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Our customers have always asked when we would make a delay. It's time. Check out our project to be among the first to own one.

UPDATE: since we met our funding goal pretty quickly, we set a new target: if we raised $12,000, our friends at Mr. Black Pedals would collaborate with us to incorporate a modulation control into the Kilobyte circuit as an additional feature. Well, WE DID IT! So while these demos show some pretty cool stuff, there's even more goodness to come, thanks to you.

This has been a labor of love. Getting to work on this pedal, collaborating with people whom I respect, crafting this video, recording tracks with my favorite old friend of a guitar, constantly revising this circuit – this project has been especially demanding, and it has all been worth it if it means we get to deliver the end result of our work to our customers.

We love what this pedal can do for you. It required something really special for me to remove my vintage analog delay unit from my board. The 'Kilobyte' has some really cool features.

  • It first features an analog 'dry' path that is really true to your tone; turn the delay mix/level knob down and you'll hear how honestly your original signal has been preserved.
  • The analog overdrive/boost circuit feeding the digital echo path allows you to make the echoes REALLY loud and clear, gritty and distorted, or ghostly and warm. For those of you who always wished your delay pedals could be bigger & louder, this will certainly do the trick.
  • As you can hear in the video, this pedal is really capable of crazy fun self-oscillating, "spaceship crash" sounds in two distinct ways. The momentary switch sends the pedal into infinite feedback but with additional high-pass filtering that slices through the mix as the sound gets bigger. Or, you can go traditional by turning the feedback control all the way up, play with the delay time, and just overwhelm everything.
  • Finally, the 'Kilobyte' is a good pedalboard citizen. True bypass means when it's off, there's no signal coloration. It runs on industry standard 9V DC power supplies and the current draw is pretty low, so you don't need to carry around a funky wall-wart. At 4.7"x 3.7" with top-mounted jacks, it doesn't take up much space on the board. And last but not least, if you're in a pinch, the Kilobyte will run on a 9V battery for a short stretch of time to get you through the session, rehearsal, or show. 

The pedal shown in the video is a prototype - your pedal will be screened and powder-coated in a style similar to our other releases at The first ten will be hand-drilled and painted by noteworthy artist Laura Bennett, known both for her full-size canvases and pedal work with Z.Vex and Secret Seasons.

Reaching our funding goal will provide us with the capital to source the material and time for our first run of handmade delay pedals, and allow us to upgrade some operational processes to make us a stronger, more sustainable enterprise for the future. Don't be fooled by some blowhard who claims these things are just "ten dollars in parts"; merely getting the metal enclosures drilled, powder-coated and screen printed to our standards and specifications runs closer to $15-20 each - and that's just for the box without the circuit.

To get a great looking and sounding pedal takes real time and money, but experiencing the results for a lifetime of top performance is worth it. Help us out by taking part in this project. Thanks! - Philippe

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We're launching this pedal project on Kickstarter as an advance order/funding mechanism for our first full run of this product. We launched our Olympia™ pedal on Kickstarter and we were reportedly the first pedal company to do so. Through updates and consistent communication, we were able to deliver those rewards and meet or exceed our supporters' expectations.

Kickstarter allows us to be transparent; there's no empty hype or mystery waiting lists, anyone interested in supporting this project or getting a pedal can see exactly how many people are actually interested, and supporters have protection measures in the event this project does not reach its funding goal. We've seen a lot of poor behavior in our industry where things were not delivered as promised. Kickstarter allows everyone to be on the same page.

With any production project, there are some risks: illness, conflicts, supplier delays and parts shortages can delay delivery schedules. We have been consistently delivering pedals with no significant delays for over two years to some of the most prestigious retailers in the US and customers all over the world. With a team of builders and a diverse supply chain, these pedals will get made.

We do not intend to sit on our laurels once funding is reached while we await payment - our current cash flow and reserves allow us to begin sourcing and purchasing many of the materials we need to be able to complete this run of pedals for our customers once we are confident our funding goal will be reached.


  • No. The second momentary switch activates the momentary oscillation, which releases when you take your foot from the pedal. As for why it does not have tap tempo, there are a host of technical reasons why we chose not to, and a philosophical one that is in our project updates.

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    The amazing Kilobyte t-shirt from Caroline Guitar Co. designed with our friends from Image Ink here in Columbia (our t-shirts rock), and the knowledge that you helped make the Kilobyte pedal happen. FOR ALL REWARDS: Free ship to the US, actual international ship fees apply.

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    The t-shirt, and Philippe or one of our other builders and gigging players learning your song, contributing to your recording and laying down tasteful (or obnoxious) guitar, bass, keys, backing vocals or noise tracks. This may either be accomplished in person or over the net - we have access to recording software - and can be attempted in a variety of genres! We cannot guarantee your ultimate satisfaction, but we will do our best - and you'll have that going for you, which is nice.

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    You will be one of the first handmade Caroline Kilobyte Delay pedal owners, prior to retailer shipments. These will start with serial #11, with actual serial numbers given on a randomly assigned basis. You will also receive the aforementioned t-shirt. We will sign your pedal, and may also personalize the inside with an appropriate quote or inscription of your choice.

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    You will be one of the owners of Caroline Kilobyte Delay pedals serial #1-10, with a special custom enclosure painted by renowned artist Laura Bennett, signed and inscribed with the comment of your choice on the inside (if appropriate). Serial number is based on random assignment.

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    You will be one of the owners of Caroline Kilobyte Delay pedals serial #1-10, with a special custom enclosure painted by renowned artist Laura Bennett, signed and inscribed with the comment of your choice on the inside (if appropriate), AND a handmade Icarus boost also painted by Bennett. Serial number is based on random assignment.

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