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The world’s most extensive modular headphone system is going wireless with the H05, our smart Bluetooth headband.
The world’s most extensive modular headphone system is going wireless with the H05, our smart Bluetooth headband.
The world’s most extensive modular headphone system is going wireless with the H05, our smart Bluetooth headband.
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    1. AIAIAI Creator 5 days ago

      @nicolai: They will get charged when we lock down the orders in 48 hours (check out our latest update)

    2. Missing avatar

      nicolai knudsen 6 days ago

      I thought about when, as we have chosen, additional things will pay for them??
      Ps. I'm very excited to get the product home!

    3. jayson 6 days ago

      Hi AiAiAi!

      guess waiting another 2 weeks is small on the grand scheme of things, but would be lovely if you can share some more photos with us... potentially some unboxing/ unwrapping? so we can get excited with what's to come?

    4. AIAIAI Creator on September 14

      @Richard: Thanks :)

      @Casper: you should be able to edit your payment info in backerkit. Visit the link in your inbox, or recover it here:
      Write us at if you have problems with changing it.

    5. Casper Klein on September 14

      I was wondering if it's possible to change the payment information backerkit has. I changed banks since the ending of this project and need to give them my new card info..

    6. Richard Hanley on September 13

      Thanks for the update. Appreciate the dedication to getting the headphones right instead of rushing out a sub par product just to meet deadlines. Looking forward to receiving a great product when it is ready.

    7. AIAIAI Creator on September 13

      @Felix: Cool! Thanks for the info. If anyone wants to know their exact invoice amount for import reasons, please write

    8. Felix Chui on September 12

      @AIAIAI and other Canadians: definitely recommend visiting the up the local CBSA office and paying for taxes there. $8.05 on $50 USD H51 boom mic. Thinking when the headphone ships with a declared value of ~$200 would be ~$25 (ON).

      Quick recommendation for AIAIAI is potentially use USPS? Several people recommend them as they don't normally charge brokerage fees/taxes for sending items to Canada from the States.

    9. Missing avatar

      Olle Lenngren on September 11

      Did the production start today as planned?

    10. AIAIAI Creator on September 11

      @Felix: Alright - let us know!

    11. Felix Chui on September 10

      Thanks for keeping on top of this AIAIAI. I haven't been able to go to the customs office to self-declare since it's open during office times. I will loop back with my findings for other canadians here!

    12. AIAIAI Creator on September 8

      @Felix: The campaign will ship all items to Canada with UPS - same as our webshop.
      Even though it's frustrating, and there is "fixes" of how to avoid toll, it's not legal and we could get in serious trouble, so that is out of the question.
      How would you go around self declaring? Do you need anything from us?

    13. Felix Chui on September 7

      Thanks for the response AIAIAI, I did some digging as well. It is the C.O.D. UPS charges. A method of getting around is self-declaring and showing the custom's approval to them.

      Out of curiosity, who and how will you be shipping the TMA-2s for Canada? Cough - I heard sending it as a "gift" will avoid this whole customs fiasco.

    14. AIAIAI Creator on September 7

      @Jonathan: We are probably not going to make truly wireless earbuds anytime in the foreseeable future - but we will never say 100% no :) However, something we are looking into is wireless Pipe, which we very much want to do soon. Maybe we'll do the truly wireless if those are a success ;)

    15. Missing avatar

      Jonathan McIntosh on September 7

      @AIAIAI Now that we're approaching delivery dates, can we talk about another new product you should produce? Have you guys given any thought to making truly wireless earbuds? Air-Pipes if you would ;) I've been looking at all the current options and the AirPods are the only ones on the market at a reasonable price to consider. Don't get me wrong, there are better ones out there, but for $300 and with a battery life of mere hours, AirPods win. But I don't like AirPods... They lack bass, don't seal fully and most of all they don't come in black (unless you're willing to dish out $300). So with that said, I'm hoping you guys will introduce a pair of truly wireless earbuds in the near future.

    16. AIAIAI Creator on September 7

      @Felix: As the disclaimer explains at our checkout, you are responsible for whatever import duties or tax that might be applied when delivering our products to Canada. We are aware that Canada have a lot of tax, and this is why we have added this special disclaimer for our Canadian customers.
      However, i do think that it sounds quite excessive with 70%, so we've written our US warehouse for advice.
      I think you should contact UPS and ask them why they have charged this much - maybe there is a logical explanation, or maybe they actually made a mistake. If you need our assistance in your dialog with UPS please write as this has nothing to do with our kickstarter campaign.
      We declare what the package content is worth, but we have absolutely no say in what Canada/ups does with the import duties (as stated at our checkout) and the same applies for products we ship out from kickstarter.

    17. AIAIAI Creator on September 7

      @James: Yeah, backerkit surveys doesnt "log in" so you have to get the email link to answer the survey.. Not that practical :p But send is a private message here on kickstarter with your new email, and i'll change it and send you the survey. then you can change the address yourself :)

    18. James on September 7

      @dennis arning, no that doesn't work, I already tried it :(

    19. Felix Chui on September 6

      I just ordered the C51 boom mic in anticipation for these headphones ($50 USD) - but I got slapped with a $40 CAD customs! That's crazy - there is no way Canada charges sales tax and tariffs at 70%. Hoping AIAIAI can help resolved or I will be returning these headphones...

    20. Dennis Arning on September 6

      I guess you can still use your old email, since it's just a username in that case.

    21. James on September 6

      Hey aiaiai team, my email address has changed and as well my shipping address. My old email doesn't exist anymore
      How can I login and edit my address at backerkit?

    22. AIAIAI Creator on September 5

      @Nathan, @Jonathan: We'er always pursuing reviews, but he's going to have a hard time reviewing it before it's out ;) But hopefully he'll pick it up when it is! Yeah, that would be awesome.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jonathan McIntosh on September 4

      That would be awesome! I agree with @Nathan.

    24. Missing avatar

      Nathan Horsley on September 3

      Can you guys have Unbox Therapy review the H05 before it ships

    25. AIAIAI Creator on August 31

      @timmy yong: Yes

    26. Missing avatar

      timmy yong on August 29

      Will the stretch goals case and cable be shipped together with the headband?

    27. AIAIAI Creator on August 28

      @Alex: You can change your address in the backerkit survey. Recover the link here:

    28. Missing avatar

      Alex on August 27

      Is it possible to change address? As I should have move house by than

    29. DMW on August 22

      Hi Marvin Weber,

      How can you be disappointed?
      Wouldn't it be a "tremendous" problem on receiving a headband which is not to the higher standard? Wouldn't it be a problem for you, AiAiAi and all of us if the headband brakes after few weeks/months of normal usage? When backing this project I, and I presume most of us, knew that we will have to follow the all design and manufacturing process and this is what makes it interesting and rewarding.

    30. Missing avatar

      Marvin Weber on August 22

      dear AIAIAI team,
      is it still possible to cancel my order I placed here for the headphone?

    31. AIAIAI Creator on August 21

      @Deyan: Sorry to disappoint you, but we want to deliver a perfect product to you guys. If you can elaborate on the delivery problems, maybe we can find a solution. Write

    32. Missing avatar

      Deyan Kochev on August 21

      Such a disappointment AIAIAI :(. Postponing for which time already? This last shipment update will create, tremendous problem on receiving the headband for me.

    33. AIAIAI Creator on August 21

      @Jonathan: If we do the apple watch, we will look into the android wear too. We hope to make the app as universal as possible.

    34. AIAIAI Creator on August 21

      Delivery: Please check our latest update
It goes through delivery dates and time.
      The only thing it might not go trough is where it's shipped from but all EU is shipped from DK.

      @Joe, @Jonathan: Dennis' answer below is correct :)

 (Thanks, @Dennis!!)

    35. Jonathan Chng on August 21

      If you're working on a Apple Watch App, will an Android Wear app be in the works as well?

    36. Dennis Arning on August 19

      Thanks, that made me happy. I just hope, my local customs office reads your comment. XD

    37. Jan Menzel on August 19

      Got my preshipment from Denmark. So the H05 will be sent from Denmark as well. Ne Need to worry about customs.

    38. Dennis Arning on August 19

      @jonathan I don't know from where the packages are going to be sent. @AIAIAI?

      Depending on the declaration on the box, it gets caught in my local "Zollamt", that's my city's customs office.
      That happens after sorting at the airport and before delivery to recipient.

      It has happened with every international delivery I received. Especially with the KS rewards, except one. I think that was from Norway.

      So, sorry for the mixup. I wasn't generally speaking, it's just my fate, getting international stuff delivered, in this lonely, small, but veeeerrry correct city I live in ;)

    39. Jonathan Lindberg on August 19

      @Dennis, Sorry but why would the German customs hold your package for a week? I don't mean to be rude, I just want to understand. Most of the packages that I send at work to Germany, from Sweden, are sorted within 2 days tops and delivered a few days later. The customs rarely check the packages since they are sent from inside the EU, it just takes time for the German postal service to sort everything at the international terminal. And since AIAIAI is based in Denmark I've just assumed that they would send it from there. Will the headphones be shipped from somewhere outside of the EU?

    40. Dennis Arning on August 19

      @helge I bet, that as soon as shipping has started (think it was end of august) AIAIAI will most likely give us the highly appreciated update about shipping. Because they've got something to update then. You know,... when there something new to tell, then...they're telling us...updating and stuff. I think you understand... ;)

    41. Missing avatar

      Helge Jorgensen on August 19

      A shipment update would be appropriate since August is about to end in a few weeks. Thank you.

    42. Dennis Arning on August 18

      @alex @frank
      Two weeks ago, Andy from AIAIAI said that shipping would start end of august. Since AIAIAI has been pretty quiet from that point, I guess they're very busy preparing the shipments and doing other stuff along the way.
      Depending on your location on this planet, shipping will be fast or take a little longer. (Don't forget customs inspection – In my case, that will add at least a week. German customs are quite bit**y)

      @joe @jonathan
      The integration of a noise cancelling feature has been requested some time ago (I think it was asked while the campaign was still live)
      If I remember correctly, AIAIAI answered that the front facing mic on the H05 cannot deliver that functionality alone. Several more (or at least one more) mics would have to be built into the headband. The software computing all this info would be the other component of the noise cancelling feature.

      As the H05 has now already been built and the concept, calculation and everything else has been finalized prior to the campaign, the implementation of that feature was not possible.

      I think Andy also said, that in future versions of the wireless TMA, noise cancelling would definitely be considered as a feature.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jonathan McIntosh on August 18

      I like @Joe's comment about noise cancellation. Any chance of that happening or would it be for a future headband?

    44. Missing avatar

      Alex on August 18

      Still on schedule for end of august delivery? How long should we expect the delivery to reach us?

    45. Missing avatar

      joe weston on August 17

      This is a question that you may not be able to answer, but is noise cancelling on the radar, and if so, when do you expect this?

    46. Missing avatar

      Frank Romero-Crockett on August 16

      Any updates on when the H05 will be shipped out? So eager to start using them!

    47. ポール ウェッブ on August 15

      How long will shipping take? I have a trip in September and I want this before then. I'll pay for faster shipping if necessary, I'm sick of Apple ear buds.

    48. Dennis Arning on August 12

      @fam_phil: no worries, this question hasn't been asked yet ;)
      A USB-C to USB charge/connect cable will be in the box. You can find this info in the campaign details just at the end of the specs section.

    49. Missing avatar

      fam_phil on August 11

      I feel like this has been answered before, but if do we need to buy a USB-C cable?

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