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The world’s most extensive modular headphone system is going wireless with the H05, our smart Bluetooth headband.
The world’s most extensive modular headphone system is going wireless with the H05, our smart Bluetooth headband.
The world’s most extensive modular headphone system is going wireless with the H05, our smart Bluetooth headband.
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    1. Missing avatar

      amin farhan about 17 hours ago

      i want power down sound

      i want volume up/down sound

      all my buttons not properly seated & its kinda offset to the left, can see led light leaks through the bottom button

      the bottom button is almost flush,

      the headband cushion/padding not properly flush, can see led light leaks through it as well.

      the adjustment holes were not enough in imo. im on the last setting on both side. without wearing any head gear ie caps/bennie hat etc

      other than that solid build sound and design.

    2. Missing avatar

      René Munk Thalund about 17 hours ago

      I received the headband for my existing pair of Aiai’s. Now I’m not sure if they’re compatible with the BT upgrade - the cups doesnt seem unpluggable.
      Maybe my Aiai’s are too old, they’re the originals in silver bag.

    3. Missing avatar

      Bryan 3 days ago

      @AIAIAI - I am getting regular skipping in the audio. 1 second skip every 10 seconds or so. I have confirmed that this is no my phone (nexus 6p) - or a range issue (unless 1 foot is too far). It is really unusable.

      I had a sent an email 11/13 and received no response. Please advise.

      Thank you

    4. AIAIAI Creator 3 days ago

      @Vincent Lee Mun Choy: Hey Vincent, that is the support mail for backerkit, but not for us. We will write you a mail asap with info on the add-ons.

    5. AIAIAI Creator 3 days ago

      @gadgetstorm: We are sorry to hear that. We will send you a mail asap with info on how to proceed.

    6. AIAIAI Creator 3 days ago

      @Jackson Bhatti: Hi Jackson, we have send you a mail with info.

    7. AIAIAI Creator 3 days ago

      @Know Buddy Nose: Hi, that sounds strange. Can you please inform us which music app you are using and if it worked before the update?

    8. AIAIAI Creator 3 days ago

      @Slim Babay: We are gonna write you an email with info

    9. Wesley Bercx 3 days ago

      Found out why I couldn't pair my headphones in Windows - I had to enable my WiFi card. It's an Intel WiFi + Bluetooth radio. Apparently you can turn on Bluetooth separately, but it then still won't discover any devices until you turn on WiFi.

      Haven't really had any issues since then, other than the headphones randomly deciding to stop audio playback and to then play a two-tone sound every 10 or so seconds. No idea what it means as you haven't described any beep codes in your manual...

      I initially thought it was just the battery going low, but it stopped charging after 10 minutes or so, so I think it's pretty full.

    10. Vincent Lee Mun Choy
      4 days ago

      I have not received my add-on items, H04, S04 & E04. Can you please advice on its status? I’ve sent an email to on 8 Nov but never received a response.

    11. gadgetstorm
      4 days ago

      I received the bluetooth headband about 6 days ago. Missing a green add-on cord. Were these supposed to ship out at the same time?

      The H05 worked quite well out of the packet, so to speak, but bluetooth pairing was a bit spotty when changing devices. Sound quality was surprisingly good for wireless, especially using APTX.

      Clamping force was a bit tight, but good for working out as it was quite secure.

      Updated the firmware, which went so quick that I had to check the version to see it was indeed done.

      Changing devices was a little better after the update, but still not smooth.

      This evening, when using it again, I found that when pulling the ear cups apart to pull the phones on, it would power off by itself. The white light would just go out, and no sound, nada.

      Tried it with a few devices, and the same result. Tried charging it up, but same same.

      Anyone else have the same problem? Bummed that not even a week has passed and the phones are unusable and I will have to arrange for a replacement.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jackson Bhatti 4 days ago

      Hi, I have noticed a couple of issues with my H05 after a months use. Firstly, a full charge lasts me sometimes 8hrs and most recently 5 hrs. Secondly, I have bluetooth connectivity issues (stuttering and skipping 1-2 seconds between a track) this mostly happens while listening to music and my phone in my trouser pocket. Please advise.

    13. Missing avatar

      Know Buddy Nose 4 days ago

      Got mine yesterday. :)
      After using it a bit and pairing with 2 devices, wouldn't turn back on. :(
      Used the Mac updater and got it turned on again. :)
      Now the buttons don't forward, skip, start or stop anymore. :(
      Overall rating = :/
      When can we expect updater V2 that restores full functionality?

    14. Wesley Bercx 4 days ago

      Received mine yesterday and updated the firmware immediately. It's been really good so far. No issues with Logitech MX Master on my end either, which is great as I use that mouse everywhere I go.

      One thing I cannot seem to figure out though is why my desktop cannot discover the headband when it's in pairing mode. I know it's a Bluetooth 4.2 device, and the machine only has a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver ("Smart", low energy capable), but so does my Surface Pro 3 and that machine has no trouble finding and pairing with the headband at all.

      Nobody seems to produce adapters/dongles for anything greater than Bluetooth 4.0 either. Will experiment a little.

    15. Missing avatar

      Slim Babay 4 days ago

      Anyone in Canada receive theirs? Would love to get an update seeing that they are available on amazon

    16. AIAIAI Creator 5 days ago

      @Jorge Salcedo: We recommend 1-2 A, but always with 5V. It should not be a problem with 2.2 A.

    17. AIAIAI Creator 5 days ago

      @KY Jong: We will update you on your mail asap.

    18. AIAIAI Creator 5 days ago

      @David Tran: Hi David, please take note that the Bluetooth connection is max. 10 meters. That being said (as with all Bluetooth devices) walls, TV screens, concrete walls etc. will interfere with the signal and reduce the distance. If you have no intererences of that kind or similar, please send a mail with the issue description to and we will have a closer look at it.

    19. AIAIAI Creator 5 days ago

      @Ron Lim: Great Ron. Happy to hear it!

    20. AIAIAI Creator 5 days ago

      @Rob: Hi Rob, To reset the H05 please plug it to the charger and wait for the red LED to turn on. To reset all the previous pairings, press and hold all three button while the H05 is turned on until the LED turns red.

    21. AIAIAI Creator 5 days ago

      @Simeon: Hi Simeon, just to be sure: Are you using a different charging cable? If so, make sure to use the AIAIAI charging cable, please. If you are using the AIAIAI charging cable and it does not work, please write to

    22. Missing avatar

      KY Jong 5 days ago

      Hi I'm backer 837 and I've received the headband but missing the add-on item (ear pads). Please help. Thanks

    23. Missing avatar

      David Tran 6 days ago

      Hey team, just noticing stuttering issues with the bluetooth connection presumeably moving around not that far from the source with the audio dropping in and out.

    24. Missing avatar

      Spatz 6 days ago

      Hey Aiaiai, is there an ETA for the next update? I'd love to have the "power off" sound back...

    25. Justin Sinclair 6 days ago

      Hey team – update on my comment from earlier today... I arrive home to find a box waiting for me. Excited! :)

    26. A. "Soshi" Tan 6 days ago

      So I'm backer 693 in Singapore and I received my TMA-2s + H05 headband 10 days ago.

      I have no issues using the bluetooth connection with my Samsung Galaxy S8 and my Windows 10 PC (no interference/issues even with my Logitech MX2 on bluetooth). There was a small hiccup when I tried to pair the H05s with my mobile phone when it was in my pocket during the first try, with the connection disappearing consistently every few seconds. HOWEVER, this issue has disappeared and not resurfaced since. I haven't tested the inbuilt mic yet so I can't really comment on that.

      My only main issue is that like everyone else, I find the location of the charging port awkward. I have to pull the speak unit all the way to the last adjustment hole before it can connect comfortably.

      After the recommended 24 hours of burn-in, the S04 speakers (paired with E05s) sound as described, and great.

    27. Justin Sinclair 6 days ago

      Hi team,

      What's the shipping status? Have all orders been shipped yet? I haven't received a notification yet. I'm in Australia for context.

      Cheers, Justin

    28. Missing avatar

      Jorge Salcedo 6 days ago

      Hi, in the manual you said that if you wall charge the band it will do it quickly but there’s no recommendation on the Amperage. Should we use 2 or 2.4amps? Which are the limit on the band?

    29. Jonathan Lindberg on November 10

      I just got my headphones.. I'm in love with them! I understand peoples complains about the charging port. However its really easy to solve with a magnetic charger. Works perfectly not snug at all

    30. Missing avatar

      Kiran Karamil on November 10

      Have all units that have been backed shipped yet? Still waiting here...

    31. Missing avatar

      Ron Lim on November 10

      Finally received my replacement headband this week. Tested it tonight and all is well. Great sound, no issues. Thanks for great customer support. Will return the defective headband in the next week. Cheers!

    32. Missing avatar

      Shingo.NAKAGAWA on November 9

      I received it W05 last week.
      But, still does not working.

      Does not power on, does not pairing, and cannot be reset.
      I tried the troubleshooting you instructed and sent the result.
      But, there is no reply by either message or e-mail.

    33. Missing avatar

      Rob on November 9

      My Band arrived 2 weeks ago. I have issues with my note 8. It opens the Google Assistant all the Time, i can not use it at all. With my Pixel 1 it Worked fine. Now it is somehow crashed. No Option to Switch it Off. Is there a Reset function to press, to Restart?

    34. ivan on November 9


      I can't use headset during charging.

      that sucks.

    35. ivan on November 9

      Got mine.

      All good. Software update smoother than Apple's one ).

    36. Missing avatar

      Simeon on November 9

      i got my headband yesterday and it was working wonderfully, however it turned off this morning and even when i plug it in to charge the LED will not turn on

    37. Missing avatar

      Sirrealnes on November 9

      @yojiro. Try switching the drivers. I get the problem with sound difference right to left if I plug my cable in the right side instead of left. Maybe your driver's are switched?

    38. AIAIAI Creator on November 9

      @Carter Do: We will send you a mail asap to resolve this.

    39. AIAIAI Creator on November 9

      @Earl Oliveros: Please see the following link for your tracking:
      Tracking number: 1Z1190R86844176419

    40. AIAIAI Creator on November 9

      @amin farhan: Hi Amin, as soon as we receive it we will send it to you.

    41. AIAIAI Creator on November 9

      @jayson: Thank you very much for the in depth feedback.
      In reference to travel with the headphones we do have a travel case available which you had a possibility to choose for your reward.
      If you are still interested in a A02 (travel case) please write and let us see what we can do.

    42. AIAIAI Creator on November 9

      @Sebastian James: Hi James, we have received your emails and we are working as fast as efficiency allows it to answer. We will answer your mail asap.

    43. AIAIAI Creator on November 9

      @Keisaku Ibuki: Can you please send the information of the problem to and we will investigate the issue.

    44. AIAIAI Creator on November 9

      @Tobias Munthe: Hi Tobias, it has been shipped, but we have not received a tracking number yet. If you have not received it yet, then you will properly get this Monday.

    45. AIAIAI Creator on November 9

      @Quagga: Thank you very much for the detailed feedback. We appreciate it a lot!

    46. AIAIAI Creator on November 9

      @Ilho Park: Please write with the issue description so we can follow up.

    47. AIAIAI Creator on November 9

      @Remiam7: Thank you very much for the elaborate feedback! We appreciate it and we are happy you like your new H05 configuration.

    48. Missing avatar

      Carter Do on November 8

      I got my replacement unit a few days ago, after I returned my broken one. The one I returned has a problem with the right driver cutting off when I pulled the headset apart. The new one I just got also has another problem that I haven't seen anyone else have. The problem I have with my replacements is that the headset will turn off when I pull the headset apart. I was hoping to get another replacement.

    49. Missing avatar

      Yojiro Oshima on November 8

      To AIAIAI team, great job on this new headphones! Couple things to give you feedback,
      1. The headband and the cushion on top is little too hard, using it for an hour is the limit for me. My head width is about 170mm, which is bigger than average about 10mm.
      2. There's difference in sound profile and the volume between left and right. Left one seems to be more bass strong and louder.
      3. There's white noise while not playing
      4. On and off and pairing button and combination was different from what the description was saying. To turn on is middle button, turn off is volume up button, to pair is volume up and down button at the same time.

      Hope this helps on the next one!
      Best regards.

    50. Wesley Bercx on November 8

      Quite a few mixed reviews here.

      Still waiting for mine... Tracking indicates it was shipped on 19/10, and there has not been a tracking update since 26/10 ("Item departed from sorting hub", after apparently a 6-day flight). Wonder what's going on. Will wait a little bit longer.

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