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Going back to some of my original inspiration and roots during my residence which includes B/W film and astrophotography.

Going back to some of my original inspiration and roots during my residence which includes B/W film and astrophotography. Read More
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About this project

The first part of this campaign was successful, thankfully, but due to how long it takes for the money to get released (up to 3 weeks before it makes it into my account) and the short time I had to raise funds (6 weeks) I decided to do this in two parts.  That way if the first part was successful I would have money to start the journey and another influx of money during the middle to help fund the last part and keeping some money available to cover all my bills back home. I have changed some of the rewards and added a couple different ones. Additional pictures of the new rewards are located at the bottom of the main story, which is what was from the first part.

I have been offered, and of course, accepted an Artist in Residence position at Badlands National Park.  I will be arriving to the park March 14th and will stay there until April 27th. My hope is to drive down to Dallas to pick my son up from college and make a short road trip with him as well.

During my residency I will be taking a number of pictures using different styles and techniques which will include HDR, long exposure star trails, possibly some astrophotography and traditional black and white film.

HDR photography is where you take multiple exposures and use software to combine the images to create a final image that is closer to what our eyes see rather than the muted details of standard photographic images. (Well, that was it's original intention but is often used differently now to give a highly dramatic image with a lot of contrast).

The Badlands has some great rock formations that will be a great foreground for taking some star trail shots during the nights where moonlight isn't too bright.  Also, if I can get my hands on a better telescope it is a great location to photograph celestial objects as there is not as much light pollution there.

My beginnings lie with black and white film and I am wanting to bring my film camera as well as my DSLR camera to shoot.  I will need to bring the equipment and materials to develop the film as I will be loading my own canisters.  After I return I will make some time to get into my darkroom and create some prints.  I haven't included any of these in the reward structure specifically as I will need to make some time to do the work and not 100% sure if I'll get to printing before winter arrives.

As with all of my work, I like to think outside the box when it comes to my printing, which I do myself.  My goal for this trip is to come up with some limited edition mixed media pieces that combine metallic paper prints with leatherwork.  An interpretation of the scene will be carved into the leather surrounding the picture and each print will be limited to 10 pieces, though each one in the run of 10 will be different from the others as these are all created by hand. I will be donating one of these to Badlands National Park in exchange for hosting me.

The Artist in Residency is not a paid program. They do furnish me with an efficiency apartment for my stay and a $300 stipend.  I am responsible for all of my travel expenses, food, materials to create my artwork, etc.  While there, I will be teaching two classes to local schools or to some high school students who are staying there for a week as part of their program, which I am also responsible for any equipment and materials needed. (Not to mention covering all my normal monthly bills without drawing a paycheck) A breakdown of some of the expenses are:

Gas: Round trip it is approximately 2400 miles of driving from my house to Badlands National Park. If gas goes up to $4/gallon this will run me approximately $400.

Food: I will have the ability to cook my own foods, which helps a lot, but it will still run $4-500 for the 7 weeks I'll be gone. Total: $900

Lodging while there though I may need to stop somewhere while driving if I can't/don't drive straight through, so let's say $100. Total $1,000

Mixed Media Prints: To do the initial pieces of the leather/photographic prints I am estimating that it will cost me $3,000 of materials. Total: $4,000

Film: I have decided that I will be adding a film aspect to this project, both landscape and astrophotography.  My plan is to buy a bulk roll of Ilford B/W film and will develop the film while on my residency instead of trying to transport it and worry about damage or heat.  This adds another $300+ that will be needed to get the film, chemicals and paper for printing as I will be making 11x14 prints on fiber paper and then treating them with selenium to make them highly archival.

The park is also giving me access to their two telescopes to use while there.  I intend to use both the film and digital cameras to take pictures of the moon, maybe some solar system objects and some deep space objects. 

I will be discussing with the park and the teacher who is bringing the students out there about what lessons will be the best ones for me to do.  This can run anywhere from just a few dollars to a few hundred if we do something with leatherwork.

So, as you can see, this project of being an Artist in Residence is a costly venture to do.  I am doing it no matter if this funding project will succeed or not as I've already accepted the position, which is also why I have used the lowest amount possible.  Any help that I can receive will just make it a little easier to do.  This is my passion and what I want to succeed in and getting accepted to this position is a good step to success and I want to do everything possible to make sure this venture is a true success!

Some of these examples I had used a sewing machine on, which I will never do again! I really do not like the look so all the stitching will look like the flask with the turkey on it.

Leather Flask:

Leather mini bar:

Thanks for reading all of this and I hope you will help make this project even more successful than the first one. If this project reaches $1,000 a special bonus reward will be offered to all backers of both projects that are helping to fund my Artist in Residence at Badlands National Park. Other bonus rewards will be offered once the first one is reached.


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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $3 or more About $3 USD

    An electronic image from my residency or current selection that you can use as a background for a cellphone or tablet. You will be able to chose an image from my residency.

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    1 backer
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    You will receive 5 greetings cards with photos from my residency or current selection (you choose which images you would like). The cards have a 5x7 print on them and each card is coated with the same UV protection I use on all my other photographic prints making them suitable for framing and allowing them to last a lifetime. My goal would be to have these sent out before I leave for Badlands National Park. The cards are normally $5 each so I am including free shipping and I will sign the picture on each card. (International supporters please add an additional $5 for shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    2 backers
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $34 or more About $34 USD

    You will receive either an 8x12 matted print of your choice from my residency or current selection. The picture will be signed and you may specify a mat color or it will be black or white mat depending on the picture. The 8x12 prints will fit in a 12x16 frame. All pictures have a UV protective coating on them to help them last a lifetime. (These run $35 normally without shipping but shipping is included. INTERNATIONAL BACKERS: Please add an additional $5 for shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    1 backer
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    I will be selecting one image from my residency that will be made into an 11x14 print on metallic paper and your name (Or business name) will be listed on the sponsor page of my website. The print will be signed, numbered and matted to fit in a 16x20 frame. The only way to get this print is through the $50, $75 and $100 reward levels that are in this sponsorship opportunity and the image will NOT be available as an 8x10, the only other options is a greeting card or background image. I normally do not create a limited edition paper prints, nor do I sell 11x14 prints regularly so this is a rare offering by me. The run is limited to 100 prints between the Kickstarter Campaign and people I contact directly. INTERNATIONAL BACKERS: Please add an additional $5 for shipping. If you let me know standard frame size I will make the mat fit the frame you can get.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $74 or more About $74 USD

    This reward is definitely one of those unique pieces that I do that is me. It is an 8oz flask wrapped in leather. On the front of the flask is an approximate 2x2.5 picture printed onto the a piece of leather that is sewn into the wrapping. The flask comes with 4 metal mini shot glasses and a funnel to help make sure you don't spill the precious liquid! You will be able to choose the picture you want on the flask and I'll show you an image of how it would need to be cropped to fit before printing it. These are all hand made by me and all the stitching is done by hand. (FYI, the leather does not come off the flask for cleaning and the image has many many coats of a waterproofing coating) INTERNATIONAL BACKERS: Please add $10 for shipping.

    Estimated delivery
    0 backers
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $99 or more About $99 USD

    This reward is an original B/W 11x14 silver gelatin print done on fiber paper. I will process this print myself in my darkroom and is not something outsourced to another person or lab. The print will be mounted in either a black or white mat (16x20) and the print will be signed and numbered in the order of the pledges received. I will be processing some of the film during my residence and shipping it back home before I leave on the 2nd part of my journey. INTERNATIONAL BACKERS: Please add $10 for shipping. If you let me know standard frame size I will make the mat fit the frame you can get.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $124 or more About $124 USD

    An 8x10 photo books in a landscape format (wider than it is tall) with pictures from my Artist in Residence at Badlands National Park. There will be around 70 pages of pictures in the book. It will be hardcover with photo cover instead of a dust jacket that can get damaged or lost in time. As the book will be shipped from me it will be signed and you can dictate who it is to.

    Estimated delivery
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  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $550 or more About $550 USD

    Yeah right, but I gotta put one of these on here. Well 5 of them just in case there is a dreamer or two. This is for a custom hand made leather mini bar. The bar includes a medium size shaker, 4 small metal shot glasses, a funnel and a leather wrapped flask. You will be able to choose a picture to have printed for the top of the box and the flask, which are printed on vegetable tanned leather. The box is made with leather but I use hardboard to help it keep its shape and to give it some stiffness. The remaining leather can be vegetable tanned to a color of your choosing (from what is available) or stone oiled leather in black, burgundy or a dark brown. While I'm making 5 of these available, each box will be different as you will choose the pictures for your box and I won't allow multiple boxes to have the same pictures. Up to 3 flasks can be fit in the box. Each additional flask is $55. It takes me a full day of time to create one of these boxes over 10-14 days. INTERNATIONAL BACKERS: Please add $20 for shipping on this item. You are responsible for any custom/import fees.

    Estimated delivery
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