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Silicone Bluetooth speaker for your tablet, smart phone, laptop or media player.
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Hey Backers!

It's been near 2 years since your miraculous support helped us to launch Zooka into the Apple store. Since that time we've been working hard to build a company around Zooka, which of course includes developing ideas for new products.

Well, we're happy to announce to all of our backers that one of those new products will be for sale next week at Apple stores. You are some of the first people to know outside of our office.

It's called Pocket Speaker, and it will be the loudest, most portable Bluetooth speaker on the market to date.

Here are just a few reasons to like Pocket Speaker:

IT"S POCKET SIZED: It's less than an inch thick and fits in any pocket. Front pockets, back pockets, fanny packs, back packs, purses, etc. Especially the pockets of the designers and makers that frequent Kickstarter every day (Dance party in the studio/workshop, perhaps?)

IT'S EXTRA LOUD: It has 4 active drivers and 2 passive drivers engineered to fit within a frame roughly the size of a cell phone and it sounds incredible. That's twice as many drivers as any other speaker it's size on the market right now. Really.

NOBODY ELSE IS DOING IT: It has a patented 360 degree sound architecture that packs a punch no matter where it is in the room. That's dual-sided power for ya.

IT'S DESIGN FOCUSED: Unlike most audio companies, Carbon Audio was founded by designers and puts design at the forefront of every decision. Pocket Speaker is no different.

WE'RE A KICKSTARTER COMPANY: You guys launched us, and now we're excited to finally release product #2!

So, that being said - feel free to share the love and receive a 10% off a Zooka.

Or you can purchase directly from Apple online here:

Thanks guys!

- Team Carbon Audio #PocketSpeaker

Poster Printing With Keegan Meegan & Co!

Hey everyone!

The posters finally finished up the printing process this week, so we decided to head over to local print house Keegan Meegan & Co to see how things were going.

We put a little video together so that you could catch a glimpse into their world, and for those of you that ordered a poster you can check out how they were made.

We understand that there have been delays with things, but we are hoping that everyone who ordered a poster domestically should be receiving them by next week.

The final posters look great. Check out some of the photos (and video) below:

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Zooka Shipment Update


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Letter from our CEO to you, our beloved Kickstarter Backers


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