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AirSelfie is the only portable flying camera integrated into your mobile phone cover.
AirSelfie is the only portable flying camera integrated into your mobile phone cover.
Contact us to pre-order.
AirSelfie is the only portable flying camera integrated into your mobile phone cover. Contact us to pre-order.
2,762 backers pledged €574,504 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      sunni 1 day ago

      Backers #2956

      Still waiting for reliable person to contact me. Suppose to get these Airselfie since April. Refund plz.

    2. AirSelfie Holdings Ltd London Creator 3 days ago

      Hello Backers,

      We contacted each one of you privately to solve your issues with the product or your shipment. Please remember that for every shipment, the complete address and PHONE NUMBERS are primarily needed.
      Without these we cannot ship your order.

      Many Thanks

      The AirSelfie Team

    3. Missing avatar

      Edy Paisal Halim 4 days ago

      I still have not received the airselfie until now. I supposed to get Airselfie since April. It is now November !!

    4. ChewBK 6 days ago

      We must take it to all the social platforms to ensure that no more people are getting scammed by this useless "innovation".

    5. ChewBK 6 days ago

      We've all been scammed. Backers were supposed to get their stocks first. But they are already selling it on amazon and other channels before even fulfilling our rewards. And they also have trouble fulfilling all those orders to the general public.

    6. Missing avatar

      sunni 6 days ago


      I supposed to get Airselfie since April. It is now November. Your last email stated that I would receive it within 2 weeks. It is now a month.

      If you cannot deliver, please refund my money please. These is probably my 10 comments trying to resolve this. It has been too long too frastrate for me since I paid for this Airselfie in December 2016, almost a year now and still never get anything.

      Backer # 2956

      Sunni A

    7. ChewBK on November 17

      They spent all our money on touring the world and promoting this useless trash. They have no money to produce more units to fulfill the pledges.

    8. Missing avatar

      KyuCheol Lee on November 16

      Where is my airselfie? what's wrong?

    9. Missing avatar

      Sanny Tan
      on November 12

      I still have not received the airselfie until now. May i know why ?

    10. Missing avatar

      Sandy on November 11

      Its ridiculous...the airselfie wont fly steadily and take proper pictures and the battery can only last for like 10 mins after fully charged... is there a way to get it fix or exchange????

    11. Missing avatar

      Aurora on November 11

      The product is a piece of trash. Doesnt fly at all... i dont even know how to get a replacement/complaint. I dont even know how warranty works.

    12. Missing avatar

      津上 貞文 on November 9

      言ってる意味がよく分からないのですが? 交換って何をでしょう?

    13. ChewBK on October 30

      Hi. When will I be getting my replacement?

    14. Missing avatar

      津上 貞文 on October 27

      何がどうなっているのか 説明が欲しいのですが このまま発送されないのなら

    15. Missing avatar

      Kathryn j Parsons on October 24

      I bought product November 2016 was told it would ship may 2017 still do not have. I have I lost count on how many times I gave them my info they asked for. Please give me a refund I here the product is a piece of junk. I here a few people have gotten refund I want refund also people DO NOT buy this product it's a scam

    16. AirSelfie Holdings Ltd London Creator on October 20

      Hello Sunni,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Please note that initially you only sent us your adress, but in order to complete the shipment the phone number is primarily needed. The order is now approved and you will receive your AirSelfie in two weeks.

      Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

      Have a great day!

      The AirSelfie Team

    17. Missing avatar

      sunni on October 19


      I did send you my address and phone number. These will be the 8th time I sent you the info. Hopefully will be the last.

      Thank you for the respond.

      Sunni A

    18. AirSelfie Holdings Ltd London Creator on October 19

      Hello backers,

      Thank you all for your messages.

      @sunni and @ka Chun, we just texted you privately asking for your mobile numbers. Once you'll provide us with this information we will take care of your problems and manage the shipment.

      @Bruce Martin we contacted you privately as well, in order to handle your exchange as soon as possible.

      @Alexey and @Fabio, in order to get a repair of the AirSelfie we kindly invite you to fill out this form selecting "Repair" as a request. The customer care will manage your request.

      Thank you very much for your time and patience and please feel free to contact us for any further request.

      The AirSelfie Team

    19. Missing avatar

      sunni on October 12

      I paid $253.37 with American Express on 12/29/2016 promising to deliver by April 2017. It is now October 12, 2017 and I received nothing. These are my 7 comments sending to your company. Please refund me what I paid if you cannot deliver. I will also make a complaint to my American Express.

      Backer number 2956
      Sunni Alvarez

    20. Missing avatar

      Fabio Lenzi on October 10

      I opened the case on May 22 (case8341) nobody ever replied. Unbelievable!!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Fabio Lenzi on October 10

      I see that you are a tiny more responsive now. I opened a case in June regarding poor performance and severe issue that the product you delivered has. Is there a refund in place? Do you have an option of resending a product that works? This product that you delivered is so not the one that you have shown and promised us. Please let me know what can be done. I paid money for a product that was never delivered basically.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ka Chun KC on October 6

      Pls email me I have updated the info
      ,still not get my toy

    23. Missing avatar

      Bruce Martin on October 6

      After several months trying to get an answer, I have finally been told that
      "Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. Since you are one of our Kickstarters, We apologise that we cannot refund you but would definitely change your product instead.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      The Airselfie Team"

      This is so poor.

      So how do I get a replacement? I need a iPhone 7plus version. I have an unopened box here.

    24. Missing avatar

      Alexey Prychev on October 4

      Hi AirSelfie team,

      I've got my items long time ago, with kinda fast delivery, but I'm disappointed about product quality (camera, battery-life and flying possibility). Being advanced drone user this one is nightmare, I'd like to get refund cause it doesn't match with what you have presented on your ad video.

      Waiting for your reply,

      Kind regards,

    25. AirSelfie Holdings Ltd London Creator on October 4

      Hello Jae-Won,
      Hello Eric,

      thank you for your message. We experienced some delay on the phone cover production and we apologies for that. We are aware that you have been waiting for long now and in order to speed up your delivery, we are sending the latest production of AirSelfie + Power Bank (our premium product). You will receive your tracking number already next week. For the cover, you will need to wait a bit further; we will send it along as soon as the new production is ready.

      @Eric: we are sending you our premium product: the power bank, even if it was not part of your package, We hope you'll appreciate it.

      The AirSelfie team

    26. Jae-Won Sung on October 3

      I am #2530 backer.
      I had already finished your survey.
      You confirmed my order would be shipped next patch 2 month ago.
      I can't understand.... frustraited..
      Let me know how you deal with my order.

    27. Missing avatar

      Eric Chia on October 3


      My Backer #052

      When I can receive my airselfie ?



    28. AirSelfie Holdings Ltd London Creator on October 2

      Hello Thomas,

      thanks for your comment. In order to process your delivery, we need you to answer to the survey that we sent along after the end of the project and many times after that, as a reminder. In fact, we would need to know as soon as possible the following information:

      - the phone cover that you wish to receive among the available models: Samsung S7 edge, iPhone 6, i Phone 7
      - your complete address
      - your telephone number

      Please send us those information in a private message and we'll be able to deliver your AirSelfie. We are looking forwards to hearing from you.

      The AirSelfie team

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas Uhlenbrock on September 29

      I have neither received any Information nor product. What the hell is going on?

    30. AirSelfie Holdings Ltd London Creator on September 28

      Hello backers,

      here are some information in response to your comments. We hope this helps!
      @Andros Lee: we need you to answer our survey in order for us to process your order. We sent you a private message with all the information required. Please let us know asap.
      @Kunihiro Sakamoto: in order to repair your AirSelfie, we need you to confirm the pick up adress. We sent you an email on the 21/09 and a second one today. Please check if you received them correctly and let us know asap.
      Ingo Knoll: we are informed that you requested a repair. You will receive the new AirSelfie by the 3rd October at the latest, without any additional custom costs. We sent you a private message with more information.
      @Isabel, Fady, Sam, Jae-Won: we are really sorry for the long delay in delivering your order. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are now watching your order closely and will update you directly in your inbox over the next couple of days.

      We will update all the other backers that commented below shortly. Thank you very much for your attention!

    31. Missing avatar

      Isabel Cortes Holguin on September 25


      I received a message from these people back in June 1st, 2017, stating the following:


      Dear customer,

      we are hard working in order to ship your order as soon as possible. Your order was already sent to logistic. In the next days you will receive the tracking number and courier website.

      Best regards,


      I have not yet received the Airselfie and I have not heard from them since.


    32. Missing avatar

      Mark Wilson on September 15

      I can only think that Airselfie are, at best, economical with the truth.

      I was lucky (ha ha) that they allowed me to return it for repair.

      However, on sending it back to me from Hong Kong, they marked it as a new item and consequently 64GBP duty and VAT needed to be paid.

      I don't think an AirSelfie is even worth £64.

      On two occasions AirSelfie promised they would pay the duty/VAT.

      I have now been informed by the courier that on 6th September AirSelfie requested the item be return to them and they received it back on 9th.

      Why AirSelfie would request return of the item after promising to pay the duty/VAT is very strange. Well, not strange if you know AirSelfie.

    33. Missing avatar

      Fady Mansour on September 11

      This is a Fraud.. please write to KickStarter & Contact your credit card provider for this fraudulent company.. I ordered my item back in November 2016 & no response & no item

    34. Missing avatar

      Sam Kirk on September 11


    35. Missing avatar

      Andros Lee on September 11

      Backer 771,
      Can I also get a refund please?

    36. Missing avatar

      Kunihiro Sakamoto on September 9

      I'm backer of this project.
      I can not charge AirSelfie. Please repair or refund. Why do not you reply?
      I already have your "case n 10287". Please reply APAP.

    37. Jae-Won Sung on September 8

      If you are responsible person, or company, whatever, give me clear schedule right now or return the money you took from my wallet.

    38. Missing avatar

      Nicholas O'Connor on September 6

      Can I also get a refund please?

    39. Molek Chakard Chalayut
      on September 5

      Can I get a refund?

    40. Missing avatar

      Ingo Knoll on September 4

      I can just warn everybody to buy this product. Worst "service" ever and poor product quality!!

    41. Tsunoda Hiroto on September 4

      I'll buy a iPhone 8...
      What should I do?

    42. Missing avatar

      Lorcan holliday on September 4

      Also no product delivered and it is September, after they had said your product will ship in May!! I want a refund, stupid idiot that i am bought two of these things!!!

    43. Andrew Driscoll on September 4

      September 2017. No product delivered yet. I would like a refund.

    44. Martin Puaschitz on September 3

      waiting 4 weeks for reply of customer service because of repair. i would love to cancel order already.

    45. Khalifa Saleh Haroon on September 2

      Anyone want to buy mine?

    46. ChewBK on August 30

      They (AS) still login to KS but choose to remain quiet. Probably don't want to handle all the backlash from their backers. If you want any sort of response. I highly recommend taking it to their FB page and message them directly over there. Plus do remember to leave a comment on how deplorable the service is for the world to see. The admins on their FB are more active there and will most likely take down your comments real quick. But this seems to be the only to get anything out of them currently.

    47. Missing avatar

      Glen Coco on August 29

      Thanks to all the vocal backers who let us know how terrible this product was as soon as they received it – you saved me the disappointment of actually opening the box and seeing how bad it was in person. Instead of opening my AirSelfie package, I immediately put it on eBay and ended up selling that sense of disappointment to someone else.

    48. ChewBK on August 24

      Wrote to them regarding my return and repair for the faulty unit. Here's what they had to say.

      Dear customer,

      at the moment we have shipping a large number of old orders. After this batch the repair orders will be send. At the moment we don't have an estimated date.

      We will update you accordly.

      Best regards,
      Airselfie team

    49. Missing avatar

      Mark Wilson on August 24

      Christopher. Briefly, the time scale was; My AirSelfie arrived on 12th May and worked for two minutes. I raised a case on 12th May. On 4th July I got an e-mail saying my faulty AirSelfie would be picked. On 11th August I get an e-mail saying my AirSelfie is on it's way back to me. On 21st August I returned home to find card through the door from DHL saying they couldn't deliver as I must pay £64 first.

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