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The world’s most extensive modular headphone system is going wireless with the H05, our smart Bluetooth headband.
The world’s most extensive modular headphone system is going wireless with the H05, our smart Bluetooth headband.
The world’s most extensive modular headphone system is going wireless with the H05, our smart Bluetooth headband.
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    1. AIAIAI Creator on March 28

      For product issues, please make a support ticket here:

    2. Missing avatar

      Jack Lee on March 27

      My wireless TMA-2 Modular Headphone has a problem, it's can not connect with any of my devices. I only get to use two times after having it.
      How can I replace it?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jan Deruyck on March 16

      Hi guys, I've file a support ticket, but in the mean time would love to run this by you. I'm experiencing 'loss' while using the headphone & spotify.

      I'm using one of the latest macbook pro's and Spotify. But the stuttering makes virtually impossible for me to listen to music. I've deconnected my phone, but it seems there's packet loss...

      Updated to the latest version. Anyone having this issue?


    4. AIAIAI Creator on January 22

      Thanks for the feedback and nice words :)

      As we said in our latest update, we're not checking kickstarter regularly - you will have to through our normal support channel on

      @Franco R.: Can you make a product issue here: and choose "Software update issue"
      @Junsuh: Can you make a product issue here: and choose "Other (please describe)" and write "Turns off when stretched"

      We need this for the replacement procedure, and statistics.

    5. Missing avatar

      Junsuh on January 21

      Hi there,

      My H05 has a problem when I try to wear it. Basically it turns off itself when the band is stretched. It is ok before wear it, but once I tried to wear, it turns off.

      Can you please help?

    6. Missing avatar

      David Field on January 15

      I have been using these every day since I received them. Wireless and wired using S04. After figuring out how to get a macbook to use aptx, the headphones went from great to super awesome! Really happy with them.

    7. Hans Meijer on December 28

      I don't know if anyone already tried it, but you can simply go wireless and wired with the H05, by plugging in the cable as usual with your standard headbands. Of course when using it wired there's no need to have it powered on. Previously I kept switching headbands if I wanted either wireless or wired. Speaking of multifunctional!

      BTW I still love this set :)

    8. Alfred
      on December 22

      So far enjoying my TMA2 and am very glad I backed your campaign, thanks!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Alex on December 21

      After the update version 2, the mucic can't go back or restart the track again, only can go forward

    10. Robert Barnwell on December 14

      I know you guys are swamped but a nice update would be showing battery % when connected to MacOS. Similar to what you did on IOS :D Thanks!

    11. Ilho Park on December 13

      Dear AIAIAI Support,

      Finally I got a replacement H5 today!!!
      The sound is so good that it makes no sense.
      The connection is too stable.
      I am glad that I have received the reward of waiting days.
      Thank you.

    12. Missing avatar

      Franco R. on December 13

      UPDATE: Unit powers back on thankfully after 10-20 minutes of inactivity.

      I can confirm the update was NOT pushed due to the unit still having no power off sound

    13. Missing avatar

      Franco R. on December 13

      AIAI team

      The update on the H05 headset does not work as instructed.

      I have folllowed the instructions specifically

      i am upgrading from UPDATE 1 (previously installed) to UPDATE 2

      After holding top and bottom buttons (until light goes off) the update is recognized and goes into a percentage counter.

      Every time the % count reaches 100% it errors out

      "Something went wrong - please re-connect and start updated again"

      I uninstall completely and try the same steps again, every time with the same result.
      The headset is charged to FULL before the upgrade is attempted.

      On top of that, the headphone is rendered bricked after these attempts.

      It does not power on, respond to any button pushes, cannot reset, etc. Nothing

      I am trying to get it to become responsive and will report back if successful.

      Can you please provide any assistance to this issue?

    14. Kenneth Pang on December 12

      Dear AIAIAI,

      I had some issue on the delivery and still have yet to receive the headphone. Could you please refer to my email/message? I am still awaiting for you reply.


    15. mick weijers on December 11

      Hi Aiaiai team.

      I see a few comments about delay in audio vs video. Is that an issue you are working on? I have the problem on my iphone SE and on my windows 10 pc.
      A second issue I have is that I cant pause netflix on my phone while connected to the headphones. it continues playing all the time. Where can I/we check what issues are being handled?

    16. James Gilmour on December 9

      Having issues pairing to my phone (iPhone 6) but connects to my iPad no problem �

    17. Missing avatar

      on December 9

      I continue to be impressed by the TMA-2 HO5 even after over a month of use. Especially the battery use. After 4hrs only 10% and 8hrs only 20%. I seem to be coming close to the 18 limit for a single use before charging. Sound quality with the SO4 is perfect for type of music I listen to.

    18. AIAIAI Creator on December 7

      @René Munk Thalund: (sorry about the previous comment!) In order to receive the discount for the upgrade to TMA-2, please follow this link and write your email under "apply for 30% discount": We will come back to you with a voucher code that you can use ordering the missing TMA-2 parts :-)

    19. AIAIAI Creator on December 7

      @ené Munk Thalund: In order to receive the discount for the upgrade to TMA-2, please follow this link and write your email under "apply for 30% discount": We

    20. AIAIAI Creator on December 7

      @amin farhan : Please reach out to us by creating a product issue ticket: . Thank you!

    21. AIAIAI Creator on December 7

      @David McIntyre: We came back on 5/12 and will send you a mail today regarding your other questions. Sorry about the delay!

    22. AIAIAI Creator on December 7

      @Karan Chaitanya Mudgal: Please switch around the speaker units and see if the sound issue remains on the same side. After trying this, please create a product issue ticket here and report to us what you found out: Thank you! We will come back to you asap.

    23. AIAIAI Creator on December 7

      @Colonna: Please create a product issue ticket here: Thank you! We will come back to you asap.

    24. AIAIAI Creator on December 7

      @Michael Jenkins: We are very sorry about the delayed response! We hope you received our mail (5/12) with the voucher code. If not, please let us know and we’ll resend it to you.

    25. AIAIAI Creator on December 7

      @ Sergei Tatarinov: Unfortunately, PS 3 only works with its own wireless headphones. There is not that much we can do about it - sorry!

    26. AIAIAI Creator on December 7

      @ KJ Jong: We replied to you via kickstarter messages. Let us know if you have further questions.

    27. AIAIAI Creator on December 7

      @Alex : There shouldn’t be major connectivity issues after the first software update that we have made already available. If you still experience issues after installing the latest software update, we would kindly ask you (and others having issues with our products) to create a product issue ticket here: . Thanks in advance.

    28. AIAIAI Creator on December 7

      @Simeon and @Leonardo: Please write to . We will come back to you about how to proceed. Thanks in advance.

    29. Karan Chaitanya Mudgal on December 6

      Something interesting I have noticed– when using bluetooth, both sides will work if, and only if, the cord is connected to a device (or back around to itself). It is very odd. It seems like one driver is being told to function only when a wire is plugged in to a device.

    30. Missing avatar

      David McIntyre on December 5

      Hi, I have emailed twice now 15th and 23rd of Nov with no reply or acknowledgement to regarding two issues. Detail is in the mail I sent however summary is I cannot use my headphones with a cable and also I received incorrect reward. Can you please acknowledge and look into, thanks.

    31. Missing avatar

      Simeon on December 4

      Update: my previous issue has escalated so that if I have the headphone on my head they won't even turn on.

    32. Karan Chaitanya Mudgal on December 3


      Yes, good suggestion but that is unfortunately not the issue. Regardless, it only works on one side with bluetooth.

    33. Missing avatar

      Devin on December 3

      @Karan Chaitanya Mudgal
      have you made sure the headband is powered off when using a cable instead of bluetooth?
      I noticed if the headband is powered on the sound quality through the cable is compromised until I powered off the headband.

    34. Karan Chaitanya Mudgal on December 3

      Thank you, I have received the headphones. The build quality is good but there is sound only in one ear. When connected by wire, sound only comes through the speaker unit the wire is connected to. What do you suggest doing? Thank you.

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael Jenkins on December 2

      I've sent three emails (16/11, 22/11, 30/11 to and about an add-on that hasn't been delivered. Would love a response before Christmas.

    36. Missing avatar

      Sergei Tatarinov on December 1

      @aiaiai pairing my H05 to Playstation 3, I get the Passcode request. I've searched all over Kickstarter, your printed manual and your site, and haven't found a mention of that. Advice on how to pair it if the device on the other end needs the code?

    37. Missing avatar

      KY Jong on December 1

      Hi i still haven't received my add on item (ear pad), please help thanks

    38. Missing avatar

      Alex on November 27

      Will there be update to fix the connection problems that most people have mentioned?

    39. Leonardo Ia on November 27

      Hello AIAIAI,

      sadly I have the same issue as @gadgetstorm and @Simeon.
      Just putting the headphones on my head turns them off, looks like a defective contact. At the moment the H05 is complete useless to me.
      How can ths be resolved?

    40. Colonna on November 27

      Hi all,

      I received the headband for my existing AIAIAI. I'm facing a very annoying issue. Only the right side works... Oops. It's a bit inappropriate for listening music!!! Am I the only one? How to fix this?
      any idea?

    41. Missing avatar

      Simeon on November 24

      I’ve been having a number of problems with these headphones:

      i am having the same issue as @gadgetstorm, which is my headphone turning off as i put it onto my head. I've was able to replicate with just my hands by pulling the headphone apart (around same pull required to get it onto my head) and sliding the underside of the band.

      i am also have an issue where if i turn bluetooth off on one paired device, wait a second, then turn on bluetooth on another paired device. about half of the time my headphone will not switch but instead the led remains solid white and the headphones are unable to be turned off via the buttons. i have to force shut off the headphones by plugging them into charge.

      while walking with my phone in my pocket whatever i am listening to will occasionally stutter. this occurs without any direct interference

      this is a smaller issue, but can you add the documentation to your website like you have with all your other products?

    42. AIAIAI Creator on November 24, 2017

      @Joe, if that does not work for you please write

    43. Casper Klein on November 23, 2017

      @René, you probably have the TMA1. This headband is only compatible with TMA2.. You could contact them explaining this, they’ll probably provide you with a promo code for buying the other parts. The other thing you could do is ordering the other parts tomorrow, they have a 30% off, starting tomorrow till the 28’th if I’m correct.

    44. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Pinto on November 21, 2017

      I can't put my phone in my pocket and listen without it continually cutting out. Its only like 2.5 feet away through regular jeans. Is this going to be fixed?

    45. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Yue on November 21, 2017

      @Joe Some backers have mentioned that their power issue was solved by plugging it in to charge, then removing the cable once the red led lights up. Maybe try if that works for you?

    46. Joe Famularo on November 20, 2017

      I received a defective Bluetooth headband that does not power on. Support told me to download update which I did but did not solve problem as unit has no power. It has been over two weeks now and still no response from your customer service. I am very disappointed as I was looking forward to using these headphones and your lack of communication is unprofessional. Please let me know who I should reach out to in order to get a working replacement.

    47. Missing avatar

      amin farhan on November 18, 2017

      i want power down sound

      i want volume up/down sound

      all my buttons not properly seated & its kinda offset to the left, can see led light leaks through the bottom button

      the bottom button is almost flush,

      the headband cushion/padding not properly flush, can see led light leaks through it as well.

      the adjustment holes were not enough in imo. im on the last setting on both side. without wearing any head gear ie caps/bennie hat etc

      other than that solid build sound and design.

    48. Missing avatar

      René Munk Thalund on November 18, 2017

      I received the headband for my existing pair of Aiai’s. Now I’m not sure if they’re compatible with the BT upgrade - the cups doesnt seem unpluggable.
      Maybe my Aiai’s are too old, they’re the originals in silver bag.

    49. Missing avatar

      Bryan on November 16, 2017

      @AIAIAI - I am getting regular skipping in the audio. 1 second skip every 10 seconds or so. I have confirmed that this is no my phone (nexus 6p) - or a range issue (unless 1 foot is too far). It is really unusable.

      I had a sent an email 11/13 and received no response. Please advise.

      Thank you

    50. AIAIAI Creator on November 16, 2017

      @Vincent Lee Mun Choy: Hey Vincent, that is the support mail for backerkit, but not for us. We will write you a mail asap with info on the add-ons.

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