any hardware store will offer this service for a small fee.

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  • The keylet will include 2 keys while the key caddy will have 4 keys.

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  • The Keylet weighs 3.7 ounces (105 grams) or as much as a regular wallet

    The Key Caddy weighs 1.75 ounces (49 grams).

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  • We provide all the keys and screws you need, all you have to do is slide the key in and tighten two screws. The aluminum core is bonded with the back plate and the front plate just needed to be screwed on.

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  • Yes, please add $5 to your order for additional keys

    Our website should be up and running in the near future and and additional keys needed can be order directed from our site.

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  • You can change your pledge amount by visiting the project page and click “Manage Your Pledge.” Enter a new amount in the pledge amount box. Note that you are not adding to your existing pledge; the amount you enter will be the total amount collected if the project is successfully funded.

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